Coversyl – Side Effect

So I started on Coversyl last Friday..  one tablet a day.. and they are really small but potent.  As soon as I ate them.. i instantly felt relief from my heavy shoulders and head.  In the evening .. i had a little nose bleed.. but that may  not be a side effect of Coversyl.. but having said that Mr Moo read some on the side effect and nose bleeds were common side effect.  So we kept an eye on it .. and didn’t panic.  The last few days.. has its ups and downs.. sometimes i would feel right good.. and others not so much.  But overall .. the feeling was much better than when i didn’t take the medication.  I still feel kinda daze on some moments.. and sometimes feel like puking.  I donch know if these are side effect .. but i will continue to monitor them closely while i look for some life insurance lead .

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