Breakfast Myths


Oh my !  So I’m not always right?  I’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day ????  but now I’m reading that it isn’t !  darn!  no wonder I can never lose those horrible weight because i eat my breakfast religiously for the last 50 yrs!  More than 5 decades of eating breakfast and now they are telling me otherwise !  darn !

Well, lets see what they are saying now about breakfast?  should I stop eating them then?

 So if you are eating pancakes and waffles and all kinds of junk food in the morning, it isn’t good for you at all.  Muffins and all the greasy stuff first thing in the morning, can actually make you a really unhealthy person.  Therefore, if you are eating that kind of breakfast everyday, you have to stop immediately, else you might get a heart attack really soon.  That’s what the magazine i am reading said.

Once upon a time, we were told that breakfast makes a smarter kid ?  so now they have another theory for it – apparently breakfast programs are put in place, so that the less fortunate kids whose parents cannot be bothered to feed them, can concentrate more in class instead of thinking of their empty stomach.  That is quite true too, how can one excel when your tummy is growling at you all the time?

 We were also told that if you eat your breakfast, you can lose weight but truth be told, I myself never did experience any weight lost, in fact, I still feel a need to eat after a few hours.  So weight lost has nothing to do with one eating breakfast or not.

I was also told that breakfast can help you jump start your metabolism but everyone’s metabolism is different, therefore, I too can attest to the fact that having breakfast in the morning does not necessary do that for you, so from now on, I will skip breakfast if I want to.

Unpasteurized Juicing


Juicing or raw juice are also known as unpasteurized juice, I’ve heard how juicing is great for one’s body and decided to try some especially since this one has got Kale and spinach.  I was worried that it might taste horrid at first but with pineapple and orange in it, it really didn’t taste that bad.

Although it is very expensive, I figured this is better than stealing a sip or two of a Pepsi or any pop as you all know I have diabetes.  But is juicing good for diabetics like myself?  While some say that juicing can be the death of diabetes , others had also saidd that juicing is high in fructose and therefore ain’t good for those with diabetes.

I think if it was only kale and spinach, it would be very good , but since I don’t know how much pineapple and orange they put in, I am careful not to overdose on raw juice from the local supermarket.  I also read that raw juices are packed with living enzymes and is therefore good for your body.   Why because your body don’t have to work too hard to get the nutrients out of the things you put into your body.

While some diabetic may not listen to what the doctor has to say, I really try hard not to put into my body things it is not supposed to partake.  But we are but human, so we slip sometimes and it is ok.  I do not guilt myself if I slip, I just try again to be healthier.  I don’t give up.

Fruit Infused Water


Instead of drinking coconut juice that also has sugar but way less than a soda, I’ve decided that i am going to drink infused water.  Of course,  people has to hype it out and make special bottles for it but I’m just gonna use my dear old mason jar mug that I had bought.

So try it out and let me know how it is working for you.  But folks , they say it’s good to infuse your fruits for a day before drinking it.  So let me know.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be the end of my thirsty days at the store.

Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

Many of you like myself must be wondering at one point or another whether using sugar substitutes will help in our diabetic situation or will it make our blood sugar level the same as using normal white sugar right?  I’ve often wonder and had been looking for answers to whether i should just completely cut sugar altogether or can i use sugar substitutes like the above.

Well, this is what I read and learned from Diabetic Living.  It said that sugar subs are ok but like sugar everything should be taken in moderation.  So yes, I am doing just that, so I am ok for now.  I hope you are too – taking the sugar subs in moderation and not think that they are the solution to all your diabetic problems.

Diabetic Friendly Cereal For Breakfast

I always feel that diabetic don’t have to limit yourself to what you eat but choose the right thing to eat.  Diabetic friendly cereal like this Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes with Fiber and with less sugar is the way to go if you want to choose a cereal for breakfast.   This is new apparently or newer – because of the less sugar and added fiber.  With only 8 gm of sugar – it can definitely be the kind of breakfast you want to have everyday.

Some Fats Are Good For You

Every health expert says that some fats are good for you – but what kind of fats are good – I’m sure you too want to know right?    Sometimes, in order to want to stay healthy, there is just too many things to remember and too much facts that we have to take note – can be kinda hard and daunting as well.

I too try and remember that good fats are food that are high in veggie oil like olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil and corn oil.  Oil in nuts, seeds and fish are good fats.  Bad fasts are in food like red meat, butter, ice cream and cheese or any kind of processed food.  So to have a healthy diet, just choose food with the more good fats and compared to the bad fats.  So instead of eating a piece of steak 7 days a week, change it to once a week and eat salmon the other 6 days.  Of course, that’s not all to look out for – for someone who is a diabetic like myself – but that should be a start – more on food later.

Moderation And Not Deprivation

Before learning that I was a diabetic, I never take chocolate or cakes or any kind of desserts but as soon as my family doctor told me that I’m diabetic – and knowing that I can’t take anything sugary anymore – I wanted to eat chocolate.  Didn’t they say that the forbidden fruit always tastes better?  Yup ! it’s the same when you try to tell someone to leave the junk food alone to lose some weight because the more they can’t have it – the more they want to and even hide it and worst some people would gorge themselves with junk food just because.

The key word here is moderation and not deprivation – sure you are gonna say you have the will power and the motivation but will power and motivation can only work so long and one can break down easily and give up totally.  So my solution and the only one that works is – moderation.  Don’t give up every junk food – you can still eat them but in moderation – to complete the meal not to make a meal out of it.  So think about it – if you want to have an ice cream after supper – sure – but instead of a whole ice cream, why not try having half and then a quarter like myself.  I do eat it whenever Mr Moo and Missy Moo wants to get a soft-serve ice cream, I take a little of Missy Moo’s because she can’t finish it in a cup and there I get some ice cream too.  Yummy in my tummy yet I don’t need to stuff my face with ice cream.

Diabetes Friendly Food

Everyone who has diabetes often wonders what to eat all the time – even those who have had diabetes for a long time.  I’m no different – I constantly wonder what I can and cannot eat – or rather what is not a good kind of food for my diet because I have diabetes.  I saw my cousin eating just about everything and more even though she has diabetes and she weighs a lot more than I.  So I wonder how she manages to keep her blood sugar down this way.  Anyhow, these are some of the diabetes friendly food that I’ve come across during the many nights of research that I had done ever since learning that I have diabetes. They are cucumbers and pickles, low sodium, vinegar, fresh herbs, spices, cabbage, leafy greens, cranberries, wasabi, Parmesan cheese, salsa, mayo, cream cheese and sour cream and lemon and lime juice are all diabetes friendly food.  So if you cook or eat with one of these or more accompanied by the above – then I figured we should all do good with our blood sugar.

Snacks Suitable For Diabetics

Diabetes suxs!  I know and big time – and when you need a snack – you can’t eat a piece of chocolate or a piece of cookie and I can understand it.  Therefore, I’m constantly searching for snacks that diabetic people like myself can eat and then post it online – so that you know that you can snack on this – without worrying too.

I saw these at Walmart one day and took a look at the ingredients and found that it had very little sugar in the packet of cookies and about 100 calories – this definitely beats have 3 tim bits from Tim Hortons.  So check it out – it was ony $2 at Walmart – and it does stop my craving to snack on something in the late morning and tide me over till lunch time.

Spaghetti Squash For Diabetics

Truth be told I didn’t know what Spaghetti squash is – well, not until I learned that by eating Spaghetti squash – you actually cut down on your carb.  But for those who knows me – you know how much I loved my real spaghetti – could eat tons of it – but now I too cut back on them.   But with Spaghetti squash – it is said that it is only 10 % what you would normally eat for your spaghetti and spaghetti squash is pretty good tasting too.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you swap the mildly sweet and nutty flavor of spaghetti squash for regular carb-heavy spaghetti. Packed with vitamins and nutrients — including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and B vitamins — spaghetti squash is a true power food.

Holiday Parties For The Diabetic

So it’s that time of the year again and you get invited to all sorts of parties but most party times starts late because they need to wait till everyone is off work and give them time to freshen up.  So as a diabetic – what do you do?  do you skips your meals and eat a big meal at your holiday parties or do you eat your meal and then eat some more at your holiday parties?  it’s easy to do both because if you don’t eat – you would feel queasy and if you don’t eat at your holiday parties – your hosts may think that you are being a stuck up or worst a party popper.

So what do diabetics like myself do ?  i try and eat something really light and then when I am at the party – I eat light again.  I keep my drinking to the minimum and nurse my drinks as long as I can – and if the host insist on pushing drinks to me – I would just change a glass and make it look like it’s a new glass all over again. And yes diabetic can go for parties too and have fun during the holiday season.

Baking Diabetic

One often wonder – can a diabetic eat cakes and desserts right?  I too wonder myself – most times – I do cheat and eat half a cream puff every now and then too – but if you are up to it – you can actually bake your own diabetic cakes and baked goods.  I had been quite gungho with my intake of my sugar when it comes to coffee – I don’t even take a substitute now but when it comes to baking a cake or making baked goods – you have to have some form of sugar right?  Yes!  and for those who’ve tried using sugar substitutes – you will know that it tastes different.  So what do one do?

I was taught to use vanilla in my baking recipes – pure vanilla extract is what i use now – and you can get it from your local health store.  And since I am using sugar substitutes – I need to also flatten the dough before baking as sugar substitutes prevents the cookie dough from spreading.  And if you are making chocolate chip cookies or anything chocolate – use cold brewed coffee – to replace the liquid you need to use in your recipe – thus sharpening the chocolate taste in your cookie. Create volume by using whipped egg whites in place of whole eggs. Use two egg whites for every egg called for in the original recipe.  So there – diabetic baking is a lot harder and more work – but then you don’t have to feel sinful after eating your home baked diabetic cookies.  Yay!

Happy Meals = Healthier Meals @ Mickey D?

So Macdonald’s announced that they are providing our children a healthier meal – that still involves 500 calories a meal – hardly any healthier for a 7 years old you would think.  But having said that – we do have to give our kids some junk food right ?  yes, kids need to have some junk every now and then and shouldn’t we the parents be responsible for our kid’s diet instead of making Macdonald’s change their menu – to make us think that bad parents are good ones?
Missy Moo eats fries and nuggets every now and then – she wants the fries more than the nuggets and the toy and yes we are lucky because she never ask for a lot of junk food.  But we also make sure that she gets her exercise – she drinks lots of water and no pop – and lots of running around.  So Macdonald’s may be changing the happy meals in Fall but it’s still up to us parents to do the right thing and not push the fast food restaurant to do surface changes.

No More BuckWheat

What a bummer!  no more soba for me from now on I guess – I just found out that buckwheat noodles or any thing with buckwheat just bother the hell outta my stomach.  So after several days of testing it out – I finally decided that it is buckwheat soba that is causing me all these grief.  So goodbye soba !  goodbye buckwheat – and did i tell you that cold soba is my favorite?

So this is what I found out – that some people cannot tolerate buckwheat – so I’m not the only one.  I think what happened to me  is – I can’t digest the soba – made outta buckwheat – and I’m greedy most times – and even though buckwheat is very healthy – I can’t eat it no more. Just for everyone’s info  – buckwheat is not a grain – it’s a knotweed  – a smartweed.

Can Diabetic Eat Ice Cream?

I’ve often been asked and often wonder if  diabetic can eat ice cream like any normal people?  And if you have been thinking the same – you are not alone.  I’m sure even diabetic can eat ice cream – but what kind of ice cream is best – and how much can one eat – now that’s another important question to all diabetics.  I’m currently reading an article on diabetic living about the kind of ice cream recommended for diabetics – but it doesn’t tell me how much sugar are in these ice cream – the  Edy’s Slow Churned No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream is said to be the best – because it’s so smooth and it doesn’t even taste like its low sugar.  But please be advised like in anything a diabetic eat – please eat moderately.  I eat some ice cream each time Missy Moo and Mr Moo go for their soft served ice cream down in Hebron – but I take like a little bit from Missy Moo’s small cone and that’s enough for me.  I know a lot of you will  not find it enough but if you eat like that – you won’t be deprived of anything.

Berries Good For Diabetics

If you didn’t know by now – anything ending with berries – are good for diabetics – I learned.  From blueberries to strawberries and raspberries of course – they are all said to be the best fruits for diabetics.  So when the outlaws had raspberries in their garden – guess who was the first to chomp the raspberries down.  So remember – this summer – stay healthy – for berries are good for diabetics.

Correct Length Of Meal Time

So I was told that gobbling down my food is not a good thing for you – especially when you are a diabetic  – well, well ! and here my mom taught us to finish up our food quickly so that we will make a lot of money – hahah!! yes! that was what my mother said to us.   But it takes about 20 mins for our brain to catch up with our stomach it seems – and to know that you are full and truth be told – I’ve noticed it too.  When I am sitting down – and eating – it almost seems like I’m not full at all but as soon as I get up – I feel like I’ve eaten too much.

So for those like myself – who are always gorging down our food – in a hurry – STOP !!!  because you are eating more calories then you really need – our stomach deceiving our brain.   So to lengthen one’s time for your meals – you should include food that takes longer to eat  – they suggested to start with a soup first or a salad – thus allowing your brain to play catch up.  And if you are still hungry after eating – wait 20mins before getting a second helping.  But what if you are eating in a restaurant ? hahahaha!!!  now that’s a tough one eh.

Store Bought Diabetic Snacks

Like any diabetic – we are constantly looking for the right thing to eat and we all know that it sometimes is not easy – just to buy something from the store – because you don’t know how much sugar there are into it.   So we are constantly looking for reports or news about things we can buy and eat easily and easily obtainable.  As a diabetic – I love to snack as well – and I was told that this Honey Maid Cinnamon Roll Thin Crisps is really good in taste and great for diabetic like me to eat.   So diabetics out there – if you see this snack by Nabisco – grab it – because I’m grabbing it tonite.

I can’t find the Nasbico brand – but found Mr Christie instead – and it tasted really good – too good to be true too!

Real Healthy Food

So they said that baked potato chips are better than the normal ones but don’t be fooled like I was – of course it is healthier but truly – how healthy can potato chips be right?  lucky for me – I’m not a big fan – but when I became diabetic and I looked at the sugar content of anything I eat – i figured that being fat is not as bad as having sugar in your system.  But alas, I am wrong too – being fat and putting on weight just doesn’t help with controlling your blood sugar.

So what do I do?  I decided that yogurt must be good eh?  But wait a minute the flavored yogurt are also full of sugar – *sigh* what to do?  So I’m like eat also die – don’t eat also die – what to do ?  I figured I can eat most things but in moderation – and not overeat – and as long as I try and keep away from the excessive sugar I should be fine.  So real healthy food that company claimed to be – may not be so – make sure  you know what you put in your body.

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