Maintaining And Living Well With Diabetes


After finding out that you have diabetes, one of course learn to stop eating sugar or anything that can spike your blood sugar.  But once you’ve lived with diabetes for a certain amount of time, you also want to learn how to better your health and avoid any complication that comes with diabetes.   And yes, there are easy ways to avoid any complications and all diabetics should learn and stick to this plan whenever possible.

 My major problem is being overweight and I know it is not as easy to lose weight as some people might tell you, I struggle with it everyday too.  So this summer, I’ve decided to take baby steps to my weight lost.  I don’t expect myself to lose 10Kg , I just want to lose 1 Kg every month and maintain that 1 Kg lost.

Whenever possible, one should watch your blood sugar level and see what you do or eat that can trigger your blood sugar.  Initially, when I found out that I had diabetes, I would walk before eating, and I learned that by doing such , my blood sugar level seems to be constant.  So this summer, I’m going to do that, take long walks before and after eating.  I can not only maintain my blood sugar level ,  I might even lose some fats as well.

Get enough rest and sleep – now that I want to work on because we go to bed so late at night and wake up too early sometimes because Missy Moo needs to go to school.

 It is also very important to check on your toe nails and eyes , I worried about my toe nails because it looked horrid when I don’t go for a pedicure.  As for eyes, I have to make sure I check my eyes every year from now on.

One should also do your blood test every year – the H1N1 test , that way one will know if you need to increase your meds or decrease your dosage.

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