Do You Want To Eat Healthy When On Vacation?


So everyone is heading down south to get a little sun from this horrible winter.  We’ve been getting tons of snow of late, so I don’t blame them at all.  But for someone like myself, I can’t go anywhere , because it’s so busy for us her at the store.

So there is articles on eating healthy when you are on vacation but my question is – do you really wanna eat healthy , when you are on vacation?  HELL NO!  if it was I  – I wanna eat everything !!!  especially if you are only on vacation once a year or once every few years.   No way am I going on a diet or restrict myself during my few days vacation , I will start getting healthy for the next 360 days but for the next 5 days, I’m gonna eat whatever I want – thank you very much !

So if you are thinking of the same thing about it as I was for your next vacation, don’t fret about it and eat to your hearts content and come back and eat healthy.  Don’t feel bad about doing it either.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy your vacation , you know you deserve it.

Retail Therapy 101


If you ladies haven’t heard of shopping therapy, you don’t know what you are missing.   When I feel stressed or when I am feeling down, or just feel like shopping to lighten that bad mood of yours, I go shopping and buy stuff that I find will do me good.  Make up is currently my favorite while others may like to buy shoes or handbags.  I don’t know about guys and shopping but I’ve seen the spouse shopping for  m-audio fast track pro  and getting all frustrated because he can’t find them in our local shop, so his shopping therapy is to go online and source for them.  I think for guys they are quite different from us.  We like to hold the stuff in our hands and try them out , where as guys, they know exactly what they need and do their research and read reviews about them and have no problems buying them online.  So whatever floats your boat, online or offline, if retail therapy is able to help – why not?

Christmas Shopping Makes Me Happy


Christmas shopping makes me very happy but who am I kidding right?  any kind of shopping makes me very happy.  I saw a  sterling silver bracelet  online and just decided to buy it to cheer myself up.  In the meantime, I also shopped for some other things for friends and family, that way there is no stress on my part.  I loved shopping online for Christmas because the presents are wrapped and delivered to my love ones and I don’t have to go rush out in the cold weather to get presents.  Perfect for me.

Spicing Up Your Love Life

A group of my girlfriends from home were chatting online recently and we were discussing about how we can spice up our love life and make our love life a lot healthier.  Some recommended that we go to  for sexy lingerie and some said that their partner are into role playing.  Now after being with the same partner for more than 10 years, you and I know that things are quite different.  And to keep up with a healthy love life, one cannot wait for the spouse to be proactive and plan everything.  Sometimes, it is nice that we take the initiative too.

My girlfriends are all highly educated, have children and they travel extensively for work, so we are not talking about being slutty but to keep that love between couples afresh.  I don’t know about dressing up but if it works for the couple, I say go for it but sexy lingerie are what every partner would appreciate I am very sure, so if you want to spice up your love life, don’t go to bed in t-shirt and shorts.

Summer Parade

This year’s summer parade is no different from the other but this year, Missy Moo is involved in the summer parade.  Yes, she is playing the trombone and she needs a new mouthpiece.  Found some  bach trombone mouthpieces at m123  luckily just in time and we enjoyed the summer parade tremendously.  I’m just so happy that Missy Moo is spending so much time outdoors and doing the things she liked during the summer.  We certainly want her to be active and to be doing interesting stuff during the summer and unlike us when we were kids, we didn’t have so many activities to be involved in.  So we are giving Missy Moo all the opportunity she can get from swimming, summer camp to music classes and joining all major event of the town.

No More Dry Skin

So I went for my pedicure yesterday with a different spa – because the usual place that I’ve been to for years now – the esthetician that I’m familiar with moved.  Anyhow, I decided to try the one at the mall and see if she was any good afterall, she is Asian and you know we have to support our own.   As you can see here – she did a pretty good job and took away all my dead skin and have my feet and skin feel really good.  She also shared a secret with me and recommended a dominica bay rum  soap for me to use if I wanted extra oil in my skin – as she noticed that my skin was so dry.  I’m so eager to try it out – because I don’t like my dry skin on my legs and feet at all.  In fact, I feel so horrid about my feet and legs – I rarely show them off.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this organic soap can help me restore the moisture on my feet and legs.

We’ve Got A New Doctor !

Yay!  yer right !  we’ve got a new doctor and we were the first one that got on the line with the clinic to secure a doctor.  How lucky is that or do we called it determination?  Yes, we lost our doctor in December and in February, the hospital announced that a new doctor is in town but only the first 100 calls would be entertained and then after the new doctor has seen all his new patients, they would announced for people to call again.  We are very lucky to be honest because I know people who’ve called for a solid 2 hrs and couldn’t get thru’.  Thank God!  but we don’t know how long we are going to be having this new doctor but beggars cannot be choosers – so Missy Moo and I will take what we can get for now.


The Things People Put In Their Body

A week ago, I read about this guy from China being rushed into the hospital because he had left a sex toy in his intestine.  Lucky for him, the doctor managed to get it out and they took it out in time too – else he could have died because of the damage on the walls of the large intestines.  Now I want to know how do someone get that dildo into the body and leave them there? it’s amazing what people can do to themselves.  I called that really crazy!

First Born

We went to the maternity ward of our local hospital to visit a friend who just had her first born and as soon as we entered the private room, we saw everyone holding a cigar.   I figured it was from the happy father but instead it was the grandfather who was giving out cigars to everyone who visited.   Apparently, he knows how to buy cigars online now and therefore, had been buying them and getting it ready for the announcement of the first born grandchild.  Looks like grampie is more excited to celebrate the baby than the father but it could be because he has an excuse to give out his online cigars.  I’m pleased to say that baby and mom are in good health and dad survived the birthing.

Weight Conscious Kids

8 yrs old Missy Moo asked me the other day – if I thought that she was fat!  I was kinda stunned because she is far from being fat – but she had put on a bit of weight recently because she had been eating a lot more these days. Of course, my first response was ” of course not! ”  but should I be so quick to say that?  since I know that her eating habits hasn’t been the best for the last few months since summer started.

But appearance and weight had been sensitive issues for girls for the longest time – way back before my grandmother’s time, so I figured I should also tread very carefully.  Of course, I don’t want Missy Moo to be obese or overweight but on the other hand I don’t want to get overly paranoid about it because you and I know that the baby fats will be gone when she does grow taller.  But in the meantime, I also don’t want to be lax and let her put junk food into her mouth every time we turn around and see a fast food restaurant.

Missy Moo had been kept active during the entire summer months, we’ve gone swimming, summer day camp most days and I’ve encouraged her to go out and play with her friends when she gets home and after her supper.  She uses the trampoline as much as she wants with her friends – and we do try and make her eat healthy – home cooked food as much as possible.  Of course, she does have her once a week – french fries and chips and a little candy every day.  But during this summer, I’ve noticed a lot more junk than before.  So I’m going to ease her up on those junk food and hopefully, when school starts, she will begin to lose the baby fats.

As parents, we must not berate our kids – when they are overweight or worst make fun of them,  we should make sure they focus on their health and keep their perspective right.  We as parents must eat healthy too, to set an example.  Keeping them at a healthy weight now when they are young and making sure they are aware of eating in moderation is the key to a healthy kid.

Yay! It’s A Baby Girl!

My bestie who just gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago – just posted the picture up and I’m really  happy for her.  Thank God for  I’m able to send her a gift basket to congratulate her and wish her well. Many years ago, we weren’t able to do stuff like that but now with the internet and internet shops, we don’t have to worry where we are – we can still keep in contact and still be happy for our friends and family.  I’m just so happy that I’m able to send both mother and daughter a gift without worrying about mailing them out and/or losing them in postage or the gift taking way too long to arrive.   I don’t know what I would do without the internet.

Dentist Time Again For Missy Moo

Yes, it is the half yearly dentist check up again for Missy Moo that we insist on instead of once a year since she had her caps done.  And now she loved going to the dentist because they always have a present for her when she is done cleaning her teeth and having them checked by the dentist.  Last time she was there, she was looking at some charm bracelets  that was in the gift box but she didn’t get it instead she chose a toy, so before leaving for the dentist this time, she told me she will get the charm bracelet this time if they still have it.

She came home an hour later, her teeth shiny and the dentist said that everything looks alright and even the hole in her caps shouldn’t be a problem – and in her hand proudly holding it to show us all at home – is her charm bracelets from the dentist.  No wonder the kids loved the dentist visit.

Sun Protection

A friend asked me the other day if putting on a face cream with 20 SPF, followed by a foundation with 15 SPF – does it mean that she is protected from those harmful sun ray? Valid question indeed – for many people think that by putting different products with SPF means that you are safe are not just my friend alone – because I’ve heard this question asked many a times.  For your info, you need to get your sunscreen with a decent SPF for sun protection, by putting on different products on your face does not add protection for your skin.  So there – you know it now.

Thank You Gifts For My Doctors

Some of my doctors are very nice here – some not so – and in all my years in Canada there had been some people in the hospital who have made my life a lot easier and encouraged me when I was having difficulty with my health issues.  And because of them – I have had better control of my health now – but what do you give those doctors who have everything money can buy?  I don’t really want to buy some generic thing just because – so the spouse said some cufflinks in a nice gift box would be a really nice gesture.  So knowing that one of them is leaving the town to start a practice in Halifax – I decided to get him a nice cufflink as a thank you gift and hope that whenever he wears it – he will remember me.

Stressless Christmas

I had a pretty much stressless Christmas this year  – why?  because I found a place that took care of all my gifts – including the ones for the spouse.  So whenever some said they can’t find any gifts for husband anywhere – I show them where I get my gifts for the spouse.  Plenty of goodies to choose from and which husband can resist all these lovely chocolate right?  well, mine loved his chocolate best – I had a pretty much stress-less Christmas and from now onwards – you know where I’m getting HIS gifts.

Exercising With A Yo-yo

Missy Moo asked for a yo yo for Christmas – because she had just seen some of her classmates doing all sorts of tricks with it during gym.    Apparently, you not only can do tricks with a yo yo – you can also exercise with it – and then co-ordinate your movements.  I told Missy Moo that she should be careful – in case, she swings the yoyo  into her face or worst someone else’s face.  In which she replied in a matter of factly way – that they will be trained by an older student on how to maneuver the sassy moves – just like any routine – or dancing she might be learning.   Now isn’t it something ?  I used to love playing with a yoyo – when i was a kid – walking the dog and making them swing inside a triangle but now the kids even have more tricks to do with the yoyo – so yes !  we are getting it for her – maybe she will have something to do at the store – instead of telling us she is bored all the time.

Keeping Healthy During Winter

Winter is definitely here – we’ve had rain – the wind and the snow – and it’s getting colder every day and nights are longer now.  I tell Missy Moo to keep warm -when she is at school or outdoors and when she is indoors – I try to heat up the room that we are in warm.  The only problem I have keeping her warm is in the store.  You see – to heat the store – it will cost us an arm and a leg – heat and oil is very expensive here and we don’t get a rebate like the ones that ct electricity gives out to the good people in Connecticut because we are a business.  But we have to keep somewhat warm – and if I can have it – I will leave the store temperature up at 25 degree Celsius the entire time we are at the store but of course that is not possible as the bill will definitely kill us.

So how does one keep healthy – without overpaying the power bill or oil bill?  layers – yes! you heard right in layers – I dress Missy Moo and myself up in layers – that way if we are cold we can put on another layer and if we are hot take off one.  All of Missy Moo’s pants has fleece lining – now that would definitely keep her a lot warmer than her friends.  Unfortunately, adults can’t get that kinda pants – else I would too.  How are you keeping healthy during Winter?  share your tips please.

Stress free Christmas

Yes! i would like a stress free Christmas and in fact – I think I might achieve it this year – as someone is dressing up the window of our store for Christmas – I don’t even have to worry about that ! woohoo!!  so when a customer came in to ask me for gift ideas for wife I told him – he will have to check with the spouse – for I am having a stress free Christmas – hahah!  But seriously, I buy everything online – so no need for gift wrapping nor mailing and postage worries.   I have been doing this for a few years now – and for friends from away – I think it’s the best thing to do.  I loved that I just need to pick the item online – and the rest will be done by someone else.  Yes, I do pay a wee bit more – but what the hell right?  you have to keep the economy going.  So if you want a stress free Christmas – use my secret – shop at reliable places online – and you will be all set.   So while others fret and sweat it out – or run around n the cold – I sit and relax and wait for the gifts to arrive at the receiver’s address – and await my thank you emails.

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