Magic Cream For Arthritis


Missy Moo calls it the Magic Cream but truth be told, it’s actually called the World’s best cream.  The little label you see here was done by her – she is the creative person in our family.  And too cute sometimes !  But yes, I came across this cream while out for dinner and getting a yogurt at a local store here in town.  And as you know I’ve been having leg pains for the longest time, and recently haven’t been able to sleep well , so even though it was a little expensive for my liking – $34.50 + tax , I bought it to try.


I figured if it really worked what the hell right?  I would pay just about anything to get a better night’s rest.  The cream claims to have all natural ingredients and properties of copper in them that does healing of the joints or bones.  The night after buying it on a Sunday, I came home and used it on my very painful leg.  It worked immediately, I could feel that it really relaxed my tired feet.  I was so happy because darn !  i haven’t felt my leg so light before.  So I was hopeful.


That night I used it and it did make it easier for me to sleep.  I continued using it the second night but woke up in the middle of the night with some acute pain on my knees, I didn’t get up to take advil as I was lazy and didn’t wanna wake Mr Moo.  I endured it for the entire night and got up at 9am and took Advil immediately.  I continued putting on the cream as instructed and this time I put more cream on as instructed and stopped being cheap.  Thus far, I still have mixed feelings about the cream but it had only been a few days, I will give another review once I’m done using the bottle.

X- Ray Results For Leg Pain

An x-ray of human legs and knees, with the femur (or thighbone) meeting the fibula (the smaller leg bone) and tibia. The patella (knee cap) is a shadow at the base of the femur.

So I waited for weeks for my doctor to call me back and I figured hell ! he should be back by now right?  but nope no calls after so many weeks, so I called them instead.  The receptionist /secretary said that if it was life threatening, they would have called back but it looks like the case of starting of arthritis and I don’t need any meds and over the counter pain killers was all i need.

OoooK  …  !  that is why I don’t like the doctors/it’s practices here in Canada , I know for sure back home, they won’t be like this.  They would definitely want to talk with us personally and the next course of treatment or advice.  Suxs !

Singing Is Good For The Heart

I’ve joined the church choir recently because my family doctor told me that singing is good for the heart – I kid you not !  But truth be told I loved singing – so if it relaxes me even more and makes one happy why not?  so this holiday try going for caroling with your local church or better yet, bring out that dusty karaoke machine and sing your heart to a healthier one.

Teen Pregnancy

I want to say that we have a problem in our town but it is everywhere I’m sure and to say that this town is not infested with teen pregnancy than I’m trying to kid myself.  When Missy Moo was born, I was hoping that she is a boy because of this teen pregnancy issue in this town.  Of course, I wouldn’t change anything for the world now but truth be told I’m still worried about teaching Missy Moo the right way but what is the right way?  I’m sure no parents want their kids to end up getting pregnant when they are teenagers or are there?

Teens who get themselves pregnant and are proud about it are definitely crazy in my humble opinion.  The missed out on so many things that they should experienced before they absolutely have to grow up and start doing the right things for their kids but of course, when you are a teenager, you are still a kid and you don’t really think.

So how do one teach your child not to impregnate another teenager and how do you teach your girls not to get pregnant.  I’m no expert but I’m assuming that girls with low self esteem and girls who are in broken homes are the ones who think that they can get out of the situation they are in and build their own perfect life until they find out that it isn’t that easy.

So if you don’t want your kids to end up being a teenage mom, first of all, teach them their self value, love them, be with them, spend time with them and do things with your kids and don’t let them roam the streets when they are 9 years old or younger while you go out and party with your friends or get a coffee and smoke.

Teach them about sex when they are old enough and tell and show them the consequences of having a baby this young.

Summer Parade

This year’s summer parade is no different from the other but this year, Missy Moo is involved in the summer parade.  Yes, she is playing the trombone and she needs a new mouthpiece.  Found some  bach trombone mouthpieces at m123  luckily just in time and we enjoyed the summer parade tremendously.  I’m just so happy that Missy Moo is spending so much time outdoors and doing the things she liked during the summer.  We certainly want her to be active and to be doing interesting stuff during the summer and unlike us when we were kids, we didn’t have so many activities to be involved in.  So we are giving Missy Moo all the opportunity she can get from swimming, summer camp to music classes and joining all major event of the town.

Gym Renovation

Our local gym went on a renovation week last week, so I was stuck not doing any exercises and today a week later, they still had equipments lying around the gym, meaning work is still underway.  I spotted a  pneumatic sensor  and some hydraulics and tiles and paint work in a small corner of the gym and wonder when the contractors are going to be done completely.

I don’t like exercising when there are contractors around but I guess being a private gym, they cannot afford to close the gym for too long.  So I’m hoping in a day or two, the contractors will start clearing their things away and I have to keep a watch over my shoulder every time I do my step aerobics or zumba.

Health Promotions

The town is looking for ways to promote healthy living amongst the older people and besides the YMCA advertising a program for the retirees there is nothing at this moment for the adults to do.  So the town wants a campaign of sort to promote ways to keep the folks in town busy and healthy.  So I need to find find printing companies  for them for brochures, pamphlets and posters to be posted around areas that people go to often.   There will be some nutritionist that will be invited to come in for a guest talk as well as workshops for ladies who wants to lose weight and the YMCA who will keep us informed of programs for the adults or special programs for swimming.  I’m excited to be part of the health promotions in the month of July, hopefully, we can see more people kayaking and doing more sports.

We’ve Got A New Doctor !

Yay!  yer right !  we’ve got a new doctor and we were the first one that got on the line with the clinic to secure a doctor.  How lucky is that or do we called it determination?  Yes, we lost our doctor in December and in February, the hospital announced that a new doctor is in town but only the first 100 calls would be entertained and then after the new doctor has seen all his new patients, they would announced for people to call again.  We are very lucky to be honest because I know people who’ve called for a solid 2 hrs and couldn’t get thru’.  Thank God!  but we don’t know how long we are going to be having this new doctor but beggars cannot be choosers – so Missy Moo and I will take what we can get for now.


Mental Health Clinic For Children

When Missy Moo’s grammie passed away suddenly last year, we made sure she had a professional to see – to help her thru’ this difficult time.  The Mental Health clinic that we had to bring her to in the city was a very cheerful place to be – it was decorated so nicely and so comfortably with  flat screen stand  and a huge play area for kids – it’s like going to a playground.  We were very impressed with the set up and all the nurses and doctors were wearing cartoon and Disney scrubs, therefore, Missy Moo had so much fun up in the city when she is there – she didn’t feel like she was going to see a doctor.  I wished the mental health clinic around the world would be this way – that way children wouldn’t be afraid to go see their health practitioner at all.

Head Concussion

Yes, I slipped and fell on ice and hit my head hard against the pavement full of ice – ouch!  that was really painful – and embarrassing.  Mr Moo said I fell like a cartoon show with my both legs up and falling backwards – and it wasn’t even funny to me then because my head felt so bad.  I didn’t want to go to the hospital even though I suspect that I might have a slight head concussion and the only reason is because I don’t want to be hospitalized.  I know I’m stubborn but I did monitor myself really closely and should I have thrown up, I would immediately have gone to emergency.  It is no fun being in Canada when there is no doctors that you can see immediately.  Sitting in emergency can sometimes make one wait for 10 hrs – really depressing.

Better Signs For ENT

We went to the city because i started having problems with eyes, nose and throat or so we suspected in the city and I tell you it wasn’t easy looking for his office.  We circle around so much and we were late for the appointment.  The ENT office definitely need some better signs to direct people as to where their office is because there wasn’t any sign outside the building to show us that he was in the building.  The number on the building was hidden and with the money they are making from us for every visit, I would say some  custom signs  are in order !  Health/Dental/Doctor offices really must have good signs.

First Born

We went to the maternity ward of our local hospital to visit a friend who just had her first born and as soon as we entered the private room, we saw everyone holding a cigar.   I figured it was from the happy father but instead it was the grandfather who was giving out cigars to everyone who visited.   Apparently, he knows how to buy cigars online now and therefore, had been buying them and getting it ready for the announcement of the first born grandchild.  Looks like grampie is more excited to celebrate the baby than the father but it could be because he has an excuse to give out his online cigars.  I’m pleased to say that baby and mom are in good health and dad survived the birthing.

Healthy Living Again

Behind our store is a fish roe cutting factory and every time they have a huge amount of shipment to be shipped out, the air is so bad, it gives me a huge headache and I feel like throwing up all the time.  I guess I’m not the only one in town feeling the same way because rumor has it that they are now using  steel drum cover  for their shipment.  Not only does the cover eliminate the smell that is coming out of the drums when getting them ready for shipment, it is also a lot safer and a lot healthier as well.   So I’m monitoring the air and see if the rumor is true and if not I think I really need to see the Mayor of the town to recommend that they look for a better solution.

Without A Family Doctor

Yes! you heard me right – Missy Moo and I are going to be without a family doctor again because our family doctor is leaving town again to move back to Ontario where she is from.  Can’t really blame her as her family is from there but that doesn’t mean that I’m not pissed because this situation had been going on for years now.  It’s sucks big time and this town just cannot entice doctors to keep their jobs here.  Most of the foreign doctors come here just because they have to intern for a number of years and then they leave as soon as they can.  I don’t blame them but the county have to do better than just fixing the problem for now and not think of the future – it’s very frustrating!  but it sure is freaking me out – knowing that I may not get to see someone if I have a problem and you and I know that I have a lot of health issue.

Sex At 13

13 yrs old B – is the daughter of one of my girlfriends and B just turned 14 today.  At supper tonite, she told us that she have had sex with her 15 yrs old b/f during the March break *slap forehead*.  Well, at least they used the condom and she is on the birth control pills.

But really ???!!!??  13 yrs old !!!!  holy moly!!  I hope and hope and hope that Missy Moo wouldn’t have sex at 13 !  shouldn’t 13 years old girls still be playing with barbies and waiting for Santa Claus to come?  this is just wrong.  Of course, the mother – my g/f cannot do nothing about it because it was consensus sex.  The age of consent for sex in Canada is 16 yrs of age – it was raised in 2008 – from 14 yrs of age.  But still the mother cannot do nothing about it because B. is totally out of control – she runs away from home.

I find it so sad – for my girlfriend because she is trying her darndest.  B when she is home, is cranky and rude to her mother – but she seems like an angel in public.  She is always polite to us – her mother’s friends but she calls her mother names and tells her mother that she hates her.  I don’t know what I would do if Missy Moo had sex at 13 !!  I think i would charge the boy – for sure – it’s not going to be pretty – I don’t think I could ever be like my girlfriend.  The society is so screwed up here – that was why I feared for my daughter when she was first born.  But having said that Mr Moo’s cousins were all over 20 before they had sex – so what can one say right?

The Nurses In Scrubs

When my mother-in-law was in the hospital in February and was dying of liver cancer, I cannot thank everyone who were in  scrub uniforms  at the hospital.   From the nurses to the people who brought her food and the counselors who were there to help us thru’ our most difficult time. They were not only kind to my mother-in-law, bathing her and forever helping her up in a comfortable position but they were so kind to Missy Moo as well.   These were really special people with very special skills and took a lot of kindness and greatness in their heart to deal with  this everyday.  I don’t know how to thank them enough for all they have done for us – but these people in scrub uniforms deserved the best – in pay, in compensation and the best treatment in return for everything they have done for our entire family.  Thank you very much!

Try Zumba Of Late ?

Zumba had been one of the latest craze for the last year around town and even in the schools – they let the kids get a taste about zumba and then offer classes for them at the YMCA.  Thus far, I haven’t gone for any Zumba session yet but yesterday, Mr Moo had gotten a dvd on it at the store – so I’m going to try it out before shaking my body and bum in front of strangers.

But Zumba does look really fun and even if I don’t lose weight – at least it would keep me active and my muscles working right?   Having fun is most important for me – and keeping healthy – and what better way than with music and a dance.  I think I might just loved it.

Dealing With A School Full Of Sick Kids

What can you as a parent do when you kid comes home sick every other week or worst – get sick as soon as she gets well.  Knowing that there are kids who are sick in her class and not being sent home and made to sit on the same table with those sick kids is quite painful for us.  I know my kid might catch something again from these sick kids.  Why do parents not make their kids stay home when they are sick – is really a selfish act.  So what do you do as a parent?

I had taken it upon myself, to teach my kid not to play or sit beside a sick kid – and to make sure she tells her teacher she is not comfy sitting with a sick kid.  And if this persist – I will go and talk to the teachers about it and if the teachers fail to stop the kids from coming back to school,  I will hunt their parents down and have a chat with them – now what else would you do?  pray tell?

Thank You Gifts For My Doctors

Some of my doctors are very nice here – some not so – and in all my years in Canada there had been some people in the hospital who have made my life a lot easier and encouraged me when I was having difficulty with my health issues.  And because of them – I have had better control of my health now – but what do you give those doctors who have everything money can buy?  I don’t really want to buy some generic thing just because – so the spouse said some cufflinks in a nice gift box would be a really nice gesture.  So knowing that one of them is leaving the town to start a practice in Halifax – I decided to get him a nice cufflink as a thank you gift and hope that whenever he wears it – he will remember me.

Scrubs For My Favorite Nurses

A couple  of years ago, when I had my huge operation to take out my fibroid, the nurses down at the blood transfusion center treated me really well.  I’ve always kept in touch with them and each time I visit the doctors, I would drop in and say hi.  Some are transferred to another department but some are still there and I say these nurses don’t get enough credit.  So last Christmas, I decided to get some discount scrubs from Marcus and not just ordinary ones – some really fun looking scrubs as presents for them all.   They all loved the ones with the owl print and the scrubs sells from $5.99 – so they were really worth getting for these nurses.  I wished more patients would appreciate the good nurses a lot more.

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