Desperate Housecows is dedicated to all women out there who migrated in the name of love and having health issues in a foreign country and desperate to find a way to manage our health problems.

In this health blog, I share with you my many encounters of how the Canadian Health care system works and don’t work.  I live in a very small town in Nova Scotia Canada where doctors are hard to come by and our current doctor is a foreign one.  Even though he is very nice, sometimes I wonder if we are getting the best health help from him.

I also became a diabetic 8 yrs ago and am managing it as best as I can, I am Type 2 diabetic and even though they say that Health care is free, medications are not unless of course, you are very poor , the government will help as much as 75 percent.  But if you are like us , earning an average amount of salary, then you are doom, you have to pay for your own meds.

All my stories here are true and you should see my fibroid pictures in this blog because it is a very fascinating size.   Enjoy ! leave a comment and share your story with me.

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