Fibroids & Uterus

Yes.. as promised.. these are the pictures taken during my operation for my removal of fibroids and uterus. This was the size of the fibroids inside my uterus. A complete hysterectomy was performed because of the size of the fibroids.. they had to cut it like i was having a c-section.

The fibroids and uterus weighed about 3kg.. and 6″ wide. The size of a 26 weeks baby .. that was what my gynae .. Dr Mukherjee said.

I knew i had fibroids.. all my life.. but the fibroids grew after i had my baby .. some 4.5 yrs ago. But i didn’t wanna have it taken out earlier.. because my baby was still young.. and i don’t have enough help since I am alone in Canada.. and my family is in Singapore. My MIL came to help me .. but she has got her own garden to tend to .. and her home and family to take care of too. So no.. i couldn’t have done it earlier. I was in alot of pain.. for a long time. Just before my operation. .i was losing blood big time.. because of my fibroids.. and had to go for blood transfusion to get my hemoglobin up.

17 thoughts on “Fibroids & Uterus

  1. Yikes! I am so glad the ordeal is over for you!! Wow, you must be so relieved. I’m so sorry you have been practically alone. I’m praying for you. God be with you. 🙂

  2. yup, we usually appreciate our health and wellness the most when we lost some of it. Keep healthy and alive! the kids still need us. it really looks scary, the huge thing

  3. OMG it’s so huge, bigger than my MIL whom had a hystectomy to remove it as well! i really respect you for holding on to the op until now. get well soon!

  4. Wow… I’m sure you’ll be feeling much better now. I’m glad you had the strength to go through it. Very scary!!!

  5. geez!!!! that is huge!!! i’m glad that its out too n that u are getting better. haiyo, damn scary lor…

  6. OMG! thats huge and thank God u have been alright all thse while except the pain u have to endure. its like carrying a baby for years!

    take care and rest well

  7. Oh my goodness… I can’t believe that you’ve been carry that thing for SO LONG. I’m glad that it is out of your body and that you seem to be recovering well 🙂
    As always thanks for visiting my blog periodically..
    p.s. I didn’t lose any weight, I think the dress made me look better at my sister’s wedding. ha ha

  8. THAT, is huge. Bless you for enduring the pain all these years, but a mother’s love is undoubtedly the most effective pain relief.

    take good care and here’s to better health 🙂

  9. I to had a large tumor and a complete hysterectomy,mine weighed 26 pounds was huge.I just want to know if all is well after all you been through.Add me on facebook if you have it….Micki Crum thanksJust need to talk to someone who had a big tumor.

  10. Hi, Micki,
    I had my fibroid 7 years ago and I’m doing pretty well. At first, I didn’t think that I would be normal but now everything is pretty much
    ok. Hope you will get well soon too.

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