11 Years Old Daughter – No Purpose In Life


I thought I should touch on this subject , since I’ve first hand experience with it , as Missy Moo is going through a phase right now.  Last year about this time , she exclaimed that she had NO PURPOSE IN LIFE !   Holy Moly of course I went ballistic about it .  Mannnn!  how can an 11 years old have no purpose in life right?    Yes ! that actually happened in real life for me last year. I went crazy and started raising my voice because I didn’t understand it at all.

 I started to compare my life at 11 with my daughters.  How can a kid that has everything have no purpose in life?  I had a hard life while growing up and I never said anything like that.  But of course, when Missy Moo said that , the first thought that came to my mind was , she was going to hurt herself .  But slow down mom !  because I don’t really think that was what she meant.  Mr Moo took over because I was raising my voice and frightening Missy Moo and I was going really crazy then.  First reaction of a mom for a unstable kid , so if you were like me, don’t be too , too hard on yourself.

But red alert !! dang ! dang ! dang ! dang !  that red alert was sounding in my head so loudly .  The first thing that came to my mind was , Missy Moo needs help and not just your ordinary GP’s help or your family doctor but a real therapist.  So in Canada , it’s not as easy as in Singapore to get to see a doctor , you will have to call mental health and you don’t get to see a psychologist immediately , you have to see a counselor or a therapist first.  Now you have to wait to see the therapist or counselor too.  We luck in and got to see a therapist within the month but of course , there were calls to re-schedule for varies reasons.

So finally, Missy Moo got to see the therapist but no follow up after.  So we thread very carefully for a few months , making sure that we don’t touch on the subjects that she is not favorable about and try to spend as much time as possible with her and listen to her.  In the meantime, we got a total of 2 rabbits , just so she don’t feel as lonely and has some responsibilities.  But don’t do that parents out there , but that is a story for another day.  I don’t want to side – track. so another outburst after a few months and of course , we make another appointment to see the family doctor this time.

Family doctor wanted her to go for a blood test and of course , all hell broke lose as she didn’t like needles nor blood.  Finally managed to convince her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to as it caused her anxiety thinking of having to get needles and draw blood out.  So till today, we haven’t done the blood test.  *sigh*.  Anyhow, fast forward, family doctor was of no help, we called the therapist again and try to get in for another appointment.  So waiting for another month, we got in to see her again , but by this time, Missy Moo already felt better, so she went to the therapist and she sent her home and asked her to start a diary. Well, she did start it but it only lasted for like a week.

Missy Moo is feeling much , much better but we don`t know when the next episode is going to occur, and i would hate to be at home alone with her when it does for I`m not as good as Mr Moo when it comes to handling this kind of situation, even though I have panic attacks myself.

So after the 2nd visit to the therapist, she said we didn’t have to make another appointment, till she sees the psychologist in April 2016.  Mr Moo doesn’t think she needs to keep the appointment from the sounds of it but I’m going to insist because you never know and I want to be sure.

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