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Migraines are very hard to explain to your boss and I’ve had the same problem many years ago – when I was still working for someone else.  As migraines cannot be seen or felt like a fever or a cough, many people wonder how painful are migraines – I can let you know that it is very painful not only to the head but the entire body – you just cannot function properly when you have a migraine attack.  Some people recommend  migraine new orleans  for treatment and if I was in New Orleans when I still had my migraine attacks – I wouldn’t hesitate to go see them.   They are the experts finding those with  chronic headaches help by a specialist.  I’m just glad that my migraine is gone now – but if it did ever bother me as much as before, I would definitely check them out.

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  1. If you know you got a migraine coming, hurry up and go eat a big pinch of salt(Pink Himalayan Salt tastes better),not too much salt or you’ll be parched tomorrow, but your head wont be splitting.

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