Music As A Hobby

Many people asked me why I am interested in learning a new instrument and I tell them all the time that music is actually very good for one’s health besides being a hobby.  I think my new found love has made me a lot calmer and has given me a sense of serenity when I learn how to play a piece.  So I look for all my prs at  as they have one of the best selections as well as being the manufacturer of Paul Reeds, they are very affordable.

Karaoke Sessions

Yes , Missy Moo has anxiety as well and because of bullies at her current school , we have gotten her to take up karaoke sessions with her best friend on the weekends to help with cooping with her anxiety.   She wanted a good microphone with her best friend and not just for her but also for her best friend because she don’t want her best friend to feel bad that hers is better.  So we went online looking for some  microphones for karaoke and singing sessions if you are looking for some  dynamic microphone, check it out at .

Thus far , we find that keeping Missy Moo busy and surrounded by friends is important , so every now and then when she is skyping her school friends , I would enlist their help to keep Missy Moo company in school ,so that she is not alone and cannot be bullied by those girls.  I get really , really upset when she comes home crying.

11 Years Old Daughter – No Purpose In Life


I thought I should touch on this subject , since I’ve first hand experience with it , as Missy Moo is going through a phase right now.  Last year about this time , she exclaimed that she had NO PURPOSE IN LIFE !   Holy Moly of course I went ballistic about it .  Mannnn!  how can an 11 years old have no purpose in life right?    Yes ! that actually happened in real life for me last year. I went crazy and started raising my voice because I didn’t understand it at all.

 I started to compare my life at 11 with my daughters.  How can a kid that has everything have no purpose in life?  I had a hard life while growing up and I never said anything like that.  But of course, when Missy Moo said that , the first thought that came to my mind was , she was going to hurt herself .  But slow down mom !  because I don’t really think that was what she meant.  Mr Moo took over because I was raising my voice and frightening Missy Moo and I was going really crazy then.  First reaction of a mom for a unstable kid , so if you were like me, don’t be too , too hard on yourself.

But red alert !! dang ! dang ! dang ! dang !  that red alert was sounding in my head so loudly .  The first thing that came to my mind was , Missy Moo needs help and not just your ordinary GP’s help or your family doctor but a real therapist.  So in Canada , it’s not as easy as in Singapore to get to see a doctor , you will have to call mental health and you don’t get to see a psychologist immediately , you have to see a counselor or a therapist first.  Now you have to wait to see the therapist or counselor too.  We luck in and got to see a therapist within the month but of course , there were calls to re-schedule for varies reasons.

So finally, Missy Moo got to see the therapist but no follow up after.  So we thread very carefully for a few months , making sure that we don’t touch on the subjects that she is not favorable about and try to spend as much time as possible with her and listen to her.  In the meantime, we got a total of 2 rabbits , just so she don’t feel as lonely and has some responsibilities.  But don’t do that parents out there , but that is a story for another day.  I don’t want to side – track. so another outburst after a few months and of course , we make another appointment to see the family doctor this time.

Family doctor wanted her to go for a blood test and of course , all hell broke lose as she didn’t like needles nor blood.  Finally managed to convince her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to as it caused her anxiety thinking of having to get needles and draw blood out.  So till today, we haven’t done the blood test.  *sigh*.  Anyhow, fast forward, family doctor was of no help, we called the therapist again and try to get in for another appointment.  So waiting for another month, we got in to see her again , but by this time, Missy Moo already felt better, so she went to the therapist and she sent her home and asked her to start a diary. Well, she did start it but it only lasted for like a week.

Missy Moo is feeling much , much better but we don`t know when the next episode is going to occur, and i would hate to be at home alone with her when it does for I`m not as good as Mr Moo when it comes to handling this kind of situation, even though I have panic attacks myself.

So after the 2nd visit to the therapist, she said we didn’t have to make another appointment, till she sees the psychologist in April 2016.  Mr Moo doesn’t think she needs to keep the appointment from the sounds of it but I’m going to insist because you never know and I want to be sure.

Health In 2016


So 2016 is here and 2015 is gone.  Did I make any progress with my health in 2015?  I don’t think so, especially in the exercising department., no excuses but life was hectic and with Missy Moo having emotional problems , it was a roller coaster ride for us in the year 2016.  But that is another story for another day which I promised I would cover in the near future.

But in 2016, I ‘m really hoping that things will settle a little anyway , that way I can spend a little more time concentrating on my health , which in my humble opinion should be my priority.  Being a parent of course says different, the kids always comes first, in fact a lot more important than ourselves if I may say so.

I want to feel good this year and I want a healthier lifestyle , I want to lose weight – I think I will join yoga .  What do you think?

Shopping Therapy For Christmas


For some people, meditation is all they need to get them going for the day, as for me shopping therapy is what motivates me to work harder.  And with Christmas round the corner, the more reason to do some shopping therapy .  One can buy a  warwick star bass  online for the spouse and that makes me really happy because I don’t have to worry about his Christmas present anymore.   I like how the star bass has the vintage look and it’s a 4 string instrument the the spouse is interested in, I also get to check out real reviews online before purchasing it of course.    More shopping can be done and I get all my Christmas list crossed off with online shopping.  That makes a very smart shopper, and no stress at all.  Just click, pay and wait for items to be delivered.

Plenty Of Music

There has been plenty of music at home of late and to say that it is not noisy would be a lie because the Missy Moo just bought a new  monotron  to play around with.   I’m just glad that my basement is sound proof that way she doesn’t disturb the neighbors when she is playing with her guitars , plus now that she is 12 , she invites her friends over for fun.  So you know if more than 1 kid around the music room, it can get quite wild.  But I’m not stress about it because she gets to be creative with the musical instruments that she loves.

Good Music Good Health


Our yearly neighborhood garden concert makes me so happy every year but this year, we have many of our neighborhood boys come back from college for the summer to play.  With their  neon guitar  they played so well and impressed us all with not only how well they sounded but how effortlessly, they put the concert together.

We also had a little picnic/bbq that went out the entire afternoon and the entire neighborhood was involved in putting everything together.  I am hoping that the weather will still be good in the fall to have another one.  I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and so have many of our neighbors.

Detoxing In The Morning


 Friends told me many moons ago that if you drink this every morning, you will be doing your body a favor because you are detoxing yourself with the simplest and cheapest means.  It is said that it can do magical things to your health if you drink a glass or lemon juice or lemon aided juice like the above.

Not everyone is so keen on drinking lemon juice in the morning, and I know where you are coming from but if it is good for the health, why not try it right?  I would !  so from today on , I’m going to drink this every morning religiously and report back to you how I feel in a month.  So come back in a month , and I will tell you the real results , so bluffing or hiding of anything.

  • Purifies the colon making it easier to absorb nutrients and improve digestion.
  • Balances the lymph system which helps with daily functions, balances body fluids and fights infection.
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Lowers high blood pressure.
  • Restores alkaline acid balance, which relieves problems with diets high in acid-producing foods.
  • Helps break down fats, often resulting in weight loss.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Lemon is a mucus buster.
  • Detoxifies and feeds the liver
  • Strengthens you immune system, therefore you get sick less
  • You will feel lighter
  • You will have regular eliminations
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Boosts you metabolism

Jazz Concerts For The Summer


Before moving to Canada, I used to do a lot more , from going to concerts to listening to Jazz music in Jazz bars and of course,  a lot of plays I would go to.  I love Jazz a lot when I was younger,  they make me feel alive and I especially like slow Jazz in our local pub , I even got to check out some of their electric guitars the bands were using like the  bc rich mockingbird  .  The love the fact that I go to the jazz bar so often that the musicians knows my name and me theirs.  But alas, those were during my younger days.

So this summer , the spouse has some jazz concert lined up for us to go to when we are in the city and Moncton as well as Toronto.  I’m pretty excited and looking forward to our long awaited summer break.

Say No ! to Sugar


I’m diabetic and I try to say No !  to sugar as much as I can.  I know it’s hard but you can do it if you follow all these simple steps.

I find that if I eat regularly and on time, I don’t feel like I need any sugar.  It is when I am overly hungry that I feel I need something really quick, so I don’t make good choices and that in turn can sux big time because I tend to choose just about anything to eat.

Choose food that are not processed as much as possible.  I know sometimes, it is hard but it can be done, like fruits and veggies , eggs are also non – processed food and fish of course. Don’t forget your grains as well as nuts.

I read that doing a detox can rid your craving for sugar.  I haven’t tried it but you can if you like.  How to do a detox?  check with Dr Google.

Get enough sleep and exercise and/or keep active this summer.  Pick up a hobby or take up yoga this summer, that would definitely do you some good.

And most importantly , check and make sure you know what is in the ingredient of the food that you are eating and putting into your body.  For example soda has tons of sugar and must be avoided if possible.  If not, take a few sips only and slowly but surely , you won’t need it no more.  Good luck everyone !

Maintaining And Living Well With Diabetes


After finding out that you have diabetes, one of course learn to stop eating sugar or anything that can spike your blood sugar.  But once you’ve lived with diabetes for a certain amount of time, you also want to learn how to better your health and avoid any complication that comes with diabetes.   And yes, there are easy ways to avoid any complications and all diabetics should learn and stick to this plan whenever possible.

 My major problem is being overweight and I know it is not as easy to lose weight as some people might tell you, I struggle with it everyday too.  So this summer, I’ve decided to take baby steps to my weight lost.  I don’t expect myself to lose 10Kg , I just want to lose 1 Kg every month and maintain that 1 Kg lost.

Whenever possible, one should watch your blood sugar level and see what you do or eat that can trigger your blood sugar.  Initially, when I found out that I had diabetes, I would walk before eating, and I learned that by doing such , my blood sugar level seems to be constant.  So this summer, I’m going to do that, take long walks before and after eating.  I can not only maintain my blood sugar level ,  I might even lose some fats as well.

Get enough rest and sleep – now that I want to work on because we go to bed so late at night and wake up too early sometimes because Missy Moo needs to go to school.

 It is also very important to check on your toe nails and eyes , I worried about my toe nails because it looked horrid when I don’t go for a pedicure.  As for eyes, I have to make sure I check my eyes every year from now on.

One should also do your blood test every year – the H1N1 test , that way one will know if you need to increase your meds or decrease your dosage.

Music With Quiet Time


Ever since the start of the year, I’ve been taking time off for quiet time for myself everyday.  It may not be long, sometimes only 15 mins but it can last as long as an hour.  For my quiet time, I like to relax and listen to music and sometimes, I play with my spouse’s instrument in his man’s cave in the basement.  I find it so therapeutic that I’m able to make time for myself and relax.  The spouse bought some snapjack  to make it easier for me to play around with his many instruments at the basement and I find it really easy to use and I was able to switch instruments without the loud buzzing and shreaking noises.  For those like myself, who is constantly working and doing things for the family and home, try having some quiet time everyday, you will definitely find that it helps with relaxing , definitely good for health.

All About Artificial Sweeteners For Diabetics


I’m sure like me, you want to know what alternatives you have since you can’t take sugar.  I’ve often wonder if artificial sweeteners are good for diabetics like myself.  I’ve Type 2 diabetes and after so many years of being one, I am still searching for the best solution with regards to this deadly health problem.   If you are a diabetic Type 1 or 2 or have a loved one who is diabetic, I’m sure you too are constantly worried that taking too much or too little of anything may send our health down the drain.

So recently , I read an article on sweetener and it was pretty interesting, so I thought I would write it down here to remind myself and share it to anyone who would like to know more about sweeteners and the alternative we think we are taking that doesn’t cost our blood sugar to go crazy nor reports of rise of cancer due to these sweeteners.

Yes, I hear you , first we have to worry about our diabetes and now we have to worry about cancer too.  I know how you feel exactly because I feel the same way too sometimes.  Damn if you do take this and damn if you don’t .  But I’ve heard that Stevia may be the best way to go because the FDA recognized as being generally safe.   Now there are lots of sweeteners made with stevia and one of them I found out that we have here is called Sweet Leaf.  But if you are on saccharin, the longest selling sweetener, I too don’t think that it really proofs that they caused cancer.  So like the author , I’m going to stick to stevia.

Work Safety In Auto Shop

Work safety has always been our main concern in our small town with so many small business and if you are working in an auto shop, I think work safety is even more important.  I love our auto shop very much, not only are they honest people but they really take care of their workers and since they are expanding, they showed us some  auto lift comparison  to be brought in for their garage expansion as well.

I didn’t know there were so many kind of car lifts till I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my car to be fixed.  I guess if you are spending so much money, you want to make sure you get the best and have choices.   I  read about the alignment car lifts that the auto shop is planning to get as well as the portable car lifts in case they have too many cars in the repair shop for work to be done.


And for work safety reasons, they are choosing the best car lifts that they can find as per the owner of the auto shop.  I’m really happy that they are expanding and more happy that they are taking care of the work safety for their employees.

Toe Nail Fungus


I had gone for a medi-pedi recently at a local spa and the esthetician gently asked me if I knew that I had nail fungus.  First of all , I have to explain what a medi-pedi is.  It is for people like myself who has diabetes and you and I know that we have to take care of our legs and toes if we have diabetes.  So imagine, how shocked I was to hear that, now that would definitely explain why my toe nails were growing sideways and also darken in color.  I’m really happy that someone told me about it.

Now if you are like myself, do not panic because there are simple cures for nail fungus.  The spa recommended something from footlogix – anti-fungal – called Natural Nail Tincture.  I’m sure one can also get a prescription from your family doctor and some home remedy.  But for now, I will try this footlogix thing and see if it works.  Will let you all know the results soon.

Magic Cream For Arthritis


Missy Moo calls it the Magic Cream but truth be told, it’s actually called the World’s best cream.  The little label you see here was done by her – she is the creative person in our family.  And too cute sometimes !  But yes, I came across this cream while out for dinner and getting a yogurt at a local store here in town.  And as you know I’ve been having leg pains for the longest time, and recently haven’t been able to sleep well , so even though it was a little expensive for my liking – $34.50 + tax , I bought it to try.


I figured if it really worked what the hell right?  I would pay just about anything to get a better night’s rest.  The cream claims to have all natural ingredients and properties of copper in them that does healing of the joints or bones.  The night after buying it on a Sunday, I came home and used it on my very painful leg.  It worked immediately, I could feel that it really relaxed my tired feet.  I was so happy because darn !  i haven’t felt my leg so light before.  So I was hopeful.


That night I used it and it did make it easier for me to sleep.  I continued using it the second night but woke up in the middle of the night with some acute pain on my knees, I didn’t get up to take advil as I was lazy and didn’t wanna wake Mr Moo.  I endured it for the entire night and got up at 9am and took Advil immediately.  I continued putting on the cream as instructed and this time I put more cream on as instructed and stopped being cheap.  Thus far, I still have mixed feelings about the cream but it had only been a few days, I will give another review once I’m done using the bottle.

How To Incorporate Sex Into Your Busy Life ?


Anyone out there finds it hard to find time for sex with the spouse ?  we are all so busy and with kids and school and homework, it’s not easy and our day usually ends up late and tiring.  Raise your hands if you are in the same boat as I.  I know you know what I’m talking about .  How many of you get so tired , that y ou just want to sleep and not even want to cuddle when you are in bed.  As for me, I get to bed so late, I just wanna read my e-book and go to bed.  No time for anything else.  So how do one make time in our busy lifestyle for sex?  You and I know that sex is very important in a marriage and no sex may mean that your spouse may stray and so will you.

 I for one do not like the wham bang and thank you mamn’ kinda sex and I hate it when the spouse is also so tired and wants a quickie – you know what that means ?  so no way !!!  so how do one incorporate sex into our busy life you asked?  very good question and a must asked for any woman who wants to have a better relationship with their spouses.  But wait a minute, I didn’t say sex was everything ok – !  so don’t get my words twisted now.

Everyone would tell you that you have to make time, of course we know that – like we know that our moms are woman !!!  duh !  but how do one make time?  how do one put each other in the mood?  I say conscientious effort on both party , and hear this properly, BOTH parties, not just one.  I know it’s hard to sit the spouse down and tell him – hey ! you have to make time for sex with me – hahah! quite embarrassing right?  especially if you come from a culture that don’t talk about sex.  But you will have to , especially if you want your relationship to be awesome.

So here is what you do ,  pick a time where you are both most relax, and have a chat , now don’t be confrontational but let your spouse know that you have needs too and that both of you is going to need to make some special effort.  Like a date night follow by some good love making.  But wait a min?  how often can one do that right?  I know I know !  time is very precious and we don’t have a lot of time but hey ! it is afterall, your relationship and life is more than work, making money and watching a movie.

 And initially, it may only be once a month , but when you get the hang of things and when things starts to get rolling, you and the spouse would want to do more of relaxation and sex will follow.  One can always hope right?  but if you don’t start some where you won’t get no where, so try it and let me know.

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