Do You Want To Eat Healthy When On Vacation?


So everyone is heading down south to get a little sun from this horrible winter.  We’ve been getting tons of snow of late, so I don’t blame them at all.  But for someone like myself, I can’t go anywhere , because it’s so busy for us her at the store.

So there is articles on eating healthy when you are on vacation but my question is – do you really wanna eat healthy , when you are on vacation?  HELL NO!  if it was I  – I wanna eat everything !!!  especially if you are only on vacation once a year or once every few years.   No way am I going on a diet or restrict myself during my few days vacation , I will start getting healthy for the next 360 days but for the next 5 days, I’m gonna eat whatever I want – thank you very much !

So if you are thinking of the same thing about it as I was for your next vacation, don’t fret about it and eat to your hearts content and come back and eat healthy.  Don’t feel bad about doing it either.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy your vacation , you know you deserve it.

X- Ray Results For Leg Pain

An x-ray of human legs and knees, with the femur (or thighbone) meeting the fibula (the smaller leg bone) and tibia. The patella (knee cap) is a shadow at the base of the femur.

So I waited for weeks for my doctor to call me back and I figured hell ! he should be back by now right?  but nope no calls after so many weeks, so I called them instead.  The receptionist /secretary said that if it was life threatening, they would have called back but it looks like the case of starting of arthritis and I don’t need any meds and over the counter pain killers was all i need.

OoooK  …  !  that is why I don’t like the doctors/it’s practices here in Canada , I know for sure back home, they won’t be like this.  They would definitely want to talk with us personally and the next course of treatment or advice.  Suxs !

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