Say No ! to Sugar


I’m diabetic and I try to say No !  to sugar as much as I can.  I know it’s hard but you can do it if you follow all these simple steps.

I find that if I eat regularly and on time, I don’t feel like I need any sugar.  It is when I am overly hungry that I feel I need something really quick, so I don’t make good choices and that in turn can sux big time because I tend to choose just about anything to eat.

Choose food that are not processed as much as possible.  I know sometimes, it is hard but it can be done, like fruits and veggies , eggs are also non – processed food and fish of course. Don’t forget your grains as well as nuts.

I read that doing a detox can rid your craving for sugar.  I haven’t tried it but you can if you like.  How to do a detox?  check with Dr Google.

Get enough sleep and exercise and/or keep active this summer.  Pick up a hobby or take up yoga this summer, that would definitely do you some good.

And most importantly , check and make sure you know what is in the ingredient of the food that you are eating and putting into your body.  For example soda has tons of sugar and must be avoided if possible.  If not, take a few sips only and slowly but surely , you won’t need it no more.  Good luck everyone !

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