Detoxing In The Morning


 Friends told me many moons ago that if you drink this every morning, you will be doing your body a favor because you are detoxing yourself with the simplest and cheapest means.  It is said that it can do magical things to your health if you drink a glass or lemon juice or lemon aided juice like the above.

Not everyone is so keen on drinking lemon juice in the morning, and I know where you are coming from but if it is good for the health, why not try it right?  I would !  so from today on , I’m going to drink this every morning religiously and report back to you how I feel in a month.  So come back in a month , and I will tell you the real results , so bluffing or hiding of anything.

  • Purifies the colon making it easier to absorb nutrients and improve digestion.
  • Balances the lymph system which helps with daily functions, balances body fluids and fights infection.
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Lowers high blood pressure.
  • Restores alkaline acid balance, which relieves problems with diets high in acid-producing foods.
  • Helps break down fats, often resulting in weight loss.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Lemon is a mucus buster.
  • Detoxifies and feeds the liver
  • Strengthens you immune system, therefore you get sick less
  • You will feel lighter
  • You will have regular eliminations
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Boosts you metabolism

Energy Management


More time is what we all need.  When I was a teenager, someone had asked me if I had time to sell, at that time, I had all sorts of time and thought that he didn’t know how to manage his time.  Now that I’m nearing 50, I can fully understand why he said he didn’t have enough time and wants to buy more time.  How I wished that I was more mature enough to understand what he was saying.

Now had I been more educated then , I would have told him that time is finite but not one’s energy and prioritizing is the key word to someone who needs more time.  Now tell me that’s not true ?  while most people find work energy draining , I find not working and accomplishing my housework or things I need to finish doing more energy draining than the latter.

I try to prioritize what I have to do that day and try to accomplish them a little at a time, especially cleaning the house.  For every hour, I try to spend like 15 mins doing just one task and then I head off to do my work online or something related to work.

Of course, I fail terribly in not exercising or going out for walks or having a leisure coffee break with friends – but you cannot blame me because when I do that , it usually end up having to spend more than just an hour.  So I need to be able to prioritize that too.  I think accomplishing, work, housework and child care is important, but it is just as important to have time for yourself and doing nothing.

Hot Yoga


We have a hot yoga studio that opened its door last year and I’ve been wanting to try it out but what is the difference between hot yoga and the regular one?  Yes, that was the question I asked myself too.

Well, basically hot yoga is doing yoga in a hot room – and it can go as hot as 29 degree Celsius and what are the benefits from doing hot yoga you asked?  It is said that doing hot yoga, one can experience better flexibility and also one can recover from an injury way quicker.

Can anyone do hot yoga?  yup !  apparently so, even though it can get really hot at first, therefore can be quite uncomfy for some people but once you get use to it, you should be able to benefit from the heat and the yoga of course.  If you are new, don’t forget to stay hydrated.  As for the cost of hot yoga, it can range between $7 – $10 per session, check out their monthly package because the local hot yoga place is having a special in June, so come June, I might just join them.

Sunblocks and Expiry Dates


Yay!  the sun is coming out!  and sunscreen is a must for Missy Moo.  She is so clever I tell yer, she even puts sunscreen on her feet when she is wearing flip flops!  tell me she ain’t smart hahah!

But wait a minute, she is putting on sunblocks from last year, so are they still good, do they still protect her?  like every concern moms and dads, we want to make sure she is protected in anyway we can.  Well, a check online says that if there isn’t an expiry date, it’s good for another year but if it has an expiry date, throw the sunblock away if it expires.

So yes, we are going home to check our sunblocks and making sure that they are still good for Missy Moo.

Hair Hero

I’ve always wonder if the thinning of my hair is due to my poor health, therefore, I’m constantly looking for a hair hero to save my thinning and balding hair line.  No woman like to lose their hair or looking bald at all.  I don’t need to have thick and luscious hair but at least to stop losing some more. So here i read that the Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo at $14 can help to rebuild the strength and lustre of one’s hair.  This product is supposedly packed with rich plant nutrients.  I’m going to get a bottle and try this.  So more on this shampoo once I’ve used it.

Spicing Up Your Love Life

A group of my girlfriends from home were chatting online recently and we were discussing about how we can spice up our love life and make our love life a lot healthier.  Some recommended that we go to  for sexy lingerie and some said that their partner are into role playing.  Now after being with the same partner for more than 10 years, you and I know that things are quite different.  And to keep up with a healthy love life, one cannot wait for the spouse to be proactive and plan everything.  Sometimes, it is nice that we take the initiative too.

My girlfriends are all highly educated, have children and they travel extensively for work, so we are not talking about being slutty but to keep that love between couples afresh.  I don’t know about dressing up but if it works for the couple, I say go for it but sexy lingerie are what every partner would appreciate I am very sure, so if you want to spice up your love life, don’t go to bed in t-shirt and shorts.

Eating Your Placenta

Would you eat your own placenta?  if you knew for sure that it’s good for your body?  I’ve read many a times about mothers eating their own placenta and in Asia it’s not really a new thing.  But of course, we turn the placenta into a pill thus making it less horrid to stomach but for some people they still think that it’s wrong.

No ! i didn’t eat my placenta because I’m in the West but had i been home in Asia, now that would be a different answer altogether.  Eu Yan Sang a local medical store back home would clean your placenta and dry it and then make them into pill form and it’s said to give you more energy and bring back balance to your body after you’ve had your baby.  Some people swears by it while others wouldn’t touch it with a 10 feet pole.  So I guess it’s a individual decision eh.

No More Dry Skin

So I went for my pedicure yesterday with a different spa – because the usual place that I’ve been to for years now – the esthetician that I’m familiar with moved.  Anyhow, I decided to try the one at the mall and see if she was any good afterall, she is Asian and you know we have to support our own.   As you can see here – she did a pretty good job and took away all my dead skin and have my feet and skin feel really good.  She also shared a secret with me and recommended a dominica bay rum  soap for me to use if I wanted extra oil in my skin – as she noticed that my skin was so dry.  I’m so eager to try it out – because I don’t like my dry skin on my legs and feet at all.  In fact, I feel so horrid about my feet and legs – I rarely show them off.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this organic soap can help me restore the moisture on my feet and legs.

Healthy Christmas Presents

Every Christmas I have trouble getting Christmas presents for my best friends but this year – I totally know what I want to get for them since we started yoga classes together.  Found some  yoga props  online and going to buy each of them something different to do with yoga and I know they are going to love it because I’ve heard them talking about the stuff they need for their yoga not only in class but also at home.  You see when you go for yoga, you don’t only practice it at home, you can bring your yoga mat with you even when you are on vacation and practice your yoga in the hotel room.  I wished I had gotten into yoga a long time ago, because I was traveling so much for work and could definitely use some yoga exercises not only for my physical health but mental health.  If you haven’t tried yoga before, you should check it out – I feel so much more relax these days.

Hair Loss Can Be A Health Issue

I used to have this problem when I first gave birth to Missy Moo – and everyone told me that it was normal and in a few months it should stopped.  It didn’t really stop for me – I kept dropping a lot of hair – not as much as the above picture but definitely more than I would like.  Then I found out that my fibroid – a huge tumor benign in my uterus is causing me to lose plenty of blood therefore, no iron – meaning hair loss which was no surprised.  But back then I didn’t know about it at all.

Today I read on Today’s Parents that hair loss can be more of just childbirth and fibroids  – so this morning I checked my pillow when I woke up to see if there was a clump of hair on them – and THANK GOD !  there wasn’t ! *whew*!  but yes, hair loss can be related to a thyroid problem too and other more serious health issues.  And I know not one woman would want to admit about losing too much hair – but if you are – please go see a doctor and don’t feel shy about it because, it can change things around.  Plesae do.

Sun Protection

A friend asked me the other day if putting on a face cream with 20 SPF, followed by a foundation with 15 SPF – does it mean that she is protected from those harmful sun ray? Valid question indeed – for many people think that by putting different products with SPF means that you are safe are not just my friend alone – because I’ve heard this question asked many a times.  For your info, you need to get your sunscreen with a decent SPF for sun protection, by putting on different products on your face does not add protection for your skin.  So there – you know it now.

Keeping Those Fat Away

My brother-in-law used to put on weight in the winter and lose all of it in the summer – all because he does a lot of work outdoors while in the winter – he stays indoors all the time.  This year – he brought his welding equipment indoors and continued working indoors therefore, he is keeping the fat away this winter.   Plus, he also stopped drinking and that kept him really lean this year.  It’s amazing to see him so fit in the winter – so if I were you – I would be making the spouse work on his welding equipment even in the winter.  Well, not necessary I guess – it only means that you have to keep busy in the winter and even if you cannot be out doing power walking – you can always do something indoors.

Swimming For Exercise

So the pool pump motors are finally fixed and/or replaced at our local health club in the hotel and I can’t wait to go back and swim every morning for my exercise.  I loved swimming but haven’t swam for so long because the pool was closed for repair and they found that they had to replace the pool pump motors.  And yes, I had been very lazy and haven’t done a lot of walking to replace the swimming but now that the pool is open again – I’m all for going back tomorrow morning for a work out – hopefully I don’t get tire out or get out of breath so easily – since I haven’t swam for months.

Simply For Life

Simply for life had been around town for a few years now and I’ve seen some people who’ve had success with them – but no one wants to talk a lot about it for some reason.  And a customer of ours – who stopped going there – put on weight immediately, so as much as I would loved to try it out – I don’t really know what they are recommending?  just healthy food with no exercises ?  or healthy food with exercises ?  of course, if I don’t go sit for one of their talks – I certainly wouldn’t know what they are offering or how much it is to join right?  so I’m going to make an appointment this week and check it out – stay tuned.

Scrubs For My Favorite Nurses

A couple  of years ago, when I had my huge operation to take out my fibroid, the nurses down at the blood transfusion center treated me really well.  I’ve always kept in touch with them and each time I visit the doctors, I would drop in and say hi.  Some are transferred to another department but some are still there and I say these nurses don’t get enough credit.  So last Christmas, I decided to get some discount scrubs from Marcus and not just ordinary ones – some really fun looking scrubs as presents for them all.   They all loved the ones with the owl print and the scrubs sells from $5.99 – so they were really worth getting for these nurses.  I wished more patients would appreciate the good nurses a lot more.

Losing Weight Smart And Easy

As a diabetic – we all know that losing weight is the right way to go – but it sure isn’t easy right?  I can understand  – working – looking after a kid/kids – and housework – we sometimes don’t even have time to take a bath – usually a quick shower is all the time we can afford – so how can one find time for losing weight.

Well, you don’t have to set your goal too high or go combat style with your losing weight program  – a little at a time – is the way to go.  And yes, you have to make time for yourself and your health.  Work is important, so is the kids and housework and also the spouse – i can understand it – but one has gotta make time for yourself and your health and it’s not too late.

So make time for yourself – 30 mins a day is all it takes – you can make 30 mins just for yourself – don’t worry about the spouse needing the tv to watch a show or play a game, you deserve that half hour with the wii fit and aerobics.  Don’t feel bad about making time for yourself and get enough rest every day.

You Don’t Need To Look Frumpy Girl!

I tell all my pregnant girlfriends – they don’t need to look frumpy or clumsy when they are pregnant – because maternity dresses are not made the same way they were during our parents time.   I loved it when I see a pregnant woman taking care of herself and dressing up well.  As for me – when I was pregnant with Missy Moo – i was sick all the time – and not just morning sickness and the only time that would make me really happy was when i had to dress up and go out.  I didn’t have many maternity dresses because there were no maternity stores here – but these days – one can order them online – and some even have shipping free as well.  Now you can buy jeans, evening dresses, tops and bottoms at reasonable prices.  I loved my maternity bottoms – I still have them now – they carried me from 3months pregnant to 9 months – I loved the material and you can wash it like normal.   So gals – you don’t need to look frumpy when you are pregnant – some people don’t want to get pregnant because they can’t dress up – but you are wrong gal!  you can still look your best.

Feeding Your Kid Healthy

Sometime I cringed when I see the food that Missy Moo’s friends eat – I can’t imagine feeding Missy Moo the same way her friends are being fed.  We cook our meals at home for Missy Moo especially when she is going to school – and we buy fresh food and cook them as fresh as we can.   Feeding your kid healthy is important – but you also have to give her time to play, jump around and roll around the floor once in a while.   We haven’t eaten at Macdonald’s the whole summer – because besides home cooked food – the only junk food she eats is fish and chips and only once a week at the most.   We give her lots of fruits but that doesn’t mean she don’t get treats – she does – but while her friends’ parents give them a whole bag of junk – Missy Moo only get 1 or 2 pieces.  I’m happy that we trained Missy Moo this way – because if she does wanna stuff herself silly – she can – but we know she will feel so sick and she will regret it big time.  Feeding your kid healthy is important – but it’s just as important to educate them.

Exercising With New Ping Pong Table

While Missy Moo was at the Y – last week doing her karate class – i sat at the recreation room waiting to pick her up.  But as soon as she got out – she wanted to play with the toys at the recreation room and one of them was at the ping pong table aka table tennis.  I used to play table tennis in school because the bats were cheap to buy when we were kids – and I played pretty well at it too.  But it had been a long time since i played ping pong but am glad that I was able to give Missy Moo some ping pong tips .  We played for like 30mins and I was sweating profusely – that reminded me that playing ping pong is also a form of exercise and I’ve seen some people selling ping pong tables on the yard sale at home.  So if I do see one cheap enough I might just get one to put in our basement and use the ping pong table as a form of exercise – especially during winter.  Now Mr Moo can’t say there are no games he can play with me – for I refused to play computer games or game console games with him.  I love playing games but just not those you have to sit around and become a potato couch.

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