Child’s Vision


Missy Moo complained that she can’t see from her seat in class again.  But wait a minute , we just changed her lenses not too long ago – does it mean that her eyesight has gotten worst so quickly?  should we be worried?   So like any mom , we quickly called the family eye doctor.

We quickly got the appointment , and Mr Moo went with her and the eye doctor said the increase was very little and it’s not uncommon for kids her age , Missy Moo is 11 years old , to increase rapidly.  So we again, ordered new lenses for her and informed her teachers, so that they can monitor it for us.

A week later, Missy Moo got fitted with her new lenses which cost us another good $230 only for lenses – daylight robbery but what can you do, we don’t have any choice.

Better Signs For ENT

We went to the city because i started having problems with eyes, nose and throat or so we suspected in the city and I tell you it wasn’t easy looking for his office.  We circle around so much and we were late for the appointment.  The ENT office definitely need some better signs to direct people as to where their office is because there wasn’t any sign outside the building to show us that he was in the building.  The number on the building was hidden and with the money they are making from us for every visit, I would say some  custom signs  are in order !  Health/Dental/Doctor offices really must have good signs.

Eye Care For Kids In Canada

Did you know that Canadian kids are entitled to free eye check up till they are 10 yrs old with your local optometrist.  If you didn’t know about it don’t beat yourself up because I just found out myself and even though your kid may not have an eye problem – it’s good to have him or her check it out every 2 years.  It is also recommended to bring them in for a check up before he or she starts school – so here it is – you have all the info – make sure you take advantage of your Canadian priviledges.

Sinus Attack

I had such a bad sinus attack – I didn’t know that it was a sinus attack – I had thought I was having a tooth ache because all my upper teeth hurt so bad and my face was hurting causing my head to hurt so bad I was popping advil like a druggie – it was no fun at all.   So how did I figure out that it wasn’t tooth ache?  well – i don’t have any cavities nor decay in my upper teeth – and it really took me a day or two before I clued in – and luckily Missy Moo had a doctor’s appointment – so I asked the doctor what I should take.  She recommended the Aerius dual action which cost me $14 + tax for 10 tablets but it did work after the 2nd tablet and I started feeling all the phlegm and snort coming out.  Thank God!

Temporomandibular Joint aka TMJ

When I went for my tooth filling some 3 weeks ago – I thought that it was a simple procedure and that I was taking good care of myself but instead I end up with not being able to open my mouth wide enough for a fishball or a timbit without feeling pain.  I developed a bad headache in the course of the last 2 weeks and even after checking with my dentist a week ago – he claimed that it was muscles.  Today I called again – and the receptionist told me that he had spoken to the dentist and he thinks it is TMJ – a joint muscles that got pulled too long during the filling.  I asked her how long it was going to take to heal – since it had been almost 3 weeks now – she said it could take months!  JOY!!!!!!  Anyhow, I checked up on TMJ and found that it was also known as the Temporomandibular Joint – which can caused headaches and cheek muscles being sore – so for those going to the dentist – please make sure that your dentist do not stretch your mouth wider than needed.  This is terrible – I wonder if I can sue the dentist for malpractice – I’m pretty pissed.

Pain On Cheekbones & Headache

So my dentist appointment was a few days ago – but my cheekbones started to hurt and I have been having a bad headache since.  I guess it’s the swelling from the dentist work?  But I never had this kind of pain that lasted more than a day – usually whatever pain I would have – would have subsided by the next day.  This is very strange – I don’t like the pain at all – because it is causing my eyes to hurt – just on the left side though.  Darn!

For The Goodness Of The Eye

For christmas this year – we are buying a Ordinateurs de bureau for the grandparents – but you know – older folks need a bigger screen for the things they need to see on the computer.  So we have to look for not only a bigger monitor – but a simple enough desktop that they know how to operate on their own – without worrying they may do something wrong.   But most important thing to remember that some monitor comes in “matt” form that way sunlight would not caused the monitor to be hard to see.  If you get an ordinary monitor with your desktop computer – the screen of the monitor is going to have reflection – and they wouldn’t be able to use it – till the sun goes down.  The older folks dislike that – they like to work as soon as the sun is out – for they don’t want their eyesight to get any worst.  So yes for the goodness of the eye – we are getting a “matt” monitor with the desktop computer for the grandparents for Christmas.

Restless Sleep

While the spouse likes bedsheets that are fuzzy and soft (the fleece type) – I like my bedsheets like matouk – reason – pretty simple – not only is the color a lot more beautiful – I won’t get zapped from the fuzzy bedsheet – each time I roll around in the bed – because of the cold weather here.  So yes !  i have restless sleep – and I’ve been living with it – for the last 10 years – because i want Mr Moo to sleep good.

Of late – my restless nights are getting worst – in fact – I’m dreaming so much – I am not getting a good rest – my bedroom color is dark and restless – I really want my fine linens, comforters and duvets from my favorite place – without the fuzziness please.  So – this year – I’m gonna asked my in-laws to get me the kind of bedsheets I want – not what Mr Moo wants – after all, my beauty sleep is just as important right?

Optician and Optometrist

So I’m ready to get new glasses for my eyes and am due for my yearly eye exam as well  – the last time i went for the eye exam locally was a year ago.  And since the previous Optometrist I have been going for a long time – wasn’t available – i decided to try a new one downtown.  So  happily ever after – i went after doing some noxycut reviews and to learn that i was being charged for my eye exam – the reason the “eye doctor” gave was because I was already seeing a specialist.  I didn’t think much of it – and paid up and left.

Two days later – i went to get my prescription filled only to learned that my specialist shouldn’t have interferred with my yearly check up – that my health insurance would have paid for it.  So we called up MSI Canada to learn that I was truly covered.  So back and forth from MSI to the optical shop – why i call them an optical shop was because MSI had told us the “eye doctor” apparently wasn’t a optometrist – and the optical shop claimed that i didn’t tell them that i was diabetic – which was pure bullshit.

Anyhow to keep the long story short – we had no choice but to take it up with the college of physicians in Nova Scotia because you see an Optician, an Optometrist and a Refractor Engineer/doctor are all different people – with different capabilities.. and remember – if you are a diabetic – you have to see an optometrist and not anyone else – else MSI will not cover you.

I am truly disappointed with this whole event – I felt that i was mis-informed by this optical shop and I’m not the only one who was fooled apparently – a short chat with our friends and relative – they too thought that this “eye doctor” was an optometrist.  So sad that a professional like this “eye doctor” – is doing what he is.  Truly sad!   So folks if you are going to see a eye doctor – make sure you know for sure that they are really eye doctors.

Eye Check Up For Diabetics

So i finally made it up to the city yesterday for my second opinion from another specialist – about my eye – it was at the VG in the city.  It always feels good to visit the hospital up in the city – even the outdoor rugs looked prestigious.

Anyhow – the wait was like an hour and the eye specialist must be a german  – he was pretty nice.. i do liked him – very professional and got to the eyes immediately – although pretty uncomfy even though my eyes were dilated but the bright light really can kill!

The eye specialist doesn’t think i need to do anything as of yet.. even though – there are some broken blood vessels but he said it can be due to my high blood pressure too.  Mr Moo had joked later that day – that we shouldn’t take the saying ” pop your eyes out – because of being so angry” lightly at all from now on – hahah!!  Anyhow – i was told to follow up with my own eye doctor back home every 8 months – in the meantime – i better go for another blood test soon – it’s overdue again – what’s new right?

Eye Specialist For Diabetics

As a diabetic – one needs to know that the your eye sight may deteriorate more than the normal person in a more faster pace.  Therefore, when i found out that i was diabetic, i requested to see an eye specialist – which my ex – family doctor conveniently did not mention at all. But he didn`t fail to tell me that everything will go – or rather come together with being a diabetic – so kind of him – NOT!  while the spouse recommended we buy a  LCD HDTV because hearsay, it`s good for the eye.

Anyhow, it was true my family doctor from home that i learned that i needed to see an eye doctor yearly -people who have diabetes are at a higher risk for glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy, in which fluctuating blood glucose levels slowly damage the retina. A rapid change in your vision can often be a first sign of diabetes. Plus, blurred vision is a potential complication of the disease. So i did last year and he wanted a second opinion on my eye – so i had no choice but to go.  After so many set backs – i am finally able to make it up to the city to get my second opinion – but that will be another story for another day.  The reason why I am writing – is because I want those with diabetes to know that they need to see an eye specialist yearly.  So don`t forget now!

Ear, Nose & Throat Follow Up

So Missy Moo had a ENT follow up today –  i didn’t go since i had to look after the store, plus i wanted to go on the treadmill quickly if there weren’t a lot of customer.   Then went and came back quickly but Missy Moo came back crying her eyes out.  Oh my !!  apparently the German specialist – is a no nonsense type..  so he insisted on putting that offensive stick into her tongue… and she didn’t liked that at all.. so came home crying because he “hurt” her.  *slap forehead*.  But i’m pleased that he thinks she is ok – and no tonsils in sight – so no visiting him for a bit i would hope.

Eye Doctor

So my eye doctor was in our store today and I cannot help but quickly pop the question about the second opinion needed for my eyes from last year.  i know i shouldn’t .. but he said he didn’t mind – so that was good.  While my ex- doctor – didn’t allow us to tell him more than 1 problem at a time – other doctors seem perfectly alright to stop and help – even the new doctor’s office that i had just seen.  We met at the grocery store .. and she had stopped to chat with me unlike my ex doctor.  No way was he gonna tell me anything outta the office  – not even for a simple advice on men’s vitamin .  So yes – i can boldy say .. my ex-doctor.. or is it his secretary who doesn’t have an compassion whatsoever.

Eye Specialist

So we headed up to the city for my eye appointment last week.  I had to go see an eye specialist up in the city .. but had to defer it .. as the babysitter had mono during the last few weeks.  I think the eye specialist must think we were not serious with our appointment.. because we had to cancel a few times – given that we didn’t know initially what was going on with the babysitter – followed by advice from our doctor that it was only right to let her rest more instead of stressing her.   We did get our travel insurance online and also had to cancel it a few times.  So we also ended up losing money on that – because the dates kept changing and there were no refunds for travel insurance.  But after the going back and forth with regards to the appointment.. we were finally able to set a date.. and headed up.  We are now waiting for results for the test.. and then another appointment due in November with the specialist here in town.  Luckily we do have another specialist here.

Eye Specialist

So I went to see the eye specialist today..  because I wanted to .. and got my family doctor to do the referral .. because I’m diabetic.   The appt was made a few months ago, and the eye specialist just came back from a vacation.

The result of the full examination wasn’t that good, i am now being referred to a specialist – a retina specialist in Halifax – to get a second opinion.  Better get the best weight loss pill to lose some weight.. and try to get back to a healthier me.  No more stressing over nothing – and one can only hope.

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