Toe Nail Fungus


I had gone for a medi-pedi recently at a local spa and the esthetician gently asked me if I knew that I had nail fungus.  First of all , I have to explain what a medi-pedi is.  It is for people like myself who has diabetes and you and I know that we have to take care of our legs and toes if we have diabetes.  So imagine, how shocked I was to hear that, now that would definitely explain why my toe nails were growing sideways and also darken in color.  I’m really happy that someone told me about it.

Now if you are like myself, do not panic because there are simple cures for nail fungus.  The spa recommended something from footlogix – anti-fungal – called Natural Nail Tincture.  I’m sure one can also get a prescription from your family doctor and some home remedy.  But for now, I will try this footlogix thing and see if it works.  Will let you all know the results soon.

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