Dance Exercises

Dancing can help with your health, so I was told by my family doctor and that I should take up dancing if I was up to it.   I wished that there is a dance studio in town like that   dance doctor of los angeles  .  I would be the first to register for they do private lessons as well as group lessons.   So for those who are shy like myself, i could ask for a private lessons or alternatively, get a group of girlfriends to go with me.   But would be more fun if I can get Mr Moo to go with me and take up dancing lessons together.  Like they say, a couple that dance together, stays together.

Hot Yoga


We have a hot yoga studio that opened its door last year and I’ve been wanting to try it out but what is the difference between hot yoga and the regular one?  Yes, that was the question I asked myself too.

Well, basically hot yoga is doing yoga in a hot room – and it can go as hot as 29 degree Celsius and what are the benefits from doing hot yoga you asked?  It is said that doing hot yoga, one can experience better flexibility and also one can recover from an injury way quicker.

Can anyone do hot yoga?  yup !  apparently so, even though it can get really hot at first, therefore can be quite uncomfy for some people but once you get use to it, you should be able to benefit from the heat and the yoga of course.  If you are new, don’t forget to stay hydrated.  As for the cost of hot yoga, it can range between $7 – $10 per session, check out their monthly package because the local hot yoga place is having a special in June, so come June, I might just join them.

Biking & Exercises


Yay!  I finally bought a bike !  a cruiser bike like what I wanted for the longest time!  yaya!  And i started biking with Missy Moo as soon as the weather good.  I’ve already been on the bike a few times and I’m very, very out of shape as you can see but I’m glad I was able to ride on it and looking forward to riding a lot more.  For days that are too cold, I’m biking on our stationary bike at home now, hopefully it will help with my legs which is another story for another day.  Yay ! for bikes!

New Start For The New Year

Yes, already half a month gone and still sticking to my new year resolution of cleaning up the house and having a healthier year in 2014.  So with some er Wagner  caster wheels in hand, the spouse repaired the office chair as well as the wine table that had a squeaky wheels.

 So the last of the Christmas decoration had been taken down during the weekend and massive cleaning of the house was done as well.  This weekend, we are going to change the bedsheets and I’m all ready to start my exercising again.  Had to get the house in order before starting on a healthier regime daily.  Now here’s to a healthier 2014.


Winter Tips

I need to keep healthy even though it is Winter so I keep telling myself, so I’m writing this down – tips on how to keep healthy during winter not only for you but for myself as well.

Firstly, since it’s the festive season, I have to keep making sure that I don’t take too much sugar in my food, so moderation with the cakes and candies would be a great start.  And no pop even though it’s the holiday season as well.

Of course, I have to try and sleep a little bit more.

Drink Lots of water.

Must exercise indoors even if the outdoors is too cold.

Eat lots of veggies and fruits and garlic !  Garlic is said to be good for the immune system.

So there – hope you have a healthy winter like I do.

Summer Fun

 Lots of sun and the beaches and lots of exercises this year.  We even went to the Upper Clement’s Park for the first time.  It does seems like we did more this year than we did the previous years.  Instead of just sitting behind our desks and invest and  buy silver bullion  and other properties, we got to do a lot of out door stuff.  So this year, I’m really proud of ourselves, if only my left leg don’t hurt that much if I did a lot of walking.  I would really like to do more in terms of exercising but the left leg had been hurting since March for no reason at all.  The right one is fine but whenever I put pressure on the left one, it’s so uncomfortable.  Maybe, it’s time to see my family doctor, afterall, I don’t want to gain more weight. But overall, it’s a good summer, we did do some investing even though we tried our very best to be doing outdoor stuff.

Summer Dipping

Missy Moo had been asking me to bring her for swimming since she didn’t want to forget what she had learned at the Y during spring when she got her Otter badge.  She was so proud of it, she wanted to make sure that when she goes for her next lesson in the fall, she would do better than she did previously.  I’m very proud of her but being on the heavy set side, I have a hard time trying to find the right kind of swim wear.  I thought I should try  coco reef swimwear online  and see if I can at least get a skirt for my swim wear that way I can cover my ugly thighs a little  and not be too embarrassed about being since in public with my cellulite. I tried to get one in the city but I cannot remember where they do sell it, so online is just as good, as soon as I find something online, I will be able to swim with Missy Moo.

Walking Pains

Yes ! i have walking pains recently and I didn’t want to see a doctor because I didn’t think it was connected to my back – because it is my leg that is painful and not 2 legs just one.  It all started with the long trip we took to the city, so anyhow, I changed my shoes and of course bought that Osim machine to massage my legs but instead it made it worst – so I stopped using it altogether – but that’s for another story and another day.  Anyhow, after suffering for more than a month, I decided one day to go to bed early and the next day my legs didn’t hurt as much – so everytime I go to bed late now, my leg hurts again – so I’m still going to see a doctor soon.

Yoga Everyday For Good Health

I’ve taken up Yoga for a few months now and waking up early in the morning to do my yoga sessions before going to work.  Inspired by a short vacation we took in Mauritius Island, I came back armed with all kinds of new ideas and exercises for yoga workshop on my own.  At the island, they had  yoga sandals and yoga mats for us to bring home with us after our vacation and I loved how everything was set up and the explanation were simple and everyone there was only interested in Yoga and not fashion oriented. With Yoga exercises that I do everyday, I find I’m more relax and a lot more healthier.

Osim uPhoria Real Review Part 2

So about 10 days ago, I bought received my Osim uPhoria flown all the way from Singapore – I figured I should give it another week before I write the real review – so that you won’t say I didn’t give it a chance. Well, here is what I found out about the Osim uPhoria – the customer support failed me.  I wrote to them to ask them about widening the area where you are supposed to be able to – for a bigger calf and it took them quite long to get back to me.  And even though I replied to say that it didn’t work, they didn’t reply to my emails anymore.  So sad right?  VERY!

I’ve stopped using the Osim uPhoria as of now because it hurts really bad even though in the advertisements and reviews claimed that after a bit it shouldn’t hurt this much but it left me with bruises on both sides of my calf – so it cannot be good right?

The reflexology motion didn’t really pressed the points that I am used to when they did the real reflexology in Wan Yang back home, so total failed too.  Sure they squeezed and vibrates but that’s the only comfy part and defeats the purpose of paying so much for a reflexology massage machine.  Basically the Osim uPhoria was way too painful for me to use – but if I was pencil thin or have skinny legs – it would probably work better.  For those of medium size legs – I suggest you don’t buy it – it’s darn painful for pleasure.

After using the Osim uPhoria for 2 weeks and spending $750 USD – it didn’t help with my health at all – so it was a total waste of money for me.  I’m very disappointed with the Osim uPhoria – as it is bulky and not easy to store and since I’m not going to be using it anytime soon – it’s going to be a white elephant at home.  *sigh*  oh well – !  so this is my experience with the Osim uPhoria – I hope others have better luck.

Health Promotions

The town is looking for ways to promote healthy living amongst the older people and besides the YMCA advertising a program for the retirees there is nothing at this moment for the adults to do.  So the town wants a campaign of sort to promote ways to keep the folks in town busy and healthy.  So I need to find find printing companies  for them for brochures, pamphlets and posters to be posted around areas that people go to often.   There will be some nutritionist that will be invited to come in for a guest talk as well as workshops for ladies who wants to lose weight and the YMCA who will keep us informed of programs for the adults or special programs for swimming.  I’m excited to be part of the health promotions in the month of July, hopefully, we can see more people kayaking and doing more sports.

Working Out Around The House

Some people spend time in the gym to work out and keep fit while others take walks in the evening or lunch time.  But what about those like me who finds it too cold to go for walks and too busy to go to the gym?  no excuse for not exercising said my doctor – for he said that I can do my workout at home too.  And it’s true – it’s whether you want to keep fit or not – look at the picture above – you can most definitely do that when you are doing the laundry.  And if you are watching a tv show – you can place a phone book down and step on them to do step aerobics for the 45 mins you are watching the tv show instead of sitting down and making your bums fatter.  Yes ! I did say that – so if you get fat – or unhealthy – you only have yourself to blame.  Your motivation?  you want to be healthy – and live for a long time to see your kids grow up graduate, have a great job and get married – and have grandchildren.

Healthy Christmas Presents

Every Christmas I have trouble getting Christmas presents for my best friends but this year – I totally know what I want to get for them since we started yoga classes together.  Found some  yoga props  online and going to buy each of them something different to do with yoga and I know they are going to love it because I’ve heard them talking about the stuff they need for their yoga not only in class but also at home.  You see when you go for yoga, you don’t only practice it at home, you can bring your yoga mat with you even when you are on vacation and practice your yoga in the hotel room.  I wished I had gotten into yoga a long time ago, because I was traveling so much for work and could definitely use some yoga exercises not only for my physical health but mental health.  If you haven’t tried yoga before, you should check it out – I feel so much more relax these days.

Swimming At The YMCA


Missy Moo and I started swimming regularly at the Y recently for our weekly exercise and our local Y needs a lot of help, not only with manpower but also with equipments.  From a new camera for taking pictures of members to pool equipment.  We thought about supporting the Y with advertising since the Y is being used by so  many people – but I think giving them a  hayward tigershark pool cleaner  might be more useful than to give cash for advertising.  Why?  because sometimes giving money is the the best idea – since they do need the equipments more than money for the high salaries some workers do get at the Y.    So if you want to support your local YMCA, I say to buy them the equipment that will benefit the people/children using the Y instead of giving money.

Bike Rides In The Country Trail

Tomorrow is Sunday and I hope the rain will stop already that way we can finally take our bikes out onto the country trail and test out our new  softride bike racks .  Missy Moo just learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels so we are all ready to go out for some good biking.  We are so excited about it because this would mean another way that we can exercise together and stay healthy.  The country trail is fun and I know Missy Moo can’t wait to get herself dirty in the muddy pool of water after the rain.  Most important thing is we can bring all 3 bikes at the same time for the bike ride without worrying as it is a 4 bike rack – plus the softride cushions the bike and because it is rubberized – I like it tremendously.

Weight Conscious Kids

8 yrs old Missy Moo asked me the other day – if I thought that she was fat!  I was kinda stunned because she is far from being fat – but she had put on a bit of weight recently because she had been eating a lot more these days. Of course, my first response was ” of course not! ”  but should I be so quick to say that?  since I know that her eating habits hasn’t been the best for the last few months since summer started.

But appearance and weight had been sensitive issues for girls for the longest time – way back before my grandmother’s time, so I figured I should also tread very carefully.  Of course, I don’t want Missy Moo to be obese or overweight but on the other hand I don’t want to get overly paranoid about it because you and I know that the baby fats will be gone when she does grow taller.  But in the meantime, I also don’t want to be lax and let her put junk food into her mouth every time we turn around and see a fast food restaurant.

Missy Moo had been kept active during the entire summer months, we’ve gone swimming, summer day camp most days and I’ve encouraged her to go out and play with her friends when she gets home and after her supper.  She uses the trampoline as much as she wants with her friends – and we do try and make her eat healthy – home cooked food as much as possible.  Of course, she does have her once a week – french fries and chips and a little candy every day.  But during this summer, I’ve noticed a lot more junk than before.  So I’m going to ease her up on those junk food and hopefully, when school starts, she will begin to lose the baby fats.

As parents, we must not berate our kids – when they are overweight or worst make fun of them,  we should make sure they focus on their health and keep their perspective right.  We as parents must eat healthy too, to set an example.  Keeping them at a healthy weight now when they are young and making sure they are aware of eating in moderation is the key to a healthy kid.

Losing Weight

You have problems losing weight?  you are not alone – so do I but I’m constantly keeping a tab on my health issues because I’m diabetic and moreso, cannot be obese or pack on any extra weight – but i loved my food!  so what can I do – I’ve asked myself constantly.  I can’t go without food – and the more I keep myself away from certain food – the more I crave for it.  I’ve never bought any medication online before but if I am going to – I would check out  for my weight lost pills because it explains the risk and the pros and cons to you.  I don’t want to be pencil thin but I don’t want any extra pounds – and if a little help is necessary – I think it’s worth my trouble checking it out.

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