Jazz Concerts For The Summer


Before moving to Canada, I used to do a lot more , from going to concerts to listening to Jazz music in Jazz bars and of course,  a lot of plays I would go to.  I love Jazz a lot when I was younger,  they make me feel alive and I especially like slow Jazz in our local pub , I even got to check out some of their electric guitars the bands were using like the  bc rich mockingbird  .  The love the fact that I go to the jazz bar so often that the musicians knows my name and me theirs.  But alas, those were during my younger days.

So this summer , the spouse has some jazz concert lined up for us to go to when we are in the city and Moncton as well as Toronto.  I’m pretty excited and looking forward to our long awaited summer break.

Maintaining And Living Well With Diabetes


After finding out that you have diabetes, one of course learn to stop eating sugar or anything that can spike your blood sugar.  But once you’ve lived with diabetes for a certain amount of time, you also want to learn how to better your health and avoid any complication that comes with diabetes.   And yes, there are easy ways to avoid any complications and all diabetics should learn and stick to this plan whenever possible.

 My major problem is being overweight and I know it is not as easy to lose weight as some people might tell you, I struggle with it everyday too.  So this summer, I’ve decided to take baby steps to my weight lost.  I don’t expect myself to lose 10Kg , I just want to lose 1 Kg every month and maintain that 1 Kg lost.

Whenever possible, one should watch your blood sugar level and see what you do or eat that can trigger your blood sugar.  Initially, when I found out that I had diabetes, I would walk before eating, and I learned that by doing such , my blood sugar level seems to be constant.  So this summer, I’m going to do that, take long walks before and after eating.  I can not only maintain my blood sugar level ,  I might even lose some fats as well.

Get enough rest and sleep – now that I want to work on because we go to bed so late at night and wake up too early sometimes because Missy Moo needs to go to school.

 It is also very important to check on your toe nails and eyes , I worried about my toe nails because it looked horrid when I don’t go for a pedicure.  As for eyes, I have to make sure I check my eyes every year from now on.

One should also do your blood test every year – the H1N1 test , that way one will know if you need to increase your meds or decrease your dosage.

Flu Shots

It’s that time of the year again! Flu season is here! and of course, there is the big debate as to whether one should take the flu shots or not and of course there are some that have their own version of why doctors recommend flu shots.

Here in Canada, the vaccinations are free and they started in October in fact and everyone is encouraged to take the flu shot especially those who are in contact with the public often like myself.  More so, for folks like myself because I have diabetes and the spouse has asthma.

Some people claimed that taking the flu shots make them so sick that they never will take another flu shot.  But truth be told, flu vaccines cannot give one the flu because it’s a dead virus that is shot into your body that takes about 2 weeks for it to work.  So if you got sick after taking the flu shot, it’s only because you were already coming down with something.  Of course, you may feel a little discomfort on your arm like I did but that would go away in a few days.  Some people are said to have a headache and also sore throat but that too will go away in a few days.

For those who claimed that they never get the flu, so they don’t need the flu shot, well, you could be a carrier without having any signs and thus will pass it to another person.  So take that flu shot and save not only yourself but others as well.

And flu shots do not kill children or neither are flu shots meant to make more money for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Weight Conscious Kids

8 yrs old Missy Moo asked me the other day – if I thought that she was fat!  I was kinda stunned because she is far from being fat – but she had put on a bit of weight recently because she had been eating a lot more these days. Of course, my first response was ” of course not! ”  but should I be so quick to say that?  since I know that her eating habits hasn’t been the best for the last few months since summer started.

But appearance and weight had been sensitive issues for girls for the longest time – way back before my grandmother’s time, so I figured I should also tread very carefully.  Of course, I don’t want Missy Moo to be obese or overweight but on the other hand I don’t want to get overly paranoid about it because you and I know that the baby fats will be gone when she does grow taller.  But in the meantime, I also don’t want to be lax and let her put junk food into her mouth every time we turn around and see a fast food restaurant.

Missy Moo had been kept active during the entire summer months, we’ve gone swimming, summer day camp most days and I’ve encouraged her to go out and play with her friends when she gets home and after her supper.  She uses the trampoline as much as she wants with her friends – and we do try and make her eat healthy – home cooked food as much as possible.  Of course, she does have her once a week – french fries and chips and a little candy every day.  But during this summer, I’ve noticed a lot more junk than before.  So I’m going to ease her up on those junk food and hopefully, when school starts, she will begin to lose the baby fats.

As parents, we must not berate our kids – when they are overweight or worst make fun of them,  we should make sure they focus on their health and keep their perspective right.  We as parents must eat healthy too, to set an example.  Keeping them at a healthy weight now when they are young and making sure they are aware of eating in moderation is the key to a healthy kid.

Mark’s Apple Daily

So my blogging friend was losing weight after she had her baby because she wanted enough energy to keep up with her baby.  And you know me and my weight !  i have been fighting with it for a year now and trying to lose that 5Kg!  So this Primal Blueprint Diet is pretty interesting – it teaches you not to skip meat well, lean meat  – but to skip sugar and grains, any kind of grains even the good ones that they recommend.  So I’m not supposed to eat oatmeal?  wait a minute, is this for diabetic like myself?  let me find out more before trying it out.

New Gynecologist Center

My girlfriend from home just emailed to me to let me know that my gynae from home will be in the new gynecologist center build right in the middle of town.  She showed me pictures of the currently to be built plot and all the excavators on site using their hydraulic hose heavy machines to put the building up together.  I am envious of course – because where I am living now – we are so much in need of a new gynecologist center here.  What I’m seeing is a lot of old age home build and nursing home – in preparation for the older generation – but you would think with all the pregnancy in this town – and all the babies born here – they would also focus on getting a new gynae center as well as gynecologist right?  but doctors are so hard to come by in this town – because we are at the end of the province.   We only have 1 hospital in this town – that needs to cater to a 7000 population and around our town as well.  So if there are lots of babies coming at the same time – you can understand why I say we do new a new gynecologist center with better equipments too.

Diabetic Living Magazine

Like all diabetic – we try very hard to keep inform and to follow the rules – what better than to buy a magazine to read about other people and how they lived with diabetes.  But I don’t want to pay $7.99 + tax for a magazine – when in the United States they are selling it under subscription for under $2 !   So why can’t we have a diabetic living for Canada?  *sigh*.  Am I el cheapo – I don’t think so – because I can find all these info online too – so why pay that much when you don’t have to right?

Children’s Wish Foundation

The town is currently celebrating summer with Seafest for the last couple of weeks and today – we see the Children’s Wish Foundation at the waterfront too.  For those who are not aware of what the Children’s Wish Foundation does –  they grant wishes to children who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  And how can one not donate right?  and i applaud the girls who were manning the counter – to collect and raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation – and I would have recommended them to a good online printing services for doing their brochures and even their Spin A Wheel game.  I’m not saying they are not good enough – but had I known earlier – I would definitely contact one of my many sponsors and work something out for them – and make it even more impressive.  That’s alright though – Missy Moo and I played some games and did our part – maybe next year eh.

Going Natural On Diabetes

So a customer walked in yesterday to try to get some popcorns from our store – you see we own a movie store – so naturally – he thought about us – when he wanted popcorns.  I also learned that he is diabetic – because i had offered him some candies instead – how embarrassing is that.   For you never think anyone else is diabetic but yourself right?  Anyhow we went on talking about other medication for diabetes and  human growth hormone because he ran out of his metformin and his doctor’s appointment is only in May – so he is currently taking some natural herb as a supplement.  I had asked him if it works – he said he didn’t feel any worst – or the same – plus the person – his brother who recommended it to him had kept his blood sugar at 4.5 – which is incredible.

Now having said that – i don’t know how much these natural herbs/supplement would cost me – because my medications are subsidized.   And although i would love to keep my blood sugar this low – i wonder how much i have to spend and plus my blood sugar is already kept low – but i noticed that after taking my diabetic medication – weight is slowly creeping up on me.  Well, maybe – i’m eating more?  more goodies from home ?  but i really don’t think so – i am eating normal – not excessive – so i am inclined to believe that it’s the new medication i am taking.  But I’ll update in a bit once i find out more from that customer in a few weeks and see how he is doing.  So what’s your take on going natural on diabetes medication?

H1N1 & School

It’s bad enough that ppl who has the flu, cold or even the H1N1 come into our store.. without a nary of apology for being out in the public.. and spreading their germs.  If the kids don’t know any thing, it is up to you as a parent.. to keep them away from healthy kids. .and healthy folks.  You can imagine me getting  dark eye circle from worrying about it.. and worrying about sending my kid to school.

A kid from Missy Moo’s class was said to have H1N1 .. a few days ago.. but today i read on her FB.. that she is sending him back to school on Monday.. because he was bored.  *slap forehead* .. so to send Missy Moo to school or not..?? Really at a dilemma because if I don’t send her.. she would be bored at the store.. but if i send her.. i’m exposing her to all sorts of germs.  Tough being a mother eh. … and for those whose children has H1N1 .. DON’T SEND YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL..  NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU ARE FEELING YOURSELF..!

Going On Vacation With H1N1

Taking your winter vacation to somewhere warmer than here in Y-town..??  maybe a planned orlando vacations like some of what my blogging buddies are doing..??  Yes.! yes..!! i know the feeling.. ! you wanna go.. but with the H1N1 going around.. and the flu also arriving.. and hospitals shutting down..and limiting ins and outs.. should you go..??

Well, we all know that the flu has been around ever since know when.. and yes.. you still can go on vacation .. if you want to .. or if you already have a business plan.  One cannot stop your life.. because some things are floating around the air.  But hold your horses..!! you still have to try and keep safe.. and do the right thing.  If you are flying .. and being in a cabin full of people in the air..  these are some of the things you want to think of.

Firstly, make sure.. you wash your hands.. all the time.. make sure.. you wear a mask at all times.  Do not place put anything the chair of the one in front of you .. because you never know.. what was in it.. before you came on board.  There are also many more things you can do.. if you are traveling, make sure you check with your doctor.. and the local condition where you are going.  In the meantime, try and enjoy your vacation or business trip if you are going.


A 48-year-old woman is in critical condition with human swine flu at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

She came down with flu symptoms July 9 and saw a doctor. She went to the hospital today after she became more ill, suffering a fever, cough and shortness of breath. She required ventilatory support after admission.

Another 34-year-old man is in serious condition at Tuen Mun Hospital. He was admitted to an isolation ward July 11 after coming down with fever and flu symptoms two days earlier. He is being treated with Tamiflu and antibiotics.

The Centre for Health Protection is investigating an outbreak of upper respiratory tract infection in a residential workshop for the physically and mentally disabled in Eastern District. Five workshop attendees, four residents and seven staff members, comprising eight men and eight women aged 22 to 47, have developed a fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat since July 11. A 22-year-old man was confirmed to be infected with swine flu and admitted to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. He is stable. Nine others also sought medical attention.

There were 78 newly confirmed cases of human swine flu today, involving 38 men and 40 women aged five months to 58 years. This brings Hong Kong’s total tally to 1,467.

Fibre For Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you need to boost your fibre intake to around 50 grams per day.

Eat fruits, vegetables, or grains, and you’ll digest loads of vitamins and minerals. What won’t you digest? Fibre. That’s because fibre is the part of plant-based foods that is nearly indigestible. Rather than being absorbed through digestion like other nutrients, two types of dietary fibre get to work in ways that can be especially beneficial for people with diabetes.

Insoluble fibre will not dissolve in water. This is “roughage,” the skins and peels of fruits, of root vegetables, and of certain types of seeds and nuts, and it passes through the body’s digestive system mostly intact. On its passage through the body, insoluble fibre sponges up water, softens and adds bulk to stool, and “scrubs” the digestive tract, helping food move through your system. In this way, insoluble fibre helps maintain regularity and prevent constipation. Insoluble fibre may also be a boon to those trying to lose weight: Since it takes a while to transit through the body, it may help you to feel fuller and eat less.

Soluble fibre does dissolve in water. You consume soluble fibre when you eat certain green vegetables, fruits, legumes (peas, beans, and lentils), oat bran, rice bran, psyllium, and barley. As soluble fibre transits the body, it becomes a gel-like substance that binds to the digestive tract. That gooey, gel-like fibre traps substances related to cholesterol, slows gastric emptying, and delays the small intestine’s absorption of glucose. Lowered cholesterol could help to reduce the heart disease risks people with diabetes face. And slowed-down digestion and absorption of glucose make it easier to manage post-meal blood glucose spikes. Some researchers believe that over time, repeated post-meal blood glucose spikes could double a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

Most North Americans consume only 4 to 12 grams of fibre per day. The recommended daily intake should be upwards of 26 to 35 grams, and if you have diabetes, you need to consume up to 50 grams per day.

Don’t worry, fibre can be found in many foods. And since it is not digested, you won’t have to worry about fibre adding calories to your daily count! Do add extra fibre to your diet gradually, as it can be taxing on your digestive system at first. Bloating is common, but will go away in a few weeks.

When choosing your sources of fibre, consider both fibre content and where that fibre falls on the glycemic index. Glycemic index measures how much of an effect a food will have on blood glucose levels. Research has found that adults with type 2 diabetes who ate a diet rich in high-fibre, low glycemic-index foods had improved cholesterol profiles and better control of blood glucose.

Note: People with diabetes who are on insulin therapy must closely monitor their carbohydrate intake, but fibre is factored separately.

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