All About Artificial Sweeteners For Diabetics


I’m sure like me, you want to know what alternatives you have since you can’t take sugar.  I’ve often wonder if artificial sweeteners are good for diabetics like myself.  I’ve Type 2 diabetes and after so many years of being one, I am still searching for the best solution with regards to this deadly health problem.   If you are a diabetic Type 1 or 2 or have a loved one who is diabetic, I’m sure you too are constantly worried that taking too much or too little of anything may send our health down the drain.

So recently , I read an article on sweetener and it was pretty interesting, so I thought I would write it down here to remind myself and share it to anyone who would like to know more about sweeteners and the alternative we think we are taking that doesn’t cost our blood sugar to go crazy nor reports of rise of cancer due to these sweeteners.

Yes, I hear you , first we have to worry about our diabetes and now we have to worry about cancer too.  I know how you feel exactly because I feel the same way too sometimes.  Damn if you do take this and damn if you don’t .  But I’ve heard that Stevia may be the best way to go because the FDA recognized as being generally safe.   Now there are lots of sweeteners made with stevia and one of them I found out that we have here is called Sweet Leaf.  But if you are on saccharin, the longest selling sweetener, I too don’t think that it really proofs that they caused cancer.  So like the author , I’m going to stick to stevia.

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