Jazz Concerts For The Summer


Before moving to Canada, I used to do a lot more , from going to concerts to listening to Jazz music in Jazz bars and of course,  a lot of plays I would go to.  I love Jazz a lot when I was younger,  they make me feel alive and I especially like slow Jazz in our local pub , I even got to check out some of their electric guitars the bands were using like the  bc rich mockingbird  .  The love the fact that I go to the jazz bar so often that the musicians knows my name and me theirs.  But alas, those were during my younger days.

So this summer , the spouse has some jazz concert lined up for us to go to when we are in the city and Moncton as well as Toronto.  I’m pretty excited and looking forward to our long awaited summer break.

Summer Dipping

Missy Moo had been asking me to bring her for swimming since she didn’t want to forget what she had learned at the Y during spring when she got her Otter badge.  She was so proud of it, she wanted to make sure that when she goes for her next lesson in the fall, she would do better than she did previously.  I’m very proud of her but being on the heavy set side, I have a hard time trying to find the right kind of swim wear.  I thought I should try  coco reef swimwear online  and see if I can at least get a skirt for my swim wear that way I can cover my ugly thighs a little  and not be too embarrassed about being since in public with my cellulite. I tried to get one in the city but I cannot remember where they do sell it, so online is just as good, as soon as I find something online, I will be able to swim with Missy Moo.

Ski Vacation

Taking a vacation in Alberta for a ski trip was what we had planned during March break – and even though it is not as cold as it was in January, we were told to go to  peterglenn.com for ski jackets  before we left.  I’m glad we did because are specially made for ski vacations and most importantly it was light weight.  I don’t like wearing jackets that are heavy because it’s pretty clumsy when you have to take them out indoors.  I like the ski jackets because they are the kind of color that would show up when you are skiing in the mountains and most importantly very waterproof. So the ski vacation was meant to be a rest and relax for all of us and with the right ski jackets, we definitely had a good time.

Vaccinations for March Break Travel

So March break is just round the corner and on today’s global news – I hear them telling everyone to get their vaccinations for their vacations – but I guess that would depend on where you are going not?  so I read it up a little and spoke to our Primary physician about it because Missy Moo and I are thinking of going to Cuba for March break.

So I was told that depending on what type of vaccinations Missy Moo and I have already gotten, I might still need some vaccinations before leaving for Cuba since I’m at high risk being a diabetic.  So an appointment is made to see my doctor and then he will review my previous history and Missy Moo’s and then we will go from there.  So those who are traveling abroad for March break – make sure you check with your doctors too – and don’t come back with something you don’t want to spread around or could be deadly.

Improving My Overall Health

This summer I am trying to improve my overall health not just by eating and exercising correctly but also to do things that I had wanted to do but never got to do – like horse riding and zumba and of course trying to go for concerts and piano recitals as much as I can.  I also opt to go out on Friday’s lunch with my girlfriends and take walks to the park and bring Missy Moo to feed the ducks every weekend.

Many people want to start on the right track but they always say – that they will wait till the end of the month or they will start next week but why wait right ?  start now and start as little as eating an apple or an orange instead of a bar of chocolate.   Play and run around with your kids in the park instead of sitting on the bench and smoking away – quit that smoking because it’s just so unhealthy for the kids too – to be taking in your second-hand smoke.  I really, really hate it when i see parents smoking in the playground, I sometimes want to go up to them and tell them about the harm they are causing my kid.

Cutting down on the portion that you eat like I do, I share a sandwich with my girlfriend and have a bowl or soup or salad instead.   Everytime, you cut down a little on your portion and put on more greens on your plate, you realized that you are actually not that hungry afterall.   I also try and eat a lot more fish these days.  The summer is so hot, put some oranges in your fridge and instead of reaching for a pop, go for an orange – they are sweet and the pulp can fill you up and it’s healthy because of the fibre in it.

Learn to relax, you don’t need to go for expensive massages to relax – have a cup of hot lemon tea in the evening and enjoy yourself with a book on your patio – but don’t smoke but you can have a small glass of wine if you desire.   Sleep well, go to bed early – have a good night sleep – you know your body better than anyone.  While Mr Moo needs only 6 hrs of sleep, I need at least 7 – 8 hrs – so these days I go to bed earlier than him.  Make home meal food instead of eating out.  Sure you can eat out – but even if you do eat healthy but nothing beats home cooked meal – you know exactly what you are putting into the pot.

You don’t need an hour to do exercise – a 10 minutes walk is better than nothing and if you ate something very sinful – that doesn’t mean that your diet is blown – it’s not – you can still continue healthy living right there and then.  It’s ok to eat sinful stuff once in a while – everything in moderation.   And most importantly, don’t worry be happy!  that’s what I tell Missy Moo all the time.

Road Trips Made Easier

Vacations and road trips are great but it’s now even greater for me because I have no stress when we go on road trips – thanks to our latest GPS !  no worries about getting lost and all the time we saved during our latest trip to Moncton – you wouldn’t believed it.  I used to get all anxious when we are going on our road trips for I know Mr Moo would just drive round and round till we get to the place we are supposed to be.  Imagine getting hungry and not knowing where you are – so if you ever want a stress – free road trip  –  click here for gps tomtom  – it definitely made our vacation a lot more enjoyable this year.

Stress Free Vacation

So I want a stress free vacation this summer and didn’t want to spend too much money – but I also didn’t want to be out of touch with the rest of the world – most importantly I want to make sure work can reach us and us them.  So Mr Moo suggested camping at the lodge in Shelburne County and all we needed was to bring a long a cell booster home – that way we can be sure we can use our iPhone and cellphones.   Mr Moo has one for the car – and it worked very well – for him especially if he had to travel for work in some remote area.  I remembered that he was using it many years ago – when he was a traveling salesman – yes that he was – and I was still in Asia then.  So yes – we can have a tent outside when the weather is good – or just camp out in the lodge and make campfires and roast some marshmallows with Missy Moo and watch old movies but not loose contact with the store – with a cell phone booster.   I’m really hoping for a stress free vacation.

Planning A Family Trip

We are planning a family trip to Moncton – for a wedding – and what better to do it with our RV that we had bought last summer.  We got our rv insurance quote – and I told Mr Moo to bring the RV in for a quick check with our RV company – to make sure that everything is working right – so that I don’t have to worry about breaking down in the middle of our family trip.  It’s going to be so fun and I’m so looking forward to it – but I have to remember not to over-stress myself.  But with an RV – I can bring everything I want – with us – and guess what – the outlaws will be coming in our RV with us – so we save on accommodation and my outlaw can take turns to drive the RV – no worries again about Mr Moo driving alone and getting too tired!   We are going to have  so much fun!  you all know that a vacation with the family can only be good  for the health right?

Planning For Vacation During Winter

Missy Moo asked me yesterday – if we are ever going for a vacation soon?  I think she is getting gloomy with all the bad weather and no school days.  And yes – we are planning on a vacation – short one during this winter – with some places  so cheap – how can we resist. Plus we could use some sea and the sun eh? no crime in wanting that.   So I told her that as soon as I can fix the dates with Mr Moo – we will go on a few days vacation – where we can have some hot weather – now that made her really happy.  Plus we could use some de-stressing time and self-rejuvenating time together.

Keep That Stress Level Down

Do you know that someone like myself – who is paranoid about everything and need to be proactive – needs to know that everything is done before we make our road trip to the city?  Yes !  we took a second car recently and got some car insurance quotes immediately – because we knew that we were taking a short road trip to the city this weekend.  Luckily, this time – Mr Moo – was the one doing all the car insurance instead of having me worry about it – and getting all stressed up.  So as soon as we got our car, he went online to get our car insured immediately and now that I know we are heading to the city – on a road trip – I don’t feel as much stress.  Thank God for it.

Health & Insurance

While out getting our 5th wheel insurance we were also prompted to get our insurance in order too.  So we had called up Mr Moo’s insurance guy to come see us one afternoon.  Premium for Mr Moo is only about $25 a month and he would have no trouble getting his – in fact – we received the papers yesterday.  As for me – it would be harder to insure me – why?  i have diabetes – high blood pressure – cholesterol and now on anti-depressant.  Sure they will insure me – but at a higher premium and i needed to go for a medical.  So lesson to be learned here – don’t wait till you are 45 before you try and get insurance – else it would be a lot harder.  And insurance is a must – those especially with family – and kids.  Those with no kids – also must get insurance – why?  parents – siblings that need to take care of your funeral and stuff.  So think about it – your RV needs insurance – your house needs insurance – why not you?  you are afterall the biggest asset to your entire family right?

Going On Vacation With H1N1

Taking your winter vacation to somewhere warmer than here in Y-town..??  maybe a planned orlando vacations like some of what my blogging buddies are doing..??  Yes.! yes..!! i know the feeling.. ! you wanna go.. but with the H1N1 going around.. and the flu also arriving.. and hospitals shutting down..and limiting ins and outs.. should you go..??

Well, we all know that the flu has been around ever since know when.. and yes.. you still can go on vacation .. if you want to .. or if you already have a business plan.  One cannot stop your life.. because some things are floating around the air.  But hold your horses..!! you still have to try and keep safe.. and do the right thing.  If you are flying .. and being in a cabin full of people in the air..  these are some of the things you want to think of.

Firstly, make sure.. you wash your hands.. all the time.. make sure.. you wear a mask at all times.  Do not place put anything the chair of the one in front of you .. because you never know.. what was in it.. before you came on board.  There are also many more things you can do.. if you are traveling, make sure you check with your doctor.. and the local condition where you are going.  In the meantime, try and enjoy your vacation or business trip if you are going.

Traveling With Diabetes

So I am about to go on a vacation.. one that i haven’t taken for years.  You must be wondering . .since I have diabetes.. what am i gonna eat.. when i am not home right..?  Well.. diabetics unite..!! for i have good news for you.  As a diabetic.. you can eat anything.. but in moderation.  Try to eat those things.. you normally eat.. and if you cannot get those.. and eat out in a restaurant.. be sure.. you choose a vegie or a salad.. to go with your meal.  Eat lean meat.. or fish if possible.. and nothing in my humble opinion is a taboo.  Just eat them in moderation.  For example.. if you cannot find your regular snack.. and is at Macdonalds.. just eat half a pie ..and half a cup of tea or coffee with non fat milk.  No sugar of course.. unless you can get that sweetner thingie.  i know i’m gonna do well when i am on vacation .. and so will you with right right mindset.

The Cold

They attack you .. when you least expect them to.  Whether you are home, in some rv parks vacationing or even if you were just in some isolated island.. i swear they have a mind of their own.  I really, really recommend Vitamins C .. everyday .. and this time.. i caught a cold from Missy Moo .. because i became  .. Slacker Cow… muhahahahah!!!  Oh well.. !!! lesson learned  here..  nothing beats having good health eh.   So folks .. stay healthy by over-dosing with Vitamin C.

Hemogloblin Down Again?

I have been having these wicked headaches these days.  I usually get them .. when i am hungry.. but these days.. eating a light snack doesn’t seems to do it for me.. and i either end up eating more .. or taking a Tylenol.  And it only dawned on me today.. that my hemoglobin may be down again.  If you remember correctly, i had this trouble .. before i went for my fibroids/hysterectomy operation.  I think i better check with the family doctor about it.. if it keeps coming back .. else it must be because i need a holiday at Westgate.

What Changed After My Surgeries..?

To say that nothing in my body changed after my surgery is a lie .. but to say that i won’t do the surgery because of these change is also not true.  One thing for sure.. about changes is the wind in my tummy whenever i don’t eat on time.  It was already bad before.. but now it’s worst.  I wonder what will happen when i travel to las vegas nevada and sight-seeing tours last for hours.. without stopping for a bite.  Yes..!! the wind in my tummy can get wicked..!!!!

Golf Vacation

Every now and then the spouse goes with his buddies for vacation and I know that they love their yearly golf trips a lot. I strongly encourage it because it’s not only healthy but I think it is a great way to bond with his buddies.  After all marriage doesn’t mean that he can’t have friends right?

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Best Way To De-stress

I do not know how people de-stress or rejuvenate .. but for me I need a vacation every now and then.  Nothing beats leaving everything behind .. and just relax and enjoy the sea and the sun.  No internet, no phone calls and no tvs. is what i am into.   Sea Pines rentals is a great place for bringing the whole family for bonding and for rejuvenation and come back to the working life with fervent.

Rejuvenating Vacation

Going on vacation is very healthy and whenever possible, one should schedule a holiday at least on a yearly basis. To rejuvenate and to relax is the main purpose of all my vacations and even for couples like us who have been married for 8 yrs, a Fiji honeymoon vacation would really be something one can look forward to.

Not only can one renew your vows for each other but also make one’s dream come true if you didn’t already have had a honeymoon. But we all know that planning the perfect honeymoon can get stressful and also very time-consuming but trust the travel store to makes it fun and easy because they know the islands really well.. and can give you genuine advice on how to stretch those dollars of yours.. and making your vacation a memorable one.  Your one stop travel guide to all your vacations all over the world.

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