Do You Want To Eat Healthy When On Vacation?


So everyone is heading down south to get a little sun from this horrible winter.  We’ve been getting tons of snow of late, so I don’t blame them at all.  But for someone like myself, I can’t go anywhere , because it’s so busy for us her at the store.

So there is articles on eating healthy when you are on vacation but my question is – do you really wanna eat healthy , when you are on vacation?  HELL NO!  if it was I  – I wanna eat everything !!!  especially if you are only on vacation once a year or once every few years.   No way am I going on a diet or restrict myself during my few days vacation , I will start getting healthy for the next 360 days but for the next 5 days, I’m gonna eat whatever I want – thank you very much !

So if you are thinking of the same thing about it as I was for your next vacation, don’t fret about it and eat to your hearts content and come back and eat healthy.  Don’t feel bad about doing it either.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy your vacation , you know you deserve it.

X- Ray Results For Leg Pain

An x-ray of human legs and knees, with the femur (or thighbone) meeting the fibula (the smaller leg bone) and tibia. The patella (knee cap) is a shadow at the base of the femur.

So I waited for weeks for my doctor to call me back and I figured hell ! he should be back by now right?  but nope no calls after so many weeks, so I called them instead.  The receptionist /secretary said that if it was life threatening, they would have called back but it looks like the case of starting of arthritis and I don’t need any meds and over the counter pain killers was all i need.

OoooK  …  !  that is why I don’t like the doctors/it’s practices here in Canada , I know for sure back home, they won’t be like this.  They would definitely want to talk with us personally and the next course of treatment or advice.  Suxs !

Doctor’s Appt For Leg Pain


Since this is the year of Take care of Mrs Moo year, I decided to make an appointment to see my family doctor the first week of January .  Of course, he was on vacation and won’t be back till Feb 2015.  So I decided to make the appointment anyway to see the substitute doctor.  Got the appt for today and went in early of course because doctors here don’t like you to be late – oh wait or is it the receptionist/secretary who doesn’t like you to be late.

Anyhow, the sub – doctor was from another country and the first thing he told me after I explained my leg problem was , I could lose some weight.  In which i replied yes, I know my mom is a woman.  I want to lose some weight by exercising too but with the darn leg so painful each time I move , how can i bear to push it anymore it some more.

So i said to the doctor, lets take an x-ray and we go from there.  Got to do the x-ray right away – woohoo!! my lucky day !  and went home  – now awaiting the results – to be continued.

Child’s Vision


Missy Moo complained that she can’t see from her seat in class again.  But wait a minute , we just changed her lenses not too long ago – does it mean that her eyesight has gotten worst so quickly?  should we be worried?   So like any mom , we quickly called the family eye doctor.

We quickly got the appointment , and Mr Moo went with her and the eye doctor said the increase was very little and it’s not uncommon for kids her age , Missy Moo is 11 years old , to increase rapidly.  So we again, ordered new lenses for her and informed her teachers, so that they can monitor it for us.

A week later, Missy Moo got fitted with her new lenses which cost us another good $230 only for lenses – daylight robbery but what can you do, we don’t have any choice.

Teak Furniture For Bathroom


I’m pretty sure by now, you all know that I have pain in my knees and sometimes standing up too long can be a really tiring and painful experience.  Most times they are alright but when I need to wash my hair and then shower, that can really hurt, as it can sometimes take as long as half and hour.    So Mr Moo decided that I need a bathroom bench when I’m taking these long showers but I didn’t want those plastic ones as they can get quite slippery and unsafe.

We did a little research and decided to check out  Home and Patio Décor Furniture – Teak  to see if they have something similar that we can buy as we’ve had teak patio furniture at our cottage for the longest time.  I grew up  using teak furniture in our garden, and even though they are a wee bit more expensive, I really think that they are worth every penny.  Why?  my grandma used to say, you pay for what you get, not only does teak furniture have the retro look and feel, it last forever.  The secret lies within the weather-resistant properties that are in teak, it’s natural oil and rubber protects any furniture made of teak wood.  Our patio/garden furniture are left outside all year round and we never have to worry about them.

If you look at the infrared sauna machine  in your health club, the benches used are also made of teak wood, they are of  low maintenance and high quality and never mold nor rot.  Therefore, my insistence on teak furniture is for a long term investment as well as good craftsmanship and the spouse cannot argue with that.

Health Signs Not To Be Ignored


My grandma used to make us stick out our tongue and show her our fingernails because she said that they  tell if we are healthy.  We would humor her and thought that she was going senile but now we learned that our eyes, nails and tongue do say something about our health.

So do not ignore the signs, if you have swollen gums or you constantly have blood shot eyes, it may be telling you that it is time to check with your doctors.  They say that blood vessels in the eyes can be a sign of risk of stroke.  So check yours and your spouse’s now.

Now I believed the tongue thing has to do with the chinese or traditional medicine, now they say that if your tongue is red and painful, it means that your body is lack of iron or Vitamin B12. Now if you have sore spots on your tonuge, you need zinc and iron because you have a deficiency.

And if your hair turns white or grey even when you are still too young to have greys and whites, that means that you may have a serious gut problems.  Of course, all the above are just assumptions, you will still need to go see a doctor and get diagnosed but what I’m trying to say here is , try not to ignore those signs.

Breakfast Myths


Oh my !  So I’m not always right?  I’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day ????  but now I’m reading that it isn’t !  darn!  no wonder I can never lose those horrible weight because i eat my breakfast religiously for the last 50 yrs!  More than 5 decades of eating breakfast and now they are telling me otherwise !  darn !

Well, lets see what they are saying now about breakfast?  should I stop eating them then?

 So if you are eating pancakes and waffles and all kinds of junk food in the morning, it isn’t good for you at all.  Muffins and all the greasy stuff first thing in the morning, can actually make you a really unhealthy person.  Therefore, if you are eating that kind of breakfast everyday, you have to stop immediately, else you might get a heart attack really soon.  That’s what the magazine i am reading said.

Once upon a time, we were told that breakfast makes a smarter kid ?  so now they have another theory for it – apparently breakfast programs are put in place, so that the less fortunate kids whose parents cannot be bothered to feed them, can concentrate more in class instead of thinking of their empty stomach.  That is quite true too, how can one excel when your tummy is growling at you all the time?

 We were also told that if you eat your breakfast, you can lose weight but truth be told, I myself never did experience any weight lost, in fact, I still feel a need to eat after a few hours.  So weight lost has nothing to do with one eating breakfast or not.

I was also told that breakfast can help you jump start your metabolism but everyone’s metabolism is different, therefore, I too can attest to the fact that having breakfast in the morning does not necessary do that for you, so from now on, I will skip breakfast if I want to.

Reiki – Holistic Healing


Holistic healing ?  I’ve heard a lot about it before and my esthetician do provide this service as well.  Reiki is actually using the other energy to heal or bring healing for stress and relaxation.  But what if you know that the other person performing Reiki is not at the best of health ?  so would Reiki still work?

I’ve never tried it before but am game to try it but how well would it work?  is it just some myth that transferring your energy from one person to another will help?  what happen if your Reiki instructor don’t have a happy situation at home?  will they transfer their bad energy to you?  as they are also known as spiritual healing?  some people swears by it and say they come out of their Reiki session all refreshed and happy but I’m really afraid that bad energy may be transferred over if the Reiki instructor ain’t spiritual enough or at peace with the universe.  Does it make sense to you?  if anyone out there have tried it or is a Reiki instructor , please let me know more – I would love to learn more about it.

Hobby Time

 While on holiday during the summer, I took up a new hobby to help me relax if you didn’t know that by now.  And this new hobby has been doing me a lot of good.  I took up a new musical instrument and thanks to  musician friend  I was able to get a really good guitar at a reasonable price and found myself turning to youtube and learning how to play it all over again.

I used to tell myself that I have no time to have any hobby but if everyone makes time for themselves even if it was only half an hour a day it can do your health a lot of good.  I find that playing an instrument not only brings me a sense of accomplishment, it also relaxes me.  While some people take up crocheting or knitting, I took up music instead and I’m loving it.

Flu Mist Or Flu Shots?


Well, flu season is here again , it’s that time of the year to get Flu Mist for Missy Moo.  I had reminded our local pharmacist and owner to get at least 1 vile for Chloe.  Last year the flu mist came really late but we still managed to get her one to protect her small little lungs.

But this year she is going to be 11 years old and we are wondering if we should give the mist a pass and get just the flu shot that is free.  Canadians are really lucky because the government pays for the flu shots.  The reason why we don’t give Missy Moo the shot was because she throws up each time she gets her shots and she said is is so painful.  Yes, that kid is going to grow up to be a whim but I was this way too but I changed when i grew up.

But with the flu mist she had no problems with it whatsoever.  Sure the flu mist we have to pay like $35 + tax for it and need to find a doctor who will administer it but if the kid will do it without any fuss , what is money right?  What do you think?

Retail Therapy 101


If you ladies haven’t heard of shopping therapy, you don’t know what you are missing.   When I feel stressed or when I am feeling down, or just feel like shopping to lighten that bad mood of yours, I go shopping and buy stuff that I find will do me good.  Make up is currently my favorite while others may like to buy shoes or handbags.  I don’t know about guys and shopping but I’ve seen the spouse shopping for  m-audio fast track pro  and getting all frustrated because he can’t find them in our local shop, so his shopping therapy is to go online and source for them.  I think for guys they are quite different from us.  We like to hold the stuff in our hands and try them out , where as guys, they know exactly what they need and do their research and read reviews about them and have no problems buying them online.  So whatever floats your boat, online or offline, if retail therapy is able to help – why not?

Unpasteurized Juicing


Juicing or raw juice are also known as unpasteurized juice, I’ve heard how juicing is great for one’s body and decided to try some especially since this one has got Kale and spinach.  I was worried that it might taste horrid at first but with pineapple and orange in it, it really didn’t taste that bad.

Although it is very expensive, I figured this is better than stealing a sip or two of a Pepsi or any pop as you all know I have diabetes.  But is juicing good for diabetics like myself?  While some say that juicing can be the death of diabetes , others had also saidd that juicing is high in fructose and therefore ain’t good for those with diabetes.

I think if it was only kale and spinach, it would be very good , but since I don’t know how much pineapple and orange they put in, I am careful not to overdose on raw juice from the local supermarket.  I also read that raw juices are packed with living enzymes and is therefore good for your body.   Why because your body don’t have to work too hard to get the nutrients out of the things you put into your body.

While some diabetic may not listen to what the doctor has to say, I really try hard not to put into my body things it is not supposed to partake.  But we are but human, so we slip sometimes and it is ok.  I do not guilt myself if I slip, I just try again to be healthier.  I don’t give up.

Going All Natural Or Meds ?


Is like someone asking if you would eat organic or eat whatever?  but if there is a choice wouldn’t you want to go healthy?  even if it cost you a little more.  The Asians loved going the all natural/herbal ways, therefore, there are a lot of chinese medicine shops in Asia.  The Asians believed that using herbs and going all natural doesn’t harm your body as much but of course, it does take a longer time to heal unlike the western medication, the effect is fast and it hits you really hard too.

If I had a choice, or had I lived in Asia right now instead of Canada, I would try the all natural ways for all my medical needs.  After all, the Western medication may be awesome momentarily, it doesn’t heal the internal part of you, that is how I feel because every time I take my meds, I feel like I’m getting an ulcer or I feel bloated.  What about you?  will you go all natural if you had a choice?

Insuring Your Health


A long time customer of ours came by the other day to ask if we would support a benefit for his brother in law who just got diagnosed with liver cancer.  Of course, shortly after he came over to ask for the donation, the brother-in -law passed away.  And of course, there are bills to be paid even after a person dies but with no health insurance, they couldn’t really take care of the funeral expenses as well.  Unlike people from the States , they all know to get health insurance as soon as they can from  health insurance agency in nc  but here in Canada, folks thinks that health care is free but so not true.

Medication after you are discharged from the hospital isn’t free at all, and if you are a diabetic like myself, you need long term medication and if you don’t have insurance, you will be in debt.  And what about those who cannot work when they are ill, with a health insurance, some insurance company will pay you for the time you are out of work.  So many things you can look into before your health takes a turn for the worst and because of health insurance, you don’t have to be a burden to your family and friends.

Reducing Insulin


I don’t take the insulin and I hope I never have to but if you are taking them, there are ways that you can use to reduce your insulin intake.  I read that taking a teaspoon of cinnamon, can reduce not only your insulin intake but also can lower your blood sugar by 20 % , now that’s a lot.  So folks out there who are diabetic like myself, take one teaspoon of cinnamon everyday starting today because I am doing just that.

I also started eating nuts lately again because one can lower your blood sugar as well.   You have to eat them 5 times a week of course and not just once a week to help with your blood sugar.  Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are highly recommended.

Of course, getting active is just as important and work even more effectively within 3 days, one can see the results.  So get out there and do something really active now but don’t break any bones.  I’m trying all the above, so good luck you guys out there.

Dance Exercises

Dancing can help with your health, so I was told by my family doctor and that I should take up dancing if I was up to it.   I wished that there is a dance studio in town like that   dance doctor of los angeles  .  I would be the first to register for they do private lessons as well as group lessons.   So for those who are shy like myself, i could ask for a private lessons or alternatively, get a group of girlfriends to go with me.   But would be more fun if I can get Mr Moo to go with me and take up dancing lessons together.  Like they say, a couple that dance together, stays together.

Vitamin B


When you are a diabetic like I am, you only concern is mostly about keeping your blood sugar level down, so many a times, you hear people talk about not eating candies and anything sweet or has to do with sugar.  I try not to , but sometimes, it is quite hard, so I also look for alternatives and how I can help with lowering my blood sugar , not just with not eating something but aiding it.

 It is said that Biotin in Vitamin B can help regulate Type 2 diabetes or those who are at risk.  So how do one take Biotin and what is it , I hear you asking – because I asked the same question too.  Fret not because Biotin can be found in multivitamin , B complexes and or in pure tablet form over the counter.  So check with your pharmacist about it.

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