How To Incorporate Sex Into Your Busy Life ?


Anyone out there finds it hard to find time for sex with the spouse ?  we are all so busy and with kids and school and homework, it’s not easy and our day usually ends up late and tiring.  Raise your hands if you are in the same boat as I.  I know you know what I’m talking about .  How many of you get so tired , that y ou just want to sleep and not even want to cuddle when you are in bed.  As for me, I get to bed so late, I just wanna read my e-book and go to bed.  No time for anything else.  So how do one make time in our busy lifestyle for sex?  You and I know that sex is very important in a marriage and no sex may mean that your spouse may stray and so will you.

 I for one do not like the wham bang and thank you mamn’ kinda sex and I hate it when the spouse is also so tired and wants a quickie – you know what that means ?  so no way !!!  so how do one incorporate sex into our busy life you asked?  very good question and a must asked for any woman who wants to have a better relationship with their spouses.  But wait a minute, I didn’t say sex was everything ok – !  so don’t get my words twisted now.

Everyone would tell you that you have to make time, of course we know that – like we know that our moms are woman !!!  duh !  but how do one make time?  how do one put each other in the mood?  I say conscientious effort on both party , and hear this properly, BOTH parties, not just one.  I know it’s hard to sit the spouse down and tell him – hey ! you have to make time for sex with me – hahah! quite embarrassing right?  especially if you come from a culture that don’t talk about sex.  But you will have to , especially if you want your relationship to be awesome.

So here is what you do ,  pick a time where you are both most relax, and have a chat , now don’t be confrontational but let your spouse know that you have needs too and that both of you is going to need to make some special effort.  Like a date night follow by some good love making.  But wait a min?  how often can one do that right?  I know I know !  time is very precious and we don’t have a lot of time but hey ! it is afterall, your relationship and life is more than work, making money and watching a movie.

 And initially, it may only be once a month , but when you get the hang of things and when things starts to get rolling, you and the spouse would want to do more of relaxation and sex will follow.  One can always hope right?  but if you don’t start some where you won’t get no where, so try it and let me know.

X- Ray Results For Leg Pain

An x-ray of human legs and knees, with the femur (or thighbone) meeting the fibula (the smaller leg bone) and tibia. The patella (knee cap) is a shadow at the base of the femur.

So I waited for weeks for my doctor to call me back and I figured hell ! he should be back by now right?  but nope no calls after so many weeks, so I called them instead.  The receptionist /secretary said that if it was life threatening, they would have called back but it looks like the case of starting of arthritis and I don’t need any meds and over the counter pain killers was all i need.

OoooK  …  !  that is why I don’t like the doctors/it’s practices here in Canada , I know for sure back home, they won’t be like this.  They would definitely want to talk with us personally and the next course of treatment or advice.  Suxs !

Doctor’s Appt For Leg Pain


Since this is the year of Take care of Mrs Moo year, I decided to make an appointment to see my family doctor the first week of January .  Of course, he was on vacation and won’t be back till Feb 2015.  So I decided to make the appointment anyway to see the substitute doctor.  Got the appt for today and went in early of course because doctors here don’t like you to be late – oh wait or is it the receptionist/secretary who doesn’t like you to be late.

Anyhow, the sub – doctor was from another country and the first thing he told me after I explained my leg problem was , I could lose some weight.  In which i replied yes, I know my mom is a woman.  I want to lose some weight by exercising too but with the darn leg so painful each time I move , how can i bear to push it anymore it some more.

So i said to the doctor, lets take an x-ray and we go from there.  Got to do the x-ray right away – woohoo!! my lucky day !  and went home  – now awaiting the results – to be continued.

Miraculous Healing On My Painful Leg

A year ago, I complained that I was having leg pain on my left leg and I don’t know why.  It’s the kinda crazy pain that when I walked it just hurts so much and even when I’m sitting and then getting up, it hurts.  I did go see my family doctor after many months, and he suggested an x-ray.  The day I wanted to take an x-ray, my leg started to ease up but not enough to stop worrying about it.

But a week ago, it miraculously stopped hurting.  I don’t know why but I’ve not been carrying heavy groceries and even my laptop anymore for a long time but when there is snow or ice on the ground and I walk on them, it will hurt like a bitch.  So yes, I don’t know what to make of it but I’m trying not to jinx it because having the pain for a year long is horrible.

Pain On Side Of My Foot

Yes! you heard me right!  sometime in March this year, I had complained that my knee part of my left foot started to hurt after a shopping trip in the city for no reason at all.   I waited and waited and finally seen my doctor and was about to take an x-ray when my knee stopped hurting!  what gives right?  after 5 months ????? sure it baffled me but now the side of the same foot hurt and swelled a wee bit too.

It all started like a week ago and I don’t remember doing anything different from usual, well except walking up and down a small hill to get my lunch and lunch for a girlfriend and that shouldn’t cause the side to hurt right?  It is still hurting of course now and I’ve just bought myself a new shoe to see if it will go away before i see a doctor.

Also I’ve stopped drinking my 3-in-1 tea and stop cheating on my chocolate snacks just in case it’s because I had too much sugar lately.  So I will let you all know more – the pain of having diabetes right?

Osim uPhoria Real Review Part 2

So about 10 days ago, I bought received my Osim uPhoria flown all the way from Singapore – I figured I should give it another week before I write the real review – so that you won’t say I didn’t give it a chance. Well, here is what I found out about the Osim uPhoria – the customer support failed me.  I wrote to them to ask them about widening the area where you are supposed to be able to – for a bigger calf and it took them quite long to get back to me.  And even though I replied to say that it didn’t work, they didn’t reply to my emails anymore.  So sad right?  VERY!

I’ve stopped using the Osim uPhoria as of now because it hurts really bad even though in the advertisements and reviews claimed that after a bit it shouldn’t hurt this much but it left me with bruises on both sides of my calf – so it cannot be good right?

The reflexology motion didn’t really pressed the points that I am used to when they did the real reflexology in Wan Yang back home, so total failed too.  Sure they squeezed and vibrates but that’s the only comfy part and defeats the purpose of paying so much for a reflexology massage machine.  Basically the Osim uPhoria was way too painful for me to use – but if I was pencil thin or have skinny legs – it would probably work better.  For those of medium size legs – I suggest you don’t buy it – it’s darn painful for pleasure.

After using the Osim uPhoria for 2 weeks and spending $750 USD – it didn’t help with my health at all – so it was a total waste of money for me.  I’m very disappointed with the Osim uPhoria – as it is bulky and not easy to store and since I’m not going to be using it anytime soon – it’s going to be a white elephant at home.  *sigh*  oh well – !  so this is my experience with the Osim uPhoria – I hope others have better luck.

Osim uPhoria Real Review

I’ve read many reviews and watched many u-tube version of reviews before buying the Osim UPhoria and since it’s a Singapore company – I tend to trust them a lot more than those made in China but alas – I’m disappointed like I was 12 years ago, when I bought something else to do with massaging from Osim.  But this time I am recording it down so I won’t forget it in another few years.  Plus this is a real review and I’m not being paid to write good or bad reviews for Osim but a true opinion and unbiased one.

I bought this Osim uPhoria from Osim from Singapore online – and even though I’ve instructed them to write that there is no commercial value on the Fedex form – they didn’t as instructed, so I was text on top of paying $599 for it – another $150 USD by custom.  So this Osim machine cost me $750 in total.  I wished Osim would have told me that they cannot put no commercial value onto the shipping slip coz’ i wouldn’t have bought it then.  So for those out of Singapore, not that you will be charged exorbitantly if you buy outta Singapore – even if shipping was free.

So even though you can get the machine directly from Osim Singapore – the parent company – it doesn’t mean that it’s better or cheaper.  I had thought that if the machine was good, I was going to try and wholesale it and be a distributor but I wouldn’t do it now.  As for the other reviews that I’ve read before – I cannot vouch that they are true because I’ve a totally different experience from what’ve read and saw online and on commercials.  So is this what they called false advertising?

More on real review on the Osim uPhoria in another post another day.

Head Concussion

Yes, I slipped and fell on ice and hit my head hard against the pavement full of ice – ouch!  that was really painful – and embarrassing.  Mr Moo said I fell like a cartoon show with my both legs up and falling backwards – and it wasn’t even funny to me then because my head felt so bad.  I didn’t want to go to the hospital even though I suspect that I might have a slight head concussion and the only reason is because I don’t want to be hospitalized.  I know I’m stubborn but I did monitor myself really closely and should I have thrown up, I would immediately have gone to emergency.  It is no fun being in Canada when there is no doctors that you can see immediately.  Sitting in emergency can sometimes make one wait for 10 hrs – really depressing.

Warning Signs Of Cancer

Cancer suxs! big time!  it not only takes a toll on the patient – it takes a lot out of their loved ones too.  It’s not fun at all and while people or experts say that there are warning signs, I sometimes wonder if there is really?  No one wants to be sick and especially with cancer for cancer can kill – it’s not like a cold or a cut that heals itself even if it isn’t treated.

My mother-in-law had lung cancer and by the time they found out about it – there was no return, she died within weeks.  I was pretty sure she didn’t think that she had cancer either.  We were devastated when she died and even though we weren’t the closest, we still had a relationship for 12 yrs – had we known earlier, we would have done things differently.  So people, don’t be stubborn and if you see warning signs of cancer – make sure you check it out the soonest – that way, you can be treated and also if the worst happens, you can prepare your loved ones for your passing.  Don’t leave like my mother-in-law did, I’m sure she was pretty pissed because she didn’t get to do any last thing, she didn’t even have strength to speak to her 3 boys before she died.

So what are the warning signs?  Lost of weight suddenly.   If you find that you have been losing weight for no reason – go immediately and see your doctor – don’t wait. Bloating – ! now I have that too but whenever I passed wind i’m ok – but if you are bloating and cannot eat and it has nothing to do with PMS or indigestion, then you should have it checked out too.  They say that Ovarian cancer patients started out this way.

To be cont’d ….

Plantar Warts

Scary right?  very!  and that was what I was mad with Missy Moo about ! not because she has it but because she insisted on playing bare foot with a kid from her karate class who has warts on his feet *slap forehead*.  Plantar Warts are very painful if I remembered correctly and they can be very contagious especially in swimming pool areas and where barefooted kids are running around with a cut.  It is very scary because it is painful and knowing Missy Moo – she wouldn’t like it at all.

Now how do one prevent from  plantar warts?  well, not to wear bare footed first of all – wear sandals or flip flop when you are in places like the swimming pool – because other parents don’t care if their kids have warts and if they pass it to your kids.  I know that sucks but a lot of parents are this way.

So how do you know if your kid’s have plantar warts?  well, if it looks like a cauliflower – then it’s most probably it.  But don’t panic like I did – because I was screaming at Missy Moo yesterday hurrying her to come back and wash her feet.  If it does happen, one has to make the best out of it right?  some people uses surgery and others see a doctor and uses salicylic acid, but if one can take precaution why wait right?  I’m going to make sure that Missy Moo wears her slippers, sandals and socks anywhere if possible.  I even showed her those ugly pictures of the plantar warts – hopefully, she keeps that in mind when she wants to take off her socks.

Without A Family Doctor

Yes! you heard me right – Missy Moo and I are going to be without a family doctor again because our family doctor is leaving town again to move back to Ontario where she is from.  Can’t really blame her as her family is from there but that doesn’t mean that I’m not pissed because this situation had been going on for years now.  It’s sucks big time and this town just cannot entice doctors to keep their jobs here.  Most of the foreign doctors come here just because they have to intern for a number of years and then they leave as soon as they can.  I don’t blame them but the county have to do better than just fixing the problem for now and not think of the future – it’s very frustrating!  but it sure is freaking me out – knowing that I may not get to see someone if I have a problem and you and I know that I have a lot of health issue.

Sex At 13

13 yrs old B – is the daughter of one of my girlfriends and B just turned 14 today.  At supper tonite, she told us that she have had sex with her 15 yrs old b/f during the March break *slap forehead*.  Well, at least they used the condom and she is on the birth control pills.

But really ???!!!??  13 yrs old !!!!  holy moly!!  I hope and hope and hope that Missy Moo wouldn’t have sex at 13 !  shouldn’t 13 years old girls still be playing with barbies and waiting for Santa Claus to come?  this is just wrong.  Of course, the mother – my g/f cannot do nothing about it because it was consensus sex.  The age of consent for sex in Canada is 16 yrs of age – it was raised in 2008 – from 14 yrs of age.  But still the mother cannot do nothing about it because B. is totally out of control – she runs away from home.

I find it so sad – for my girlfriend because she is trying her darndest.  B when she is home, is cranky and rude to her mother – but she seems like an angel in public.  She is always polite to us – her mother’s friends but she calls her mother names and tells her mother that she hates her.  I don’t know what I would do if Missy Moo had sex at 13 !!  I think i would charge the boy – for sure – it’s not going to be pretty – I don’t think I could ever be like my girlfriend.  The society is so screwed up here – that was why I feared for my daughter when she was first born.  But having said that Mr Moo’s cousins were all over 20 before they had sex – so what can one say right?

Easily Provoked

Nope not really ?  but I do get provoked sometimes but more so by stupid people and I feel like bitch slapping them.  So if you are the same way – don’t feel bad about it – you are not alone.  I have been taught recently  how to deal with staying calm if I feel the same way by a doctor that comes into our store often – he told me the next time I feel like I want to bitch slap someone – I should take a step backwards – and yes – literally and view the situation as a 3rd party rather than one that is in the situation.  I  know it’s darn hard – that’s why he wants me to take a step backwards literally I guess to see the situation as a different person.   And after thinking about what he had said to me the other day – I thought about many a times when I was provoked and lashed out at the other person only to regret it later – when I replayed the situation in my head and thought about how I could have done it differently – so the next time you feel provoked try taking a step backwards and view the situation not as a participant – but a viewer and than take some deep breath.

Pedorthic Services


So my heels still hurt after trying the Emugel – so I’ve requested from my family doctor, a referral to a food doctor but instead  – she wants me to see a pedorthic specialist.   A pedorthic specialist fits and modify a foot appliances to help relief the pain I am feeling on my foot and heels.   The cost is pretty expensive and I don’t know how long the appliances will last – my appointment is set for middle of July – and I can’t wait to see if it would help.  Having this heel pain does not do well for all the parts of the legs – the calf and the entire leg seems weaken.

Dealing With A School Full Of Sick Kids

What can you as a parent do when you kid comes home sick every other week or worst – get sick as soon as she gets well.  Knowing that there are kids who are sick in her class and not being sent home and made to sit on the same table with those sick kids is quite painful for us.  I know my kid might catch something again from these sick kids.  Why do parents not make their kids stay home when they are sick – is really a selfish act.  So what do you do as a parent?

I had taken it upon myself, to teach my kid not to play or sit beside a sick kid – and to make sure she tells her teacher she is not comfy sitting with a sick kid.  And if this persist – I will go and talk to the teachers about it and if the teachers fail to stop the kids from coming back to school,  I will hunt their parents down and have a chat with them – now what else would you do?  pray tell?

Fever Again !

Missy Moo haven`t even recovered from her cold and cough and tonite she has a fever – not a high one but fever nonetheless *sigh* – I don`t know what`s wrong with the kid!  First she complained that her tummy hurt and then the fever came.  I stopped her from eating anything else – because I don`t want her throwing up – so she went to bed without her milk.

Painful Heel

A week ago, my heel started hurting – at first it wasn’t that back but a week later the pain had persisted and now in the mornings – when I get off the bed – it hurts so much I had to limp to get around getting ready for the day.  I’m also afraid that the painful heel may cause my diabetes to get worst – or the other way round and I know the best thing to do is to see the family doctor immediately.

Last year I had the same problem but after investing in a very expensive in-sole it didn’t hurt so bad – so I’m going to try and get a reasonable in sole to try again.   But I also learned that painful heel could be because a ligament a the ball of my heel had stretched and inflamed –  and if not taken care of calcium deposits may form on the heels and that is not good.

And yes I do have a flat feet – so I’m prone to the painful heel because of the arch that collapse and the bottom of the foot absorbs the impact from standing and walking.   And muscles may tear if I am not careful.   So with people like myself – flat feet I have to find an arch support – so I’m going to do it tomorrow but will still see my family doctor asap.

Posture Corrective Heel is a what I want to try.

Province Will Not Fund Insulin Pumps

The Liberal Caucus has had a private member’s bill on the order paper since 2008 to get the Province to fund insulin pumps. Neither the previous nor current government has even bothered to call the bill. Here is coverage from the government’s most recent refusal to fund these vital pumps.

Zach Churchchill – MLA

I read on the Chronicle Herald about how the province said they had no money to fund those with Type 1 diabetes – about $6000 for the insulin pumps to keep them alive – this is just so sad.   The cost cannot be justified according to the Deputy Health Minister – Mcnamara *rolling my eyes*

I have Type 2 diabetes and a few years ago – my family doctor insisted on putting me on the needles too – I had flatly refused and asked for a second opinion.  Had I been one of those who are dependent on the insulin – I would be devastated to have to fork out $6000 for the machine.  Now if I had a kid who needed the insulin – and don’t have the device – I would be worried to death as to when they might need the needle and not have it in hand.

I think it is incredibly selfish of the Province not to support the funding for the insulin pumps for these young kids especially – since they suffer a lot more than adults.  I seriously hope they would consider it – especially for the younger kids before 15 – but of course that’s just my opinion.  But I believed it can be done – especially when I hear about the amount the province is spending on parties during Christmas.

Getting Some Good Sleep

Missy Moo had been waking up every now and then in the middle of the night and coming to our bed to sleep.  Even though it’s easy to get her into her own bed a little bit after – I find it hard to go back to sleep and thus, do not get enough rest.  That’s suxs big time – because I become I zombie for days.  As for why it doesn’t bother Mr Moo?  he’s oblivious when Missy Moo comes to our bed and can turn around and fall straight back to sleep in seconds – literally seconds.   Sometimes, I’m so mad at him for being able to go back to sleep so easily  – I wanna smack him up – hahaha!!  but studies shows that women with less sleep are more irrtable and stressed than men.  So it’s time for the men to step up !  Going to have a talk with Mr Moo about this wake up – make sure he does the waking up – so that my sleep will not be interrupted.

Canker Sore On The Gums

So my headache didn’t go – nor did the pain in my mouth after my dental visit more than a month ago.  I was pissed – and I called the dentist – because I didn’t know it was canker sore  but they did take me in today – and he pronounced that it was canker sore – and it would take at least a week or so – before it would go.  He also recommended a paste to use – instead of oral gel and to gurgle with salt water.   So hopefully – it will go away soon – I can’t be taking Advil for a month now – it suxs!

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