Karaoke Sessions

Yes , Missy Moo has anxiety as well and because of bullies at her current school , we have gotten her to take up karaoke sessions with her best friend on the weekends to help with cooping with her anxiety.   She wanted a good microphone with her best friend and not just for her but also for her best friend because she don’t want her best friend to feel bad that hers is better.  So we went online looking for some  microphones for karaoke and singing sessions if you are looking for some  dynamic microphone, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com .

Thus far , we find that keeping Missy Moo busy and surrounded by friends is important , so every now and then when she is skyping her school friends , I would enlist their help to keep Missy Moo company in school ,so that she is not alone and cannot be bullied by those girls.  I get really , really upset when she comes home crying.

11 Years Old Daughter – No Purpose In Life


I thought I should touch on this subject , since I’ve first hand experience with it , as Missy Moo is going through a phase right now.  Last year about this time , she exclaimed that she had NO PURPOSE IN LIFE !   Holy Moly of course I went ballistic about it .  Mannnn!  how can an 11 years old have no purpose in life right?    Yes ! that actually happened in real life for me last year. I went crazy and started raising my voice because I didn’t understand it at all.

 I started to compare my life at 11 with my daughters.  How can a kid that has everything have no purpose in life?  I had a hard life while growing up and I never said anything like that.  But of course, when Missy Moo said that , the first thought that came to my mind was , she was going to hurt herself .  But slow down mom !  because I don’t really think that was what she meant.  Mr Moo took over because I was raising my voice and frightening Missy Moo and I was going really crazy then.  First reaction of a mom for a unstable kid , so if you were like me, don’t be too , too hard on yourself.

But red alert !! dang ! dang ! dang ! dang !  that red alert was sounding in my head so loudly .  The first thing that came to my mind was , Missy Moo needs help and not just your ordinary GP’s help or your family doctor but a real therapist.  So in Canada , it’s not as easy as in Singapore to get to see a doctor , you will have to call mental health and you don’t get to see a psychologist immediately , you have to see a counselor or a therapist first.  Now you have to wait to see the therapist or counselor too.  We luck in and got to see a therapist within the month but of course , there were calls to re-schedule for varies reasons.

So finally, Missy Moo got to see the therapist but no follow up after.  So we thread very carefully for a few months , making sure that we don’t touch on the subjects that she is not favorable about and try to spend as much time as possible with her and listen to her.  In the meantime, we got a total of 2 rabbits , just so she don’t feel as lonely and has some responsibilities.  But don’t do that parents out there , but that is a story for another day.  I don’t want to side – track. so another outburst after a few months and of course , we make another appointment to see the family doctor this time.

Family doctor wanted her to go for a blood test and of course , all hell broke lose as she didn’t like needles nor blood.  Finally managed to convince her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to as it caused her anxiety thinking of having to get needles and draw blood out.  So till today, we haven’t done the blood test.  *sigh*.  Anyhow, fast forward, family doctor was of no help, we called the therapist again and try to get in for another appointment.  So waiting for another month, we got in to see her again , but by this time, Missy Moo already felt better, so she went to the therapist and she sent her home and asked her to start a diary. Well, she did start it but it only lasted for like a week.

Missy Moo is feeling much , much better but we don`t know when the next episode is going to occur, and i would hate to be at home alone with her when it does for I`m not as good as Mr Moo when it comes to handling this kind of situation, even though I have panic attacks myself.

So after the 2nd visit to the therapist, she said we didn’t have to make another appointment, till she sees the psychologist in April 2016.  Mr Moo doesn’t think she needs to keep the appointment from the sounds of it but I’m going to insist because you never know and I want to be sure.

Child’s Vision


Missy Moo complained that she can’t see from her seat in class again.  But wait a minute , we just changed her lenses not too long ago – does it mean that her eyesight has gotten worst so quickly?  should we be worried?   So like any mom , we quickly called the family eye doctor.

We quickly got the appointment , and Mr Moo went with her and the eye doctor said the increase was very little and it’s not uncommon for kids her age , Missy Moo is 11 years old , to increase rapidly.  So we again, ordered new lenses for her and informed her teachers, so that they can monitor it for us.

A week later, Missy Moo got fitted with her new lenses which cost us another good $230 only for lenses – daylight robbery but what can you do, we don’t have any choice.

Bug Band


So I bought several of this bug repellant band for Missy Moo in hope that it will keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.   Band is good for 120 hrs and it has a little plastic box to keep the band in when you are not using it and it is said that they don’t use any DEET in the band at all.

Ingredients for the band are  geraniol, a natural ingredient derived from geranium oil, the wristband emits vapors that form a protective shield around the immediate area.

So does it work?  no not really, Missy Moo still got bitten terribly by mosquitoes and although it cause only a few bucks, I wouldn’t purchase them anymore.  The smell is very strong when you wear the bug band but it still doesn’t keep the mosquitoes away.  So sad!

Achy Limbs In Kids

Achy limbs are one thing but when your kids tell you that they can’t feel their legs, of course you start panicking right?  I tried to stay as calm as possible when Missy Moo told me this the other day but boy! was my heart racing and nasty things were running a  100km/hr up there.

So we hurried to emergency only to be told by the paediatrician that it all boils down to growing pains.  Really???  I asked him again – that doesn’t sounds like growing pains to me I told him in disbelieved.  He explained that it is most likely fatigue after excessive physical exercises and that are no 100 % definition on what growing pains are.

So I was told to keep an eye on the symptoms as to when it happens and what happens before and after the complain the next time.  If it happens to often or there are other symptoms with the achy limbs and numb limbs, then he would schedule other test like x-rays or blood work.  The Paedi also told us to give her a small dosage of tylenol or advil – children’s of course if it gets bad at night, so she can sleep better.  A heat pad also works good and lots of water during the day is good.


Bug Bites And Kids

Missy Moo loves summer as much as other seasons but in the summer, we try to push her outdoors as much as possible.  Afterall, we want to be parents who encourages their kids to be an all rounder and what kind of childhood would it be for a kid not to be outdoors during summer.  But of course, like all summer, Missy Moo pays a price for being outdoors and enjoying the sun and the grass as well as the dirt.  Yes!  those darn bugs like mosquitoes and flies and the works of them.

Unfortunately, not all kids like to spray on insects repellent especially those that smells funky.  So what do one do?  to keep those nasty bugger off ???   I tried  some home made spray repellent by going to our local natural store and bought some essential oils and mixed them together with some spring water and 1 tablespoon of vodka from grampie and spray them on her clothes that we’ve picked the night before.  Plus I leave one at her day camp and instruct the counselor to help me spray them on her before going out to play in the playground.

What kind of essential oils?  well, I used some peppermint, some citronella and lemon grass but please make sure that your kid is not allergic to any of these essential oils before using it on them.  Spray a little at the back of their hands for a few hours before using them generously all over them.

Summer Dipping

Missy Moo had been asking me to bring her for swimming since she didn’t want to forget what she had learned at the Y during spring when she got her Otter badge.  She was so proud of it, she wanted to make sure that when she goes for her next lesson in the fall, she would do better than she did previously.  I’m very proud of her but being on the heavy set side, I have a hard time trying to find the right kind of swim wear.  I thought I should try  coco reef swimwear online  and see if I can at least get a skirt for my swim wear that way I can cover my ugly thighs a little  and not be too embarrassed about being since in public with my cellulite. I tried to get one in the city but I cannot remember where they do sell it, so online is just as good, as soon as I find something online, I will be able to swim with Missy Moo.

Good Sleeping Habits

Good sleeping habits are so important to everyone – not only for young kids but also for adults.  There are so many times, I wake up feeling so tired and unrested and wonder why.  You know if one doesn’t get a good sleep at night – it really does upset your day totally.  I also become short temper with Missy Moo and so does she.  I found out that a good sleep at night requires the proper equipment to sleep too – so I was told by a friend.  A good  cushion and pillows for support  is important to the neck and head if one wants a good sleep – so besides sleeping early at night, a good neck and head support is a must.   I also find that a body pillow is a great thing to have especially for pregnant woman – so pregnant women out there check out a body pillow – you really sleep a lot better.  Great investment.

Hard At Hearing Kids

Hard at hearing is not only for old people because for some time now – I find that Missy Moo have a hearing problem too because she keeps asking – ” what did you say?”  when we tell her something.  At first we thought it was selective hearing but the more we hear her asking us to repeat ourselves – we got a little worried and decided to check it out.

You see – I read that kids can have this problem called Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). APD is a disconnect between what you hear and what was sent to your brains.  So if your kids are giving you the same as Missy Moo – ” what did you say again?”  or asking you to repeat several times – you should definitely have them check out.  Although there is no cure for it – one can work with a speech therapist or can use special video games to help to retrain your kid’s brain.

Maintaining Iron Level In Your School Going Kids

My brother-in-law at the age of 38 is still drinking milk at every meal he takes – so I figured it should be alright to drink as much milk as Missy Moo wants.  But I also worry that drinking too much milk is making her fat – so I went to check with the doctor back home since we don’t have a doctor yet – or haven’t seen the new doctor yet.  This was what he said.  Apparently, milk is good if you want to keep their iron level up because it is rich in Vitamin D and 2 cups a day is what they need to do that.  But is there any harm in drinking more than 2 cups – he didn’t think so – if we chose the non fat ones – or was it low fat?  well – something like that – so there you have it.

Mental Health Clinic For Children

When Missy Moo’s grammie passed away suddenly last year, we made sure she had a professional to see – to help her thru’ this difficult time.  The Mental Health clinic that we had to bring her to in the city was a very cheerful place to be – it was decorated so nicely and so comfortably with  flat screen stand  and a huge play area for kids – it’s like going to a playground.  We were very impressed with the set up and all the nurses and doctors were wearing cartoon and Disney scrubs, therefore, Missy Moo had so much fun up in the city when she is there – she didn’t feel like she was going to see a doctor.  I wished the mental health clinic around the world would be this way – that way children wouldn’t be afraid to go see their health practitioner at all.

A Visit To The Dentist

Missy Moo had to visit the dentist today for a regular check up which she does every 6 months.  Normally, parents bring their kids once a year but because of our earlier experience with Chloe’s teeth – and having to do caps on her teeth when she was about 4 yrs old, we had decided then to take real good care of her teeth by making sure she sees her dentist twice a year.

Like usual, she had to sit on the hydraulic arm chair and all – and she did her usual stuff, she also had a filling replaced.  So why doing that there was a lot of creaking sounds made by the chair and I figured the hydraulic chair must be getting quite used and the threads must be wound out – they probably don’t know that and a some new  threaded inserts  are needed for the chair.  I had wanted to tell them about it and how easy it is to fix the problem but I didn’t want to be Mrs Know – it – all, so I didn’t say anything.  But the next time when we do visit the dentist and his hydraulic armchair again, I will mention it if it’s not fixed yet.

Swimming At The YMCA


Missy Moo and I started swimming regularly at the Y recently for our weekly exercise and our local Y needs a lot of help, not only with manpower but also with equipments.  From a new camera for taking pictures of members to pool equipment.  We thought about supporting the Y with advertising since the Y is being used by so  many people – but I think giving them a  hayward tigershark pool cleaner  might be more useful than to give cash for advertising.  Why?  because sometimes giving money is the the best idea – since they do need the equipments more than money for the high salaries some workers do get at the Y.    So if you want to support your local YMCA, I say to buy them the equipment that will benefit the people/children using the Y instead of giving money.

Plantar Warts

Scary right?  very!  and that was what I was mad with Missy Moo about ! not because she has it but because she insisted on playing bare foot with a kid from her karate class who has warts on his feet *slap forehead*.  Plantar Warts are very painful if I remembered correctly and they can be very contagious especially in swimming pool areas and where barefooted kids are running around with a cut.  It is very scary because it is painful and knowing Missy Moo – she wouldn’t like it at all.

Now how do one prevent from  plantar warts?  well, not to wear bare footed first of all – wear sandals or flip flop when you are in places like the swimming pool – because other parents don’t care if their kids have warts and if they pass it to your kids.  I know that sucks but a lot of parents are this way.

So how do you know if your kid’s have plantar warts?  well, if it looks like a cauliflower – then it’s most probably it.  But don’t panic like I did – because I was screaming at Missy Moo yesterday hurrying her to come back and wash her feet.  If it does happen, one has to make the best out of it right?  some people uses surgery and others see a doctor and uses salicylic acid, but if one can take precaution why wait right?  I’m going to make sure that Missy Moo wears her slippers, sandals and socks anywhere if possible.  I even showed her those ugly pictures of the plantar warts – hopefully, she keeps that in mind when she wants to take off her socks.

Early Bloomers

A few months ago, I wrote about Missy Moo having 1 pubic hair right? and of course, I got worried too as to whether she will be starting her menses sooner than what we would have expected.  For we don’t really want that to happen any sooner – if it is possible but a check with our family doctor, she said it was quite normal and that we can expect Missy Moo to have her menses in another few years.

Missy Moo is not spotting any breast as of yet – so thank God ! but she had been noticing and wondering herself it seems but was quite shy to talk about it but I sometimes catch her checking out her breast and know that she is currently in a curious mode  – and sometimes, she does ask question about her breast and when she will get them and stuff like that.

I try my best to talk with her as honest as I can – and explain stuff to her – without scaring her about the menses part because she is so afraid of blood, I am going to have a really hard time I know when her menses do come.  But we will cross that bridge when it comes, for now I have decided to arm myself with how I can deal with it when it happens – so off to the library I go.

Health Hazards At Home

We don’t have  fire hoses  at home, therefore – we try our best not to have any flammable things around especially when Missy Moo was still very young and didn’t know any better.   My neighbor on the other hand had not have so much luck with her children who are about the same age as ours. But we believe in educating the kid when she was young, we tell her which one were poisonous  and which ones isn’t.  Health hazards at home comes in different form, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about preventing them – like making sure that match sticks isn’t lying around for kids to play with.  Putting medication away in proper places, ensuring that poison stuff are locked away.  Remember, prevention is better than cure.


Weight Conscious Kids

8 yrs old Missy Moo asked me the other day – if I thought that she was fat!  I was kinda stunned because she is far from being fat – but she had put on a bit of weight recently because she had been eating a lot more these days. Of course, my first response was ” of course not! ”  but should I be so quick to say that?  since I know that her eating habits hasn’t been the best for the last few months since summer started.

But appearance and weight had been sensitive issues for girls for the longest time – way back before my grandmother’s time, so I figured I should also tread very carefully.  Of course, I don’t want Missy Moo to be obese or overweight but on the other hand I don’t want to get overly paranoid about it because you and I know that the baby fats will be gone when she does grow taller.  But in the meantime, I also don’t want to be lax and let her put junk food into her mouth every time we turn around and see a fast food restaurant.

Missy Moo had been kept active during the entire summer months, we’ve gone swimming, summer day camp most days and I’ve encouraged her to go out and play with her friends when she gets home and after her supper.  She uses the trampoline as much as she wants with her friends – and we do try and make her eat healthy – home cooked food as much as possible.  Of course, she does have her once a week – french fries and chips and a little candy every day.  But during this summer, I’ve noticed a lot more junk than before.  So I’m going to ease her up on those junk food and hopefully, when school starts, she will begin to lose the baby fats.

As parents, we must not berate our kids – when they are overweight or worst make fun of them,  we should make sure they focus on their health and keep their perspective right.  We as parents must eat healthy too, to set an example.  Keeping them at a healthy weight now when they are young and making sure they are aware of eating in moderation is the key to a healthy kid.

Seeing A Psychiatrist

Many people think that seeing a Psychiatrist is a bad thing but to me it isn’t at all.  A lot of people has depression and even Missy Moo is seeing one too because she was kind depressed when her grammie passed away suddenly earlier this year.  We had insisted that she sees someone and talk with someone, because as much as we want to comfort her, sometimes we wonder if we are saying the right thing to help.  I know that for adults, one can take pills to help with their depression and it worked really good for some people.  I’ve heard that Cymbalta works great for some but of course, we always question what are some of cymbalta side effects.  I strongly recommend you check with your doctor or even look up at real reviews for them before taking it but with depression pills, it’s great to be able to pour all your worries and questions to a professional.   So if your family doctor ever suggest you see a psychiatrist, don’t brush him or her away nor get offended.  They really don’t think you are crazy, they just want to help.

Missy Moo Has Swollen Feet

It started like yesterday and we don’t know why it hurts – and she is limping a little but quite gung-ho about it and continued playing with her friends.  But she had mentioned that she wasn’t going slipping slide at camp the next day because  her feet hurt – so we’ll see and bring her to the family doctor if it continues.   Lucky for me – I have an appointment with the doc next week that she can take over if necessary.   I told you that seeing the doctor is like seeing God here right?  yup!  it’s hard living in a small town with not enough doctors.

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