How To Incorporate Sex Into Your Busy Life ?


Anyone out there finds it hard to find time for sex with the spouse ?  we are all so busy and with kids and school and homework, it’s not easy and our day usually ends up late and tiring.  Raise your hands if you are in the same boat as I.  I know you know what I’m talking about .  How many of you get so tired , that y ou just want to sleep and not even want to cuddle when you are in bed.  As for me, I get to bed so late, I just wanna read my e-book and go to bed.  No time for anything else.  So how do one make time in our busy lifestyle for sex?  You and I know that sex is very important in a marriage and no sex may mean that your spouse may stray and so will you.

 I for one do not like the wham bang and thank you mamn’ kinda sex and I hate it when the spouse is also so tired and wants a quickie – you know what that means ?  so no way !!!  so how do one incorporate sex into our busy life you asked?  very good question and a must asked for any woman who wants to have a better relationship with their spouses.  But wait a minute, I didn’t say sex was everything ok – !  so don’t get my words twisted now.

Everyone would tell you that you have to make time, of course we know that – like we know that our moms are woman !!!  duh !  but how do one make time?  how do one put each other in the mood?  I say conscientious effort on both party , and hear this properly, BOTH parties, not just one.  I know it’s hard to sit the spouse down and tell him – hey ! you have to make time for sex with me – hahah! quite embarrassing right?  especially if you come from a culture that don’t talk about sex.  But you will have to , especially if you want your relationship to be awesome.

So here is what you do ,  pick a time where you are both most relax, and have a chat , now don’t be confrontational but let your spouse know that you have needs too and that both of you is going to need to make some special effort.  Like a date night follow by some good love making.  But wait a min?  how often can one do that right?  I know I know !  time is very precious and we don’t have a lot of time but hey ! it is afterall, your relationship and life is more than work, making money and watching a movie.

 And initially, it may only be once a month , but when you get the hang of things and when things starts to get rolling, you and the spouse would want to do more of relaxation and sex will follow.  One can always hope right?  but if you don’t start some where you won’t get no where, so try it and let me know.

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