Bug Band


So I bought several of this bug repellant band for Missy Moo in hope that it will keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.   Band is good for 120 hrs and it has a little plastic box to keep the band in when you are not using it and it is said that they don’t use any DEET in the band at all.

Ingredients for the band are  geraniol, a natural ingredient derived from geranium oil, the wristband emits vapors that form a protective shield around the immediate area.

So does it work?  no not really, Missy Moo still got bitten terribly by mosquitoes and although it cause only a few bucks, I wouldn’t purchase them anymore.  The smell is very strong when you wear the bug band but it still doesn’t keep the mosquitoes away.  So sad!

Dogs Help Babies With Infection

According to some research in USA – it is said that babies with dogs in their home grow up healthier because the dogs bring in the germs and dirts thus exposing your kids with all kinds of germs – that way they build up their immune system quicker.   Unfortunately, I don’t agree with these researchers – for you don’t know where the dog has been to – and what they can bring in – and I find that the dog don’t know anything – they may be smart but not as smart as we want them to be – and I won’t take that kind of risk exposing Missy Moo to that kinda germs.  Why trouble trouble – till trouble trouble you right?  so nope – I cannot agree with that.

No More BuckWheat

What a bummer!  no more soba for me from now on I guess – I just found out that buckwheat noodles or any thing with buckwheat just bother the hell outta my stomach.  So after several days of testing it out – I finally decided that it is buckwheat soba that is causing me all these grief.  So goodbye soba !  goodbye buckwheat – and did i tell you that cold soba is my favorite?

So this is what I found out – that some people cannot tolerate buckwheat – so I’m not the only one.  I think what happened to me  is – I can’t digest the soba – made outta buckwheat – and I’m greedy most times – and even though buckwheat is very healthy – I can’t eat it no more. Just for everyone’s info  – buckwheat is not a grain – it’s a knotweed  – a smartweed.

Parents Of Allergic Kids

When you kid is allergic to something that you don’t know – life can be pretty darn scary – and Missy Moo have had allergies for the longest time – and for the life of us – we cannot figure out what she is allergic to.  Once – she had hives so bad – that it covered her entire body and she was like only 2 years old.  But does it mean that we don’t allow her to do anything or eat anything ?  definitely not – but i know it can be stressful for parents – and i can fully understand it.  For Mr Moo – he is quite gung -ho about it – or should I say he has the tidak – apa attitude – and he doesn’t worry too much about it.  His attitude is – when it happens – I will deal with it then.  But for a mom – we all know that we are very worried most times – but it doesn’t have to be – so I’ve been told – by stressing ourselves up – the kid will be stressed too.  So relax – take the extra precaution and make sure everyone in camp or school knows that she has allergies but you don’t know what it is.  If you are trying any new food or new shampoo – make sure to do it in small portions.   Things happen  – so don’t beat yourself up – if your kid gets the hive.

Strep Virus On Skin

So it is my birthday today and Missy Moo has some sort of rash – that we thought was hives – but it had gotten worst today.  So we went ahead and booked her to see her family doctor.  This doctor is new in town and from away – so she went on a panic mode and decided that it was chicken pox.  She referred Missy Moo to a local pediatrician – who in turned confirmed that it was some kind of strep virus on the skin.  It wasn’t contagious – and she was given antibiotics and away she was sent home.  Missy Moo is alert – and eating well – but very itchy everywhere that’s all.

Is It Dust Or A Cold?

Missy Moo had been having this sniffle every now and then – she would be alright one day – and the next week – she gets the “cold” again.  And we’ve been noticing it since last year – and it just dawn on us – that she may not be having a cold but an allergy?   The house and the work place are really dusty even though we rarely open the door especially at home – but we all know dust is just about everywhere – so I have to be really careful and watch Missy Moo more closely – to see if she has an allergy or a cold from now on.

Heat Rash

Is it a heat rash or an allergy?  and how do one treat it – i’ve had this for like a few days now – at first it was darn itchy. So i tried not to scratch it –  but the patch got bigger – so i used some hydro-cortisone  that i had from a previous prescription.  So the itch stopped the next day – but the red patch is still there.  Anyhow – instead of dealing on it – i went onto  http://www.blackheadstreatment.org to check on getting my black heads treated instead.  If anyone out there knows or has the same rash or allergy – please drop me a comment and let me know how to do away – with the ugly red patch – i don’t want to frighten people away and think that i have some disease.

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