Music As A Hobby

Many people asked me why I am interested in learning a new instrument and I tell them all the time that music is actually very good for one’s health besides being a hobby.  I think my new found love has made me a lot calmer and has given me a sense of serenity when I learn how to play a piece.  So I look for all my prs at  as they have one of the best selections as well as being the manufacturer of Paul Reeds, they are very affordable.

Karaoke Sessions

Yes , Missy Moo has anxiety as well and because of bullies at her current school , we have gotten her to take up karaoke sessions with her best friend on the weekends to help with cooping with her anxiety.   She wanted a good microphone with her best friend and not just for her but also for her best friend because she don’t want her best friend to feel bad that hers is better.  So we went online looking for some  microphones for karaoke and singing sessions if you are looking for some  dynamic microphone, check it out at .

Thus far , we find that keeping Missy Moo busy and surrounded by friends is important , so every now and then when she is skyping her school friends , I would enlist their help to keep Missy Moo company in school ,so that she is not alone and cannot be bullied by those girls.  I get really , really upset when she comes home crying.

Shopping Therapy For Christmas


For some people, meditation is all they need to get them going for the day, as for me shopping therapy is what motivates me to work harder.  And with Christmas round the corner, the more reason to do some shopping therapy .  One can buy a  warwick star bass  online for the spouse and that makes me really happy because I don’t have to worry about his Christmas present anymore.   I like how the star bass has the vintage look and it’s a 4 string instrument the the spouse is interested in, I also get to check out real reviews online before purchasing it of course.    More shopping can be done and I get all my Christmas list crossed off with online shopping.  That makes a very smart shopper, and no stress at all.  Just click, pay and wait for items to be delivered.

Plenty Of Music

There has been plenty of music at home of late and to say that it is not noisy would be a lie because the Missy Moo just bought a new  monotron  to play around with.   I’m just glad that my basement is sound proof that way she doesn’t disturb the neighbors when she is playing with her guitars , plus now that she is 12 , she invites her friends over for fun.  So you know if more than 1 kid around the music room, it can get quite wild.  But I’m not stress about it because she gets to be creative with the musical instruments that she loves.

Good Music Good Health


Our yearly neighborhood garden concert makes me so happy every year but this year, we have many of our neighborhood boys come back from college for the summer to play.  With their  neon guitar  they played so well and impressed us all with not only how well they sounded but how effortlessly, they put the concert together.

We also had a little picnic/bbq that went out the entire afternoon and the entire neighborhood was involved in putting everything together.  I am hoping that the weather will still be good in the fall to have another one.  I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and so have many of our neighbors.

Jazz Concerts For The Summer


Before moving to Canada, I used to do a lot more , from going to concerts to listening to Jazz music in Jazz bars and of course,  a lot of plays I would go to.  I love Jazz a lot when I was younger,  they make me feel alive and I especially like slow Jazz in our local pub , I even got to check out some of their electric guitars the bands were using like the  bc rich mockingbird  .  The love the fact that I go to the jazz bar so often that the musicians knows my name and me theirs.  But alas, those were during my younger days.

So this summer , the spouse has some jazz concert lined up for us to go to when we are in the city and Moncton as well as Toronto.  I’m pretty excited and looking forward to our long awaited summer break.

Music With Quiet Time


Ever since the start of the year, I’ve been taking time off for quiet time for myself everyday.  It may not be long, sometimes only 15 mins but it can last as long as an hour.  For my quiet time, I like to relax and listen to music and sometimes, I play with my spouse’s instrument in his man’s cave in the basement.  I find it so therapeutic that I’m able to make time for myself and relax.  The spouse bought some snapjack  to make it easier for me to play around with his many instruments at the basement and I find it really easy to use and I was able to switch instruments without the loud buzzing and shreaking noises.  For those like myself, who is constantly working and doing things for the family and home, try having some quiet time everyday, you will definitely find that it helps with relaxing , definitely good for health.

Hobby Time

 While on holiday during the summer, I took up a new hobby to help me relax if you didn’t know that by now.  And this new hobby has been doing me a lot of good.  I took up a new musical instrument and thanks to  musician friend  I was able to get a really good guitar at a reasonable price and found myself turning to youtube and learning how to play it all over again.

I used to tell myself that I have no time to have any hobby but if everyone makes time for themselves even if it was only half an hour a day it can do your health a lot of good.  I find that playing an instrument not only brings me a sense of accomplishment, it also relaxes me.  While some people take up crocheting or knitting, I took up music instead and I’m loving it.

Retail Therapy 101


If you ladies haven’t heard of shopping therapy, you don’t know what you are missing.   When I feel stressed or when I am feeling down, or just feel like shopping to lighten that bad mood of yours, I go shopping and buy stuff that I find will do me good.  Make up is currently my favorite while others may like to buy shoes or handbags.  I don’t know about guys and shopping but I’ve seen the spouse shopping for  m-audio fast track pro  and getting all frustrated because he can’t find them in our local shop, so his shopping therapy is to go online and source for them.  I think for guys they are quite different from us.  We like to hold the stuff in our hands and try them out , where as guys, they know exactly what they need and do their research and read reviews about them and have no problems buying them online.  So whatever floats your boat, online or offline, if retail therapy is able to help – why not?

Exercising With Music


If you are like myself and feel too shy to exercise alone in the gym, I have a trick to teach you.  Get a good headphone and plug in your ipod and bring it along with you when you are exercising.   I found a really good one  On Sale  here and when I have my music and headphones  with me I don’t feel self conscious no more.  I just pretend I’m too busy enjoying my music to care about the people around me.   So for those of you who are shy, no more excuses folks,  for not going to the gym, a headphone and an ipod is all you need to get some confidence back.


No Stress Events

 I don’t know what it is but everyone seems to think that I’m good at planning for just about everything.  From Chinese New Year’s dinner to birthday parties for friends and relative to just about any get – together.  But truth be told, it can get very stressful especially if the invited guests are not cooperative at all.

So when I was asked to plan for my nieces prom party at their summer cottage home, I decided to use someone like  DJ Joe Bunn  to take care of the music department for me and the rest just fell into places.  Food was catered from a local caterer and I had the kids pick up the party decoration and a huge photo booth and I’m all set for the event.

So these days when I’m asked to plan an event, I usually go for a DJ and the rest just fall into its place quickly.

Relaxing With Violin Music

I’ve recently been listening to violin music for relaxation and since the kid decided that she wants to take up violin lessons as well, I saw some  cremona violins at wwbw  that I can order for her online.  The novice pink violin is the one she had chosen and it isn’t expensive at all, so now to find her a violin teacher and we are ready to start some lessons.  I am wondering if it would help with my health if I too take up violin lessons?  I have to check with my doctor about that – because just listening to the string instruments makes me feel so happy and relaxed.

Summer Parade

This year’s summer parade is no different from the other but this year, Missy Moo is involved in the summer parade.  Yes, she is playing the trombone and she needs a new mouthpiece.  Found some  bach trombone mouthpieces at m123  luckily just in time and we enjoyed the summer parade tremendously.  I’m just so happy that Missy Moo is spending so much time outdoors and doing the things she liked during the summer.  We certainly want her to be active and to be doing interesting stuff during the summer and unlike us when we were kids, we didn’t have so many activities to be involved in.  So we are giving Missy Moo all the opportunity she can get from swimming, summer camp to music classes and joining all major event of the town.

Spiritual Health

I look at the new chairs4worship  at our church today as the workers brought them in and thought about all the time when we only go back to church when we are in trouble and unhappy.  We only turn to God for our spiritual health when we are mostly in a bad place but i hope for everyone’s sake that they don’t leave the church once they are happy and found happiness outside.

Most people don’t know that spiritual health is just as important as your health and it’s important to bring our kids up in church because they do learn the right and wrong quickly and abide by it a lot more easily if they know that there is a God up there watching them.  Children I found fear doing wrong things because they know they are answerable to a higher up  – not just their parents, teachers or peers but God.  Some people may not agree with me about instilling fear of God in their kids but it worked for me when I was growing up – and I think I am a better person because of going to church.

Working Hard and Playing Harder

That’s what my boss used to say when I was working overseas with him.  He worked really hard and plays even harder when the time comes. As for me, I watch movies on my computer all the time when I worked overseas but I had a good computer and cannot stand when  computer running slow  – I need to either get it fixed up immediately or I would be quite stress out because that’s my way of relaxing.  These days, I try to relax by watching a movie while I’m eating even when I’m at work and I’m taking up Zumba on Wednesday evenings and horse riding on Friday nights to keep healthy.  I loved my life now !  and am a lot less stress than I was a few years ago.

Comedy & Talk Show Reduces Stress

For those who are not aware of this – I’ve been listening to the sirius satellite radio to reduce stress.   In fact, we have had the Sirius Satellite radio for a long time now – we actually bought it because of our long car ride to the city – once a month – but after Missy Moo was born – and we don’t travel so much – we haven’t listened to the satellite radio for a long time.  But a few months ago – I was listening to a live talk show on Sirius and was really intrigue by it and decided to continue and every time I feel stressed up – I turn on the satellite radio and it helps me to calm down.   For someone who don’t have a choice for radio station – being in a small town – the Sirius Satellite radio keeps me company – during one of those hard days – there is comedy, talk shows – like Howard Stern and Martha Steward  and Mr Moo loved the sport station as well.  Subscription is about $12.95 a month – so it’s not so expensive – and if it helps reduces my stress and put a smile on my face – Mr Moo said to keep the subscription – woohoo!

Wifi In Local Hospital

While back home our hospital is equipped with wifi around the entire hospital – I was told that I wouldn’t be able to get a connection at ours here in town because they are afraid that providing wifi will get their system hacked *rolled eyes*.  So I didn’t even bring my miniportables when I stayed in the hospital the last time.  I feel bad for those who are there for more than a week or two – what are they going to do without a laptop/netbook the whole time there?  Sure the hospital is a place to get well and all – but not to stay connected the whole time – now that doesn’t seems right?  what about the spouse who is visiting or the kids?  wouldn’t it be great if they can do their homework there or read while visiting their loved ones?  You all know what i mean right?  sure the hospital isn’t a place for anyone to visit for a long time – but the special cases like me?  paranoid and have panic attacks?  who need the spouse around all the time?  I remember poor Mr Moo bored outta his mind every day in the hospital with me – now if they had the wifi – he could get connected to work – and do all his work at the hospital while staying with me.  I think i should definitely write to the hospital administration and ask for Wifi in the hospital area – in this time and age – surely they know what to do – to block hackers.

No Stress Wedding

We all love weddings and especially those of our loved ones – or cousins – well, basically family wedding.  Not only do everyone get together – during this special occasion, we also get to catch up as well – and take a short holiday.  We have one coming up soon this summer – and the bride has already called several times for help with bridesmaid dresses , flower arrangement  – the guest’s list and costume jewelry etc.   We happy for the guests to be at the wedding – but stressful for the bride – not so much for the groom usually.  So In cases like that, what do you do – as the good ole older cousin – well, you calm her down – and you make out a list of things you can help her with – from picking up the bridesmaid dresses, accessories, picture taking and getting all the bridesmaid together – and all the little things like wedding favors – the word is delegate.  So yes! I took over the delegation part – and dealt with the caterer as well as the mother-in-laws and the music.  And again – I delegated things to everyone – that way – everyone is in charge of something and not be too overwhelmed.  So if you want a stress – free wedding – delegation is the magic word.

Sing Your Way Outta Stress

Did you know that singing in a  karaoke can reduce stress?  no?  you’ve gotta try it out then – because it really does.   Whether you are singing alone – or you are singing in a group – i think it helps a great deal.  I remembered being so stressed out at work at one point in my life – I sing in a karaoke everyday – near my office and after going to the Karaoke – i come back all refreshed and ready to face the world again.  I think by voicing out in songs – you relieve the tension in your body and you help your body to relax therefore, even the blood pressure become normal.  I don’t know about you – but you might want to go out and try book a room for a karaoke session – plus some food is good at the karaoke but make sure you don’t go to the karaoke for alcohol alone because that is a no- no for the health.

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