Health In 2016


So 2016 is here and 2015 is gone.  Did I make any progress with my health in 2015?  I don’t think so, especially in the exercising department., no excuses but life was hectic and with Missy Moo having emotional problems , it was a roller coaster ride for us in the year 2016.  But that is another story for another day which I promised I would cover in the near future.

But in 2016, I ‘m really hoping that things will settle a little anyway , that way I can spend a little more time concentrating on my health , which in my humble opinion should be my priority.  Being a parent of course says different, the kids always comes first, in fact a lot more important than ourselves if I may say so.

I want to feel good this year and I want a healthier lifestyle , I want to lose weight – I think I will join yoga .  What do you think?

Say No ! to Sugar


I’m diabetic and I try to say No !  to sugar as much as I can.  I know it’s hard but you can do it if you follow all these simple steps.

I find that if I eat regularly and on time, I don’t feel like I need any sugar.  It is when I am overly hungry that I feel I need something really quick, so I don’t make good choices and that in turn can sux big time because I tend to choose just about anything to eat.

Choose food that are not processed as much as possible.  I know sometimes, it is hard but it can be done, like fruits and veggies , eggs are also non – processed food and fish of course. Don’t forget your grains as well as nuts.

I read that doing a detox can rid your craving for sugar.  I haven’t tried it but you can if you like.  How to do a detox?  check with Dr Google.

Get enough sleep and exercise and/or keep active this summer.  Pick up a hobby or take up yoga this summer, that would definitely do you some good.

And most importantly , check and make sure you know what is in the ingredient of the food that you are eating and putting into your body.  For example soda has tons of sugar and must be avoided if possible.  If not, take a few sips only and slowly but surely , you won’t need it no more.  Good luck everyone !

Maintaining And Living Well With Diabetes


After finding out that you have diabetes, one of course learn to stop eating sugar or anything that can spike your blood sugar.  But once you’ve lived with diabetes for a certain amount of time, you also want to learn how to better your health and avoid any complication that comes with diabetes.   And yes, there are easy ways to avoid any complications and all diabetics should learn and stick to this plan whenever possible.

 My major problem is being overweight and I know it is not as easy to lose weight as some people might tell you, I struggle with it everyday too.  So this summer, I’ve decided to take baby steps to my weight lost.  I don’t expect myself to lose 10Kg , I just want to lose 1 Kg every month and maintain that 1 Kg lost.

Whenever possible, one should watch your blood sugar level and see what you do or eat that can trigger your blood sugar.  Initially, when I found out that I had diabetes, I would walk before eating, and I learned that by doing such , my blood sugar level seems to be constant.  So this summer, I’m going to do that, take long walks before and after eating.  I can not only maintain my blood sugar level ,  I might even lose some fats as well.

Get enough rest and sleep – now that I want to work on because we go to bed so late at night and wake up too early sometimes because Missy Moo needs to go to school.

 It is also very important to check on your toe nails and eyes , I worried about my toe nails because it looked horrid when I don’t go for a pedicure.  As for eyes, I have to make sure I check my eyes every year from now on.

One should also do your blood test every year – the H1N1 test , that way one will know if you need to increase your meds or decrease your dosage.

All About Artificial Sweeteners For Diabetics


I’m sure like me, you want to know what alternatives you have since you can’t take sugar.  I’ve often wonder if artificial sweeteners are good for diabetics like myself.  I’ve Type 2 diabetes and after so many years of being one, I am still searching for the best solution with regards to this deadly health problem.   If you are a diabetic Type 1 or 2 or have a loved one who is diabetic, I’m sure you too are constantly worried that taking too much or too little of anything may send our health down the drain.

So recently , I read an article on sweetener and it was pretty interesting, so I thought I would write it down here to remind myself and share it to anyone who would like to know more about sweeteners and the alternative we think we are taking that doesn’t cost our blood sugar to go crazy nor reports of rise of cancer due to these sweeteners.

Yes, I hear you , first we have to worry about our diabetes and now we have to worry about cancer too.  I know how you feel exactly because I feel the same way too sometimes.  Damn if you do take this and damn if you don’t .  But I’ve heard that Stevia may be the best way to go because the FDA recognized as being generally safe.   Now there are lots of sweeteners made with stevia and one of them I found out that we have here is called Sweet Leaf.  But if you are on saccharin, the longest selling sweetener, I too don’t think that it really proofs that they caused cancer.  So like the author , I’m going to stick to stevia.

Unpasteurized Juicing


Juicing or raw juice are also known as unpasteurized juice, I’ve heard how juicing is great for one’s body and decided to try some especially since this one has got Kale and spinach.  I was worried that it might taste horrid at first but with pineapple and orange in it, it really didn’t taste that bad.

Although it is very expensive, I figured this is better than stealing a sip or two of a Pepsi or any pop as you all know I have diabetes.  But is juicing good for diabetics like myself?  While some say that juicing can be the death of diabetes , others had also saidd that juicing is high in fructose and therefore ain’t good for those with diabetes.

I think if it was only kale and spinach, it would be very good , but since I don’t know how much pineapple and orange they put in, I am careful not to overdose on raw juice from the local supermarket.  I also read that raw juices are packed with living enzymes and is therefore good for your body.   Why because your body don’t have to work too hard to get the nutrients out of the things you put into your body.

While some diabetic may not listen to what the doctor has to say, I really try hard not to put into my body things it is not supposed to partake.  But we are but human, so we slip sometimes and it is ok.  I do not guilt myself if I slip, I just try again to be healthier.  I don’t give up.

Reducing Insulin


I don’t take the insulin and I hope I never have to but if you are taking them, there are ways that you can use to reduce your insulin intake.  I read that taking a teaspoon of cinnamon, can reduce not only your insulin intake but also can lower your blood sugar by 20 % , now that’s a lot.  So folks out there who are diabetic like myself, take one teaspoon of cinnamon everyday starting today because I am doing just that.

I also started eating nuts lately again because one can lower your blood sugar as well.   You have to eat them 5 times a week of course and not just once a week to help with your blood sugar.  Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are highly recommended.

Of course, getting active is just as important and work even more effectively within 3 days, one can see the results.  So get out there and do something really active now but don’t break any bones.  I’m trying all the above, so good luck you guys out there.

Vitamin B


When you are a diabetic like I am, you only concern is mostly about keeping your blood sugar level down, so many a times, you hear people talk about not eating candies and anything sweet or has to do with sugar.  I try not to , but sometimes, it is quite hard, so I also look for alternatives and how I can help with lowering my blood sugar , not just with not eating something but aiding it.

 It is said that Biotin in Vitamin B can help regulate Type 2 diabetes or those who are at risk.  So how do one take Biotin and what is it , I hear you asking – because I asked the same question too.  Fret not because Biotin can be found in multivitamin , B complexes and or in pure tablet form over the counter.  So check with your pharmacist about it.

Compression Socks


As you all know, my leg had been really painful without any reason that I know of, so i’ve been trying just about everything in hope to help get my legs back to normal.  I suspected that my blood flow wasn’t doing its job properly, and even with a reflexology machine that I had bought from Osim about a year ago, it still didn’t help.  I still continue to have weak legs and now it’s not only one leg but both.


So i finally bought some compression socks to try and see if it would help.  Afterall, I can’t see any harm in wearing them right?  They all say that diabetics have back blood flow.  So i’ve been wearing these compression socks for a month now and nope it didn’t help.  So i don’t know what else I can do, except to see the doctor again and get a proper x-ray done.

Treating A Blister When You Are A Diabetic


People get blisters all the time but when you are a diabetic, what do you do with a blister?  the first time I had a blister after finding out that I was a diabetic, I went to my family doctor.  Guess what she did to me?  She got a little knife and cut it open and didn’t even bandaid it for me and sent me home.  And it’s the truth , I was freaking still bleeding!!!

So even though, we read all the time that we shouldn’t cut ourselves, in case we get an infection, it is not true it seems to my family doctor.  And yes, she is aware that I am diabetic too and she is a veteran doctor. So if you do have a blister or a boil, don’t worry, use a needle but clean it with rubbing alcohol first and pop the blister and drain.  Of course, you will have to clean it thoroughly and watch out for further infection.  Good luck all !

PS :  I did heal and the next time I had another, I didn’t go to the doctor no more.

Hurt My Other Leg !

Pain in a woman calf

You know when you are a diabetic, you kinda associate any kind of pain or illnesses to being diabetic and of course you fear immediately if your diabetes has worsen.  Well, a year and a half ago, my left leg started hurting for no reason and this month, I hurt my right because I was trying to mow the lawn.

Why did I do that?  because I wanted to feel useful again since I started biking both on a stationary bike and a real bike.  So now both legs are painful !  darn! darn ! darn!  i hope it heals eventually, but with my luck, I doubt so , so to the doctor’s I will be going again.  Wish me luck!

Heavy Leg


Now, I’ve been having leg pain and heavy legs for a year now.  Every now and then, it feels a lot better but these days it gets heavy !!!  even when I am sleeping.  I’ve to make an appointment and let my family doctor know about it because I hate that feeling and it makes me not be able to work alot and I don’t like it.

I read that heavy legs is caused by not having your blood circulating properly but I do have a foot reflexology machine that I use every night and that doesn’t seems to help either – darn!  I really should also try wearing supportive stocking to help the circulation of the blood.

Had I been home, I would have gone to an acupuncturist to get my legs fixed but being in a small town in Canada – sure suxs ! big time!

Fruit and Nut Yogurt For Diabetic Snacks

Diabetic has a hard time choosing right snacks and I’m the same way too. I get a headache just thinking of what kind of snacks can I eat or should I buy when I’m out shopping for my groceries or when I’m hungry.  It can be really hard for some of us and no when you are diabetic, it doesn’t mean that you cannot eat anything anymore.

I learned that greek yogurt are better than your ordinary yogurt, so if you see an outburst of greek yogurt in your supermarket, don’t be alarmed like I was.  Anyhow, some fresh cranberries and nuts with this greek yogurt would be another perfect snack for diabetic like you and I.

But what about the sugar in the yogurt and the cranberries you asked?  I did too because I was quite worried about it too.  Well, remember what i told you, it’s not that you cannot have sugar but you have to make sure that you have a balance diet.

Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

Many of you like myself must be wondering at one point or another whether using sugar substitutes will help in our diabetic situation or will it make our blood sugar level the same as using normal white sugar right?  I’ve often wonder and had been looking for answers to whether i should just completely cut sugar altogether or can i use sugar substitutes like the above.

Well, this is what I read and learned from Diabetic Living.  It said that sugar subs are ok but like sugar everything should be taken in moderation.  So yes, I am doing just that, so I am ok for now.  I hope you are too – taking the sugar subs in moderation and not think that they are the solution to all your diabetic problems.

Pain On Side Of My Foot

Yes! you heard me right!  sometime in March this year, I had complained that my knee part of my left foot started to hurt after a shopping trip in the city for no reason at all.   I waited and waited and finally seen my doctor and was about to take an x-ray when my knee stopped hurting!  what gives right?  after 5 months ????? sure it baffled me but now the side of the same foot hurt and swelled a wee bit too.

It all started like a week ago and I don’t remember doing anything different from usual, well except walking up and down a small hill to get my lunch and lunch for a girlfriend and that shouldn’t cause the side to hurt right?  It is still hurting of course now and I’ve just bought myself a new shoe to see if it will go away before i see a doctor.

Also I’ve stopped drinking my 3-in-1 tea and stop cheating on my chocolate snacks just in case it’s because I had too much sugar lately.  So I will let you all know more – the pain of having diabetes right?

Blood Sugar Update

So I took my blood sugar test today and am pleased to report that my blood sugar level is very good.  I’m very pleased with myself.  You see I haven’t been very good of late – I’ve been cheating quite a bit – so it goes to say that the diabetes meds that I’m on is working. Woohoo!   But yes, I’m taking good care again, and not fooling around.

Controlling Stress For Better Blood Sugar Level

I didn’t know that stress can affect one’s blood sugar level and found that out of late because I was stress up about some issues that don’t even concern me.  So for a week or so – my blood sugar level was not normal, and finally – my doctor told me that it’s because of my stress level.  So folks if you are diabetic like myself – note that stress can cause your blood sugar level to be higher than usual but don’t panic because there are ways to de-stress.

I’m very blessed because I have a very supportive spouse, so talk to someone about what is bothering you and if you have kids, spend time with them. I spent more time with Missy Moo and concentrated on her and that helped with my stress level. Remember nothing is more important than your health, therefore, don’t let anyone or anything affect you.

Diabetes Etiquette

I didn’t know that there is such a thing about diabetes etiquette but come to think about it, folks should be educated about diabetes and what to say and what not to say when they find out that a family member has diabetes or a friend just got diagnosed.  I’m sure everyone meant well but really  – if you don’t have diabetes, you probably wouldn’t know some stuff.

First of all don’t treat your family member or friend who has diabetes like they have some kinda incurable disease.  Secondly, don’t offer any kinda advise on food nor tell them horror stories of another friend who have had diabetes and got their legs amputated or kidney failure.

Don’t squirm when you see someone using the needle for insulin.  Also, try not to eat chocolates or candies in front of someone who has diabetes or bring them fudge or cakes unless they are baked with some sugar substitute or sugar contents had been adjusted.

And if it is your partner who has diabetes, don’t keep asking him or her to check her/his blood sugar level please. These are the above, I wished people wouldn’t do to me when they find out that I’m diabetic.

Summer Fun

 Lots of sun and the beaches and lots of exercises this year.  We even went to the Upper Clement’s Park for the first time.  It does seems like we did more this year than we did the previous years.  Instead of just sitting behind our desks and invest and  buy silver bullion  and other properties, we got to do a lot of out door stuff.  So this year, I’m really proud of ourselves, if only my left leg don’t hurt that much if I did a lot of walking.  I would really like to do more in terms of exercising but the left leg had been hurting since March for no reason at all.  The right one is fine but whenever I put pressure on the left one, it’s so uncomfortable.  Maybe, it’s time to see my family doctor, afterall, I don’t want to gain more weight. But overall, it’s a good summer, we did do some investing even though we tried our very best to be doing outdoor stuff.

Artichokes For Lower Blood Glucose

Spring power food for 2013 – adapted from Diabetic Living.  I loved artichokes and apparently artichokes can slow down the rate of eating and is only 25 calories.  But how do one eat artichokes, I hear a lot of people asking me all the time when I tell them I loved artichokes.  Well, I don’t normally eat artichokes on their own but with something else – like chicken and mushrooms stirred fried, they are pretty easy to cook and for some it’s an acquired taste and others they just fall in loved with it.  Artichokes are said to be rich in Vitamin C and is good for your blood glucose because of the high fiber.  You can also purchase the artichoke heart in a can and some people find it a lot easier to eat it this way but it’s great for lowering your blood glucose – so try it.

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