Treating A Blister When You Are A Diabetic


People get blisters all the time but when you are a diabetic, what do you do with a blister?  the first time I had a blister after finding out that I was a diabetic, I went to my family doctor.  Guess what she did to me?  She got a little knife and cut it open and didn’t even bandaid it for me and sent me home.  And it’s the truth , I was freaking still bleeding!!!

So even though, we read all the time that we shouldn’t cut ourselves, in case we get an infection, it is not true it seems to my family doctor.  And yes, she is aware that I am diabetic too and she is a veteran doctor. So if you do have a blister or a boil, don’t worry, use a needle but clean it with rubbing alcohol first and pop the blister and drain.  Of course, you will have to clean it thoroughly and watch out for further infection.  Good luck all !

PS :  I did heal and the next time I had another, I didn’t go to the doctor no more.

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