Unpasteurized Juicing


Juicing or raw juice are also known as unpasteurized juice, I’ve heard how juicing is great for one’s body and decided to try some especially since this one has got Kale and spinach.  I was worried that it might taste horrid at first but with pineapple and orange in it, it really didn’t taste that bad.

Although it is very expensive, I figured this is better than stealing a sip or two of a Pepsi or any pop as you all know I have diabetes.  But is juicing good for diabetics like myself?  While some say that juicing can be the death of diabetes , others had also saidd that juicing is high in fructose and therefore ain’t good for those with diabetes.

I think if it was only kale and spinach, it would be very good , but since I don’t know how much pineapple and orange they put in, I am careful not to overdose on raw juice from the local supermarket.  I also read that raw juices are packed with living enzymes and is therefore good for your body.   Why because your body don’t have to work too hard to get the nutrients out of the things you put into your body.

While some diabetic may not listen to what the doctor has to say, I really try hard not to put into my body things it is not supposed to partake.  But we are but human, so we slip sometimes and it is ok.  I do not guilt myself if I slip, I just try again to be healthier.  I don’t give up.

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