Magic Cream For Arthritis


Missy Moo calls it the Magic Cream but truth be told, it’s actually called the World’s best cream.  The little label you see here was done by her – she is the creative person in our family.  And too cute sometimes !  But yes, I came across this cream while out for dinner and getting a yogurt at a local store here in town.  And as you know I’ve been having leg pains for the longest time, and recently haven’t been able to sleep well , so even though it was a little expensive for my liking – $34.50 + tax , I bought it to try.


I figured if it really worked what the hell right?  I would pay just about anything to get a better night’s rest.  The cream claims to have all natural ingredients and properties of copper in them that does healing of the joints or bones.  The night after buying it on a Sunday, I came home and used it on my very painful leg.  It worked immediately, I could feel that it really relaxed my tired feet.  I was so happy because darn !  i haven’t felt my leg so light before.  So I was hopeful.


That night I used it and it did make it easier for me to sleep.  I continued using it the second night but woke up in the middle of the night with some acute pain on my knees, I didn’t get up to take advil as I was lazy and didn’t wanna wake Mr Moo.  I endured it for the entire night and got up at 9am and took Advil immediately.  I continued putting on the cream as instructed and this time I put more cream on as instructed and stopped being cheap.  Thus far, I still have mixed feelings about the cream but it had only been a few days, I will give another review once I’m done using the bottle.

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