How To Incorporate Sex Into Your Busy Life ?


Anyone out there finds it hard to find time for sex with the spouse ?  we are all so busy and with kids and school and homework, it’s not easy and our day usually ends up late and tiring.  Raise your hands if you are in the same boat as I.  I know you know what I’m talking about .  How many of you get so tired , that y ou just want to sleep and not even want to cuddle when you are in bed.  As for me, I get to bed so late, I just wanna read my e-book and go to bed.  No time for anything else.  So how do one make time in our busy lifestyle for sex?  You and I know that sex is very important in a marriage and no sex may mean that your spouse may stray and so will you.

 I for one do not like the wham bang and thank you mamn’ kinda sex and I hate it when the spouse is also so tired and wants a quickie – you know what that means ?  so no way !!!  so how do one incorporate sex into our busy life you asked?  very good question and a must asked for any woman who wants to have a better relationship with their spouses.  But wait a minute, I didn’t say sex was everything ok – !  so don’t get my words twisted now.

Everyone would tell you that you have to make time, of course we know that – like we know that our moms are woman !!!  duh !  but how do one make time?  how do one put each other in the mood?  I say conscientious effort on both party , and hear this properly, BOTH parties, not just one.  I know it’s hard to sit the spouse down and tell him – hey ! you have to make time for sex with me – hahah! quite embarrassing right?  especially if you come from a culture that don’t talk about sex.  But you will have to , especially if you want your relationship to be awesome.

So here is what you do ,  pick a time where you are both most relax, and have a chat , now don’t be confrontational but let your spouse know that you have needs too and that both of you is going to need to make some special effort.  Like a date night follow by some good love making.  But wait a min?  how often can one do that right?  I know I know !  time is very precious and we don’t have a lot of time but hey ! it is afterall, your relationship and life is more than work, making money and watching a movie.

 And initially, it may only be once a month , but when you get the hang of things and when things starts to get rolling, you and the spouse would want to do more of relaxation and sex will follow.  One can always hope right?  but if you don’t start some where you won’t get no where, so try it and let me know.

Road Trips Made Easier

Vacations and road trips are great but it’s now even greater for me because I have no stress when we go on road trips – thanks to our latest GPS !  no worries about getting lost and all the time we saved during our latest trip to Moncton – you wouldn’t believed it.  I used to get all anxious when we are going on our road trips for I know Mr Moo would just drive round and round till we get to the place we are supposed to be.  Imagine getting hungry and not knowing where you are – so if you ever want a stress – free road trip  –  click here for gps tomtom  – it definitely made our vacation a lot more enjoyable this year.

Stressless Christmas

I had a pretty much stressless Christmas this year  – why?  because I found a place that took care of all my gifts – including the ones for the spouse.  So whenever some said they can’t find any gifts for husband anywhere – I show them where I get my gifts for the spouse.  Plenty of goodies to choose from and which husband can resist all these lovely chocolate right?  well, mine loved his chocolate best – I had a pretty much stress-less Christmas and from now onwards – you know where I’m getting HIS gifts.

Outdoor Adventures

This year – I’ve done more outdoor activities than I had in my entire life – because of the used ATV that Mr Moo bought for riding around the woods on his father’s 100 acre land –  yes! just like Winnie the Pooh – according to Missy Moo.  But because the ATV is pretty huge – it’s hard for me to go at it by myself but Mr Moo bought the utv power steering to enable me to cruise and steer the ATV easily – so I’m now able to ride on it by myself.  Sometimes, I get Missy Moo brave enough to sit behind me for a ride but other times – I like to do it on my own.

This fall – we have been having a few good days – so I’m taking advantage of it and going out in the woods more often than I would usually do.  And because of all these outdoor activities – I find myself getting stronger and less tired during the day – it makes me feel so much younger.  For those who lives in the country – you will understand why we like to go to the country during the weekend and stay at our cottage – and ride out in the woods.  If you haven’t tried it – you should and now that one can buy the UTV power steering – even for someone who finds it hard to maneuver the ATV before – can do so.

Getting Some Good Sleep

Missy Moo had been waking up every now and then in the middle of the night and coming to our bed to sleep.  Even though it’s easy to get her into her own bed a little bit after – I find it hard to go back to sleep and thus, do not get enough rest.  That’s suxs big time – because I become I zombie for days.  As for why it doesn’t bother Mr Moo?  he’s oblivious when Missy Moo comes to our bed and can turn around and fall straight back to sleep in seconds – literally seconds.   Sometimes, I’m so mad at him for being able to go back to sleep so easily  – I wanna smack him up – hahaha!!  but studies shows that women with less sleep are more irrtable and stressed than men.  So it’s time for the men to step up !  Going to have a talk with Mr Moo about this wake up – make sure he does the waking up – so that my sleep will not be interrupted.

Happy Marriages Makes Fat Woman

Study shows that happy marriages makes fat woman – I read – hahah!  so I walked passed a window today and caught a glimpse of my fat bum and thought about what I read – ahhhh! so it’s true eh –  happy marriages do make fat woman – well – at least fat bums ! in my case.  But I guess it’s also because I sit a lot for work too – so I told myself to get up my lazy ass and stop sitting down so much.

I’m guessing it’s because we don’t spend so much time prettying ourselves so much after getting married and more inclined to watching sappy movies together and enjoying cuddly time.  Not a sin – I’ll have to say – but not entirely healthy either especially if you have a spouse who looks boyish – because come another few more years – after you have a baby – you are gonna be looking like his older sister.  So be careful – don’t be too happy now?  or be a little be more cautious eh.

High Tech Family Clinic

As outdated as this town is  – like I’ve always complained – the family clinic I go to – is very high tech – all the doctors used a laptop to note down all their diagnosis and these information is then shared it around the office – in which even the receptionist knows when the doctor needs the next appointment with you – without having to go to the front desk to tell the receptionist.  Highly efficient too – because I don’t see them digging thru’ files all the time when I am there.  They also uses a  remote data backup from what I understand – which I got interested in – because of the large amount of paperwork we do at our store too.

I took an interest and read up on the recovery manager software program – and showed Mr Moo as they were not expensive whatsoever – so for a peace of mind – and not have to worry about losing any important files and information – Mr Moo will look into getting this program.  I would definitely feel less stressful once we have that  program for our store.   You never fail to learn a thing or two from your family clinic that’s for sure.

Loving Your Job For Good Health

Many people don’t have a job that they liked – most people work in a certain profession because they desperately need the money and they really have no choice.  Maybe, that’s why our teachers and parents always asked us what we want to be when we grow up – when we were kids – perhaps, the reason behind it was to try and prepare us to make the right choice so that we will work towards a job that we will love for health reason.  Can you imagine going into a job everyday for the rest of your life and not loving it?  now that must be very stressful.   Job applications like  charlotte jobs has many jobs online – and it would be nice if everyone found a job they like right?   I can’t imagine working for someone now that I’ve always worked with the Mr Moo – but loving your job is definitely important – but that doesn’t mean that having your own business doesn’t have its own stress issues though – we just have a different set.  But for now – Mr Moo loves what he is doing – and so do I.  I hope for everyone’s health – you all find a job that you love to wake up every morning to.

Outdoor Sports

Mr Moo and his brother are into outdoor sports – give them an ATV and they will be out in the woods all day and getting themselves really dirty and muddy.  Mr Moo had tried to get Missy Moo to go on the ATV with him but she is a scaredy cat and just wouldn’t do it.  They recently bought some atv power steering and some accessories for the ATV and I too tried to go on it just because.  It was really fun and raised my adrenalin alright – but only if it wasn’t so muddy and dirty and it seems like they loved going into the mud and the water.  Boy! oh mann!!! there were so many mosquitoes – I was quite worried about getting bitten – but they were going so fast.  Mr Moo said that when the weather get warmer and there isn’t so many muddy sports I might like it better.  I love outdoor sports – just don’t like the dirt  – but whats outdoor sports without the mud and the dirt  – Mr Moo said – we had fun though – so I might just learn to ride the ATV haha!

Recreation Room To De-Stress

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this year – we’ve done a lot of things different in our lives – we made more them for ourselves and we are exercising more and I’m also sleeping earlier than usual – and not working as much as we did last year.  In the basement – our recreation room – we also intend to put a billiard table – so that the spouse and his friends can come over and shoot some balls to de-stress instead of going to the pub to do it.  The reason why I don’t want to go either is because of all the smoking going on in the pub and the drinking involved.   Investing in a billiard table and  billiards supplies is going to prove a lot more useful than wasting our money to go to the pub or a billiard room.  Once we get a good price for both billiard table and supplies – I’ll post up more pictures – can’t wait to shoot some pool.

Planning A Family Trip

We are planning a family trip to Moncton – for a wedding – and what better to do it with our RV that we had bought last summer.  We got our rv insurance quote – and I told Mr Moo to bring the RV in for a quick check with our RV company – to make sure that everything is working right – so that I don’t have to worry about breaking down in the middle of our family trip.  It’s going to be so fun and I’m so looking forward to it – but I have to remember not to over-stress myself.  But with an RV – I can bring everything I want – with us – and guess what – the outlaws will be coming in our RV with us – so we save on accommodation and my outlaw can take turns to drive the RV – no worries again about Mr Moo driving alone and getting too tired!   We are going to have  so much fun!  you all know that a vacation with the family can only be good  for the health right?

Jogging With My New Gadget

I’ve been out jogging and walking with a walking club recently – motivated by the walking club in town – so Mr Moo bought me a  blackberry bold to have with when I am out there.    It has so many features – from playing my favorite songlist to calling Mr Moo – when I’m too tired after my jog/walk – to pick me up.  I love that I don’t have to use up my minutes – because I can text Mr Moo with it – or tweet to him – when I’m walking.   It also has a GPS function – so we won’t get lost – when we are running – so the club joke.  I love my jogging sessions – but I loved it more with my new gadget – I don’t have to worry about not being able to contact Mr Moo – when I’m out with my friends.

First Flu Shot

So we all got our flu shots today – Missy Moo got a Flumist that goes up into her nose – because she freaks right out hearing the word needle.   So what happened after we took our shots?  we were told to stay around the waiting area for 20 mins and then we just left.

Our arms hurt a lot the first day – that evening I took tylenol to help me sleep.  The second day wasn’t so bad – and the third day – it was alright.  But just we all had our sniffers and stuffy noses.  How did Missy Moo do?  not too bad – no complains nor any fever – thank God.  Just so you all know – the Flu Mist is not covered by MSI – so if you are getting it for your kids – you need to get a prescription from the doctor first and then pick it up from the pharmacy – and then bring it with you to the doctor’s office.

Flowers Lift My Spirit

When one is sick – flowers received can make a difference – flowers always lift my spirit and it’s not only for anniversaries and special occasion.  2.5 yrs ago – when I was in the hospital for a hysterectomy – a  family friend bought a bouquet of roses for me – I was indeed touched.   It was so thoughtful and yes! flowers  makes any woman feel special.   No one can resist a bouquet of roses but special occasion requires special flowers like 2nd anniversary gifts of a cotton rose and a teddy bear.  I don’t know if you believe in anniversary gifts by year but I’m such a sentimentalist – and if Mr Moo remembers them yearly – I would  definitely feel really special.   So remember all you guys out there – special flowers for the special occasion and just because.

Restless Sleep

While the spouse likes bedsheets that are fuzzy and soft (the fleece type) – I like my bedsheets like matouk – reason – pretty simple – not only is the color a lot more beautiful – I won’t get zapped from the fuzzy bedsheet – each time I roll around in the bed – because of the cold weather here.  So yes !  i have restless sleep – and I’ve been living with it – for the last 10 years – because i want Mr Moo to sleep good.

Of late – my restless nights are getting worst – in fact – I’m dreaming so much – I am not getting a good rest – my bedroom color is dark and restless – I really want my fine linens, comforters and duvets from my favorite place – without the fuzziness please.  So – this year – I’m gonna asked my in-laws to get me the kind of bedsheets I want – not what Mr Moo wants – after all, my beauty sleep is just as important right?

Shaking Out Sodium

Yes! salt – we all know it is not good for us – but we still eat it – maybe not so much in our cooking but in the chips we eat and the junk food – plus all the processed food that we have each day because we are so busy everyday.  Even if we tell the restaurant to go easy on the salt – they would still put some.   So yes – it does worries me a lot and I’m putting Missy Moo at risk for obesity and high blood pressure.  If you think that kids don’t have high blood pressure – think again.   The more sodium we take in, the more likely we are to face potential health concerns such as high blood pressure, kidney failure, strokes and heart attacks.

Home cooked food may be the best – but when i look at the sauces i put into frying noodles – they too have lots of sodium too.  I learned that if i can – I should use herbs instead of this premade sauces.  We are going to try not eating too much chips too.  Luckily for us – Missy Moo don’t eat too much processed food – so we are saved there.  So I’m going to work on my sauces for cooking and try not to use too much of them.   What about you?  how much salt intake do you take every week?

A Calmer Me With Anti-Depressant?

So I’ve been on an anxiety medication aka anti-depressant for a month now – well almost.  I asked myself – if it really kept me calm and cool?  Most times it does – but this morning – I started ranting again – because Mr Moo was dilly-dallying to get ready for work and so was Missy Moo – while i needed to wash up – brush my teeth and get ready for work myself.  So i lost my cool –  so for those out there – thinking that it’s a magic pill – no it is not and i have no intention of increasing its dosage as per suggested by my physician.  I only decided to take it – because i don’t want to get any worst – for Missy Moo – and i’m only human right?  so if i do lose my cool once in a while  – so what?  bite me!

Refilling Your Prescription

So you all know I take a lot of medication – and you all know – if not – that i have a really bad habit – i never refill my medication – till i’m outta of it.   And i tend to forget to call in for my prescription till i get home.  So poor Mr Moo needs to rush out after sending us home and go to the pharmacy first before going back to open the store.

Usually, they are pretty quick – for they use a   barcode scanner at the cashier but of late – refilling my prescription can take as long as half an hour.  And then to wait to pay for it – takes even longer.  So just the other day – Mr Moo complained to me – that i should probably use Zellers instead because we never have to wait more than 10 minutes to get his prescription filled.  Or we have to let the owner know about this – because the prescriptions were called in – it’s not like they don’t have a barcode scanner – for scanning all their products – so why the delay ?  probably someone new working? or is it a new scanner that needs getting used to?

Stress At Work

For the last few months, we have been dealing with petty theft and things sold to us classified as “break and enter” .. which of course, we would not have any knowledge of .. in the first place.  But having said that all these time spent on trying to resolve them.. and talking to the cop.. and spending time talking to these ppl who got broken into .. is very stressful for me.  Maybe, I should go look for some sales manager jobs and not help the man with his store.  Less stress.. and less worry about all those money lost while we try so hard to be thrifty.

X-Ray For Missy Moo

Missy Moo was sick again yesterday.. a low grade fever.  We made an immediate appt to see her doctor again this afternoon.  The doc thinks it’s viral infection . .but just to be safe .. he wants a chest x-ray..  followed by some blood test.. and urine test/culture.

We’ve done the xray.. and she was pretty good about it.. according to Mr Moo .. i didn’t get to go.. because i needed to watch the store.  But it pretty much went well for everyone. I heard the radiologist were pretty good. .and even wore some  sexy wigs to distract her.  We are dreading the blood test.. to come next week. .if she still comes back with a fever.  But one has gotta do what you’ve gotta do eh.

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