Karaoke Sessions

Yes , Missy Moo has anxiety as well and because of bullies at her current school , we have gotten her to take up karaoke sessions with her best friend on the weekends to help with cooping with her anxiety.   She wanted a good microphone with her best friend and not just for her but also for her best friend because she don’t want her best friend to feel bad that hers is better.  So we went online looking for some  microphones for karaoke and singing sessions if you are looking for some  dynamic microphone, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com .

Thus far , we find that keeping Missy Moo busy and surrounded by friends is important , so every now and then when she is skyping her school friends , I would enlist their help to keep Missy Moo company in school ,so that she is not alone and cannot be bullied by those girls.  I get really , really upset when she comes home crying.

11 Years Old Daughter – No Purpose In Life


I thought I should touch on this subject , since I’ve first hand experience with it , as Missy Moo is going through a phase right now.  Last year about this time , she exclaimed that she had NO PURPOSE IN LIFE !   Holy Moly of course I went ballistic about it .  Mannnn!  how can an 11 years old have no purpose in life right?    Yes ! that actually happened in real life for me last year. I went crazy and started raising my voice because I didn’t understand it at all.

 I started to compare my life at 11 with my daughters.  How can a kid that has everything have no purpose in life?  I had a hard life while growing up and I never said anything like that.  But of course, when Missy Moo said that , the first thought that came to my mind was , she was going to hurt herself .  But slow down mom !  because I don’t really think that was what she meant.  Mr Moo took over because I was raising my voice and frightening Missy Moo and I was going really crazy then.  First reaction of a mom for a unstable kid , so if you were like me, don’t be too , too hard on yourself.

But red alert !! dang ! dang ! dang ! dang !  that red alert was sounding in my head so loudly .  The first thing that came to my mind was , Missy Moo needs help and not just your ordinary GP’s help or your family doctor but a real therapist.  So in Canada , it’s not as easy as in Singapore to get to see a doctor , you will have to call mental health and you don’t get to see a psychologist immediately , you have to see a counselor or a therapist first.  Now you have to wait to see the therapist or counselor too.  We luck in and got to see a therapist within the month but of course , there were calls to re-schedule for varies reasons.

So finally, Missy Moo got to see the therapist but no follow up after.  So we thread very carefully for a few months , making sure that we don’t touch on the subjects that she is not favorable about and try to spend as much time as possible with her and listen to her.  In the meantime, we got a total of 2 rabbits , just so she don’t feel as lonely and has some responsibilities.  But don’t do that parents out there , but that is a story for another day.  I don’t want to side – track. so another outburst after a few months and of course , we make another appointment to see the family doctor this time.

Family doctor wanted her to go for a blood test and of course , all hell broke lose as she didn’t like needles nor blood.  Finally managed to convince her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to as it caused her anxiety thinking of having to get needles and draw blood out.  So till today, we haven’t done the blood test.  *sigh*.  Anyhow, fast forward, family doctor was of no help, we called the therapist again and try to get in for another appointment.  So waiting for another month, we got in to see her again , but by this time, Missy Moo already felt better, so she went to the therapist and she sent her home and asked her to start a diary. Well, she did start it but it only lasted for like a week.

Missy Moo is feeling much , much better but we don`t know when the next episode is going to occur, and i would hate to be at home alone with her when it does for I`m not as good as Mr Moo when it comes to handling this kind of situation, even though I have panic attacks myself.

So after the 2nd visit to the therapist, she said we didn’t have to make another appointment, till she sees the psychologist in April 2016.  Mr Moo doesn’t think she needs to keep the appointment from the sounds of it but I’m going to insist because you never know and I want to be sure.

Christmas Shopping Makes Me Happy


Christmas shopping makes me very happy but who am I kidding right?  any kind of shopping makes me very happy.  I saw a  sterling silver bracelet  online and just decided to buy it to cheer myself up.  In the meantime, I also shopped for some other things for friends and family, that way there is no stress on my part.  I loved shopping online for Christmas because the presents are wrapped and delivered to my love ones and I don’t have to go rush out in the cold weather to get presents.  Perfect for me.

Stress During Festive Season

Some people do not like the holidays at all especially Christmas, I know of someone like that and when it comes to the holidays, he gets even worst.  He is cranky and grouchy but of course, he won’t accept any help nor wants to get any help.  So what do you do with someone like that?

As one’s work would be affected with such people around, it is important to deal with that person immediately, so that he won’t affect the rest of your crew.  Try to understand what causes the stress in that person is important.  Not forcing the person to participate in your festivities is also very important and of course, not pointing out that the person is a scrooge is also another way to help that person who is not into celebrating the festive season.

Migration Stress

My girlfriend who is doing her migration papers for about a year now, is having what we called the migration stress.  So every other week, she is down with some kind of stress related symptoms.  From headaches to a migraine or a full blown cold or tummy ache.  At first, we couldn’t make out what was going on with this girl and when I realized that she was doing her migration papers, so we figured it had to do with migration stress.

So for those out there doing immigration papers for yourself or your family or any loved ones, get a hold of a  immigration lawyer  to help you.   I never went through these kind of unnecessary stress because I had a good immigration lawyer.  Sure I had to pay a bit more but he took care of everything for me and every detailed was looked after. My immigration papers came through with no hiccups at all.  I rather pay some money than to get sick over something like that, migration papers can be hard to decipher for some people.

Yoga Everyday For Good Health

I’ve taken up Yoga for a few months now and waking up early in the morning to do my yoga sessions before going to work.  Inspired by a short vacation we took in Mauritius Island, I came back armed with all kinds of new ideas and exercises for yoga workshop on my own.  At the island, they had  yoga sandals and yoga mats for us to bring home with us after our vacation and I loved how everything was set up and the explanation were simple and everyone there was only interested in Yoga and not fashion oriented. With Yoga exercises that I do everyday, I find I’m more relax and a lot more healthier.

Spiritual Health

I look at the new chairs4worship  at our church today as the workers brought them in and thought about all the time when we only go back to church when we are in trouble and unhappy.  We only turn to God for our spiritual health when we are mostly in a bad place but i hope for everyone’s sake that they don’t leave the church once they are happy and found happiness outside.

Most people don’t know that spiritual health is just as important as your health and it’s important to bring our kids up in church because they do learn the right and wrong quickly and abide by it a lot more easily if they know that there is a God up there watching them.  Children I found fear doing wrong things because they know they are answerable to a higher up  – not just their parents, teachers or peers but God.  Some people may not agree with me about instilling fear of God in their kids but it worked for me when I was growing up – and I think I am a better person because of going to church.

Seeing A Psychiatrist

Many people think that seeing a Psychiatrist is a bad thing but to me it isn’t at all.  A lot of people has depression and even Missy Moo is seeing one too because she was kind depressed when her grammie passed away suddenly earlier this year.  We had insisted that she sees someone and talk with someone, because as much as we want to comfort her, sometimes we wonder if we are saying the right thing to help.  I know that for adults, one can take pills to help with their depression and it worked really good for some people.  I’ve heard that Cymbalta works great for some but of course, we always question what are some of cymbalta side effects.  I strongly recommend you check with your doctor or even look up at real reviews for them before taking it but with depression pills, it’s great to be able to pour all your worries and questions to a professional.   So if your family doctor ever suggest you see a psychiatrist, don’t brush him or her away nor get offended.  They really don’t think you are crazy, they just want to help.

Road Trips Made Easier

Vacations and road trips are great but it’s now even greater for me because I have no stress when we go on road trips – thanks to our latest GPS !  no worries about getting lost and all the time we saved during our latest trip to Moncton – you wouldn’t believed it.  I used to get all anxious when we are going on our road trips for I know Mr Moo would just drive round and round till we get to the place we are supposed to be.  Imagine getting hungry and not knowing where you are – so if you ever want a stress – free road trip  –  click here for gps tomtom  – it definitely made our vacation a lot more enjoyable this year.

Mental Health Care For Kids Who’ve Suffered A Lost

Mental health care for kids and adults in this small town of Canada sucks big time.  A week ago, the mental health care liaison officer had called because we had requested that Missy Moo be seen by someone to talk about the death of her grammie.  He had then told me that there is a long wait but if I was willing to go to a private practitioner – he would do the liaising for us.  I replied that I was alright with it – if there was no option and he was supposed to call me back – it had been a month and no return calls – they don’t take us seriously, no wonder so many kids and teenagers have depression and kill themselves over just about everything.  It’s just too bad and luckily Missy Moo has all the support she needs from us and our extended family – but what about those kids who comes from broken home.  Parents cannot take mental health lightly and because of what is happening here in this small town – I’m writing a complain to the Minister of Health in Nova Scotia – I am going to tell her what is going on here.  My child is a Canadian and she should rightfully be able to see a mental health specialist if we see a need for it.

Stress Relief Exercises

Everyone gets some form of stress at one time or another – to hear someone say that they don’t have any stress – only means that the person knows how to handle their stress or exercising for stress relief.  Understanding what stresses you – is also just as important as my doctor tells me and as you all know I have this anxiety problem that I’m taking meds for – so any form of exercise is great for people like me.

I find that going out in the open and taking in fresh air is a great stress reliever – what about you?  Don’t feel bad asking the spouse to look after the children and the house – so that you can go out and get some fresh air for 30 mins and rejuvenate – you will be surprised how much it can do for your health.  I’ve been doing that lately and I find that it is just a great stress reliever – letting go of all my mental and physical responsibilities for 30 mins and taking care of just myself.  Don’t rush yourself – just take your time and enjoy the free 30 minutes of walking and breathing in the fresh air.  Try it and let me know how you feel after that.

Grieving For A Spouse

As you all know my mother-in-law just passed away in February and my father-in-law lost his companion of 45 yrs and even though he said he was alright – we wanted to keep him busy so he won’t think too much.  We went to hunt for a gift for the father-in-law and was told by our local electronic store that there is a  gifts for dad section just for people like my father-in-law.  We ended up getting him a Kobo e-reader to keep him occupied since he does love reading documentary books and things about farming.  I’m glad we could do something for him – so if you have someone who is grieving for a spouse – you can consider getting him something to keep him busy – we chose the e-reader – great investment I have to say.

Helping Kids Get Through Grieving

It was our main worry when my mother-in-law got sick a few weeks ago – was Missy Moo.  Missy Moo is only 8 years old – we worried how she would handle losing her grandmother at such an age – especially since she and my mother-in-law was pretty closed.  I too grieve because of all the things my mother-in-law isn’t going to experience with her only grandchild and even though I’m not closed to my mother-in-law – I still have feelings for her – since I’ve been here for almost 13 years now.

To help Missy Moo deal with losing her grandmother – we had actually started preparing her when my mother-in-law was in the hospital.  When she got worst and the doctor had announced that my mother-in-law was just waiting for her time – we told Missy Moo the truth about her condition and that we didn’t think Grammie was going to make it.   When my mother-in-law didn’t wake up from her sleep even though she was alive – we told Missy Moo to say goodbye and to tell her grammie that she will be alright.  I think by doing all the above – we’ve helped her to understand and to let go a little.

When my mother-in-law passed away – Missy Moo did cry – but we comforted her and told her that she was in heaven and that she will always have us.  But Missy Moo started asking questions like how old we were and how old her grampie was – I think it is to gauge – when we too would die.  So we re-assured her that we ain’t dying anytime soon.  Of course, we don’t know that but for an 8 yrs old – it can be very frightening to lose a loved one – and the idea of losing anyone else.

We also informed the school, Missy Moo’s teachers and friends about Missy Moo’s recent lost – that way they will be more sensitive towards Missy Moo’s emotional state.  The school also helped us – with loaning us some library books to read with Missy Moo and for us to read.  Plus the hospital – Dr Leahey was very kind to Missy Moo and recommended a grieve counselor for Missy Moo.

Stressless Christmas

I had a pretty much stressless Christmas this year  – why?  because I found a place that took care of all my gifts – including the ones for the spouse.  So whenever some said they can’t find any gifts for husband anywhere – I show them where I get my gifts for the spouse.  Plenty of goodies to choose from and which husband can resist all these lovely chocolate right?  well, mine loved his chocolate best – I had a pretty much stress-less Christmas and from now onwards – you know where I’m getting HIS gifts.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

So my medication for my panic attack is almost due for my yearly refill – that means I have to go see my family doctor again and get her to assess me to rewrite the prescription for another year.  So I’m sure you all want to know how my panic attack is after taking my medication right?  I call it my crazy meds – whenever I go pick my prescription from the pharmacy – and we all have a good laugh.  What make the girls at the pharmacy have a laugh is the  funny shirts i wear whenever i pop into the pharmacy because I try not to sweat the small stuff anymore.  The only thing that gets me really excited and paranoid is Missy Moo – she can be really dramatic  and even now I try to keep calm with her.  But sometimes her whiny can caused me to get upset – and the other day – I was mad with her and lost my temper on her.  I wished I didn’t do that and I regret losing my temper on her after shoving her into the washroom because she wouldn’t go in there – as she said there was spiders in them.   I think I need to get Missy Moo to wear some funny t-shirts on her – that way maybe she will lighten up sometimes.

Asian Breastfeeding In Canada

So you are married to a Westerner and you migrated to the West – whether in Canada or in Australia or even in United States and you just had your baby.  We Asians believed in feeding ourselves with lots of ginger after the birth and also certain special food – but wait a minute – your in-laws may feel differently about your breastfeeding because your baby keeps crying and not latching on properly.   This was exactly what happened to me – but listen don’t let anyone tell you that your food may be causing baby to have colic and therefore all the crying – because it is not true.  After all, for 1000s of years before now – our grandmothers, mothers and great grandmothers were  breast feeding us – so we survived and so will our kids.

Our hormones are topsy turvy and everything seems to be harder and you feel sensitive and all without any help or the weather too hot or too cold.  But it’s not your fault – because there is actually  nothing wrong with you.  Don’t let your spouse or anyone tell you that you should stop eating your food.  Trust me – ! you will regret it – and there is nothing wrong with the food we had been eating all along.

Comedy & Talk Show Reduces Stress

For those who are not aware of this – I’ve been listening to the sirius satellite radio to reduce stress.   In fact, we have had the Sirius Satellite radio for a long time now – we actually bought it because of our long car ride to the city – once a month – but after Missy Moo was born – and we don’t travel so much – we haven’t listened to the satellite radio for a long time.  But a few months ago – I was listening to a live talk show on Sirius and was really intrigue by it and decided to continue and every time I feel stressed up – I turn on the satellite radio and it helps me to calm down.   For someone who don’t have a choice for radio station – being in a small town – the Sirius Satellite radio keeps me company – during one of those hard days – there is comedy, talk shows – like Howard Stern and Martha Steward  and Mr Moo loved the sport station as well.  Subscription is about $12.95 a month – so it’s not so expensive – and if it helps reduces my stress and put a smile on my face – Mr Moo said to keep the subscription – woohoo!

High Tech Family Clinic

As outdated as this town is  – like I’ve always complained – the family clinic I go to – is very high tech – all the doctors used a laptop to note down all their diagnosis and these information is then shared it around the office – in which even the receptionist knows when the doctor needs the next appointment with you – without having to go to the front desk to tell the receptionist.  Highly efficient too – because I don’t see them digging thru’ files all the time when I am there.  They also uses a  remote data backup from what I understand – which I got interested in – because of the large amount of paperwork we do at our store too.

I took an interest and read up on the recovery manager software program – and showed Mr Moo as they were not expensive whatsoever – so for a peace of mind – and not have to worry about losing any important files and information – Mr Moo will look into getting this program.  I would definitely feel less stressful once we have that  program for our store.   You never fail to learn a thing or two from your family clinic that’s for sure.

Recreation Room To De-Stress

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this year – we’ve done a lot of things different in our lives – we made more them for ourselves and we are exercising more and I’m also sleeping earlier than usual – and not working as much as we did last year.  In the basement – our recreation room – we also intend to put a billiard table – so that the spouse and his friends can come over and shoot some balls to de-stress instead of going to the pub to do it.  The reason why I don’t want to go either is because of all the smoking going on in the pub and the drinking involved.   Investing in a billiard table and  billiards supplies is going to prove a lot more useful than wasting our money to go to the pub or a billiard room.  Once we get a good price for both billiard table and supplies – I’ll post up more pictures – can’t wait to shoot some pool.

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